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 Issue dateTitleTopic
EPID:L-2019-LRM-007511 December 2019Summary of November 18, 2019, Meeting with Exelon Generation Company, LLC Regarding a Planned Request for an Alternative to Supplemental Valve Position Indication Testing Requirements
EPID:L-2019-LRM-008620 November 2019Presentation Slides for November 20, 2019, Pre-Application Meeting - Request for Revision to Quality Assurance Program Internal Audit Frequency
EPID:L-2018-LLA-026030 September 2019Improved BPWS Control Rod Insertion Process (NEDO-33091)
EPID:L-2019-LLR-00535 September 2019
EPID:L-2019-LLA-018528 August 2019License Amendment Request - Deletion of Facility Operating License Conditions Related to Decommissioning Trust Provisions
EPID:L-2019-LLA-018323 August 2019License Amendment Request Supporting Emergency Plan Emergency Action Level Change (EAL RAL3)
EPID:L-2019-LLA-013227 June 2019Allowance for Non Technical Specification Barrier Degradation on Supported System Operability
EPID:L-2019-LLA-013326 June 2019Fleet License Amendment Request - Common Language for Technical Specification High Radiation Area Administrative Controls
EPID:L-2019-LLA-013125 June 2019Revise Instrument Testing Definitions to Incorporate the Surveillance Frequency Control Program
EPID:L-2019-LLA-012418 June 2019Reactor Pressure Vessel Water Inventory Control
EPID:L-2019-LRM-00244 June 2019June 4, 2019, Public Meeting with Exelon Generation Company, LLC
EPID:L-2019-LLR-003730 April 2019Withdrawal of Various Licensing Actions Involving Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, Unit 1
EPID:L-2019-LLA-00381 March 2019License Amendment Request - Clarifying Changes for Certain Emergency Action Levels Based on Emergency Preparedness Program Frequently Asked Questions (Epfaqs)
EPID:L-2019-LLR-001115 February 2019Relief Request Associated with the Use of Encoded Phased Array Ultrasonic Examination Techniques in Lieu of Radiography for Ferritic and Austenitic Piping Welds
EPID:L-2019-LLA-00211 February 2019Safety Limit MCPR to COLR
EPID:L-2018-LRM-008419 December 2018Bwrvip/Asme Relief Request Discussion December 19, 2018
EPID:L-2018-LLA-029729 November 2018Eliminate Second Completion Times Limiting Time from Discovery of Failure to Meet an LCO
EPID:L-2018-LRM-006819 November 2018
EPID:L-2018-LLE-00188 November 2018Request for Exemption from 10 CFR 2.109(b)
EPID:L-2018-LRM-006226 October 2018Allowance for Non Technical Specification Barrier Degradation on Supported System Operability
EPID:L-2018-LLA-025017 September 2018License Amendment Request to Recapture Low-Power Testing Time
EPID:L-2018-LLR-007710 July 2018Proposed Alternatives to Utilize Code Cases N-878, N-879, and N-880
EPID:L-2018-LLR-007610 July 2018
EPID:L-2018-LRM-008030 May 2018Proposed Alternative to Utilize Code Case N-879
EPID:L-2018-LRM-00281 May 2018
EPID:L-2018-LLA-011125 April 2018Addition of LCO 3.0.8, Inoperability of Snubbers
EPID:L-2018-LLA-00458 March 2018
EPID:L-2018-LRM-00137 March 2018
EPID:L-2018-LLA-016714 February 2018Revise APRM Channel Adjustment Surveillance Requirement
EPID:L-2018-LLA-00045 February 2018
CAC:MB83659 January 2018
EPID:L-2017-LRM-00556 December 2017Briefing Notes for NRC Pre-Submittal Call
EPID:L-2017-LRO-00599 November 2017County, Limerick, Nine Mile Point, Oyster Creek, Peach Bottom, Quad Cities, R. E. Ginna, Three Mile Island - 2017 Annual Report- Guarantees of Payment of Deferred Premiums
EPID:L-2017-LLA-03788 November 2017Address Transient Secondary Containment Conditions
EPID:L-2017-LLR-01341 November 2017County, Nine Mile Point, Oyster Creek, Quad Cities, Submittal of Relief Request for an Alternative to the ASME Code - Revise Main Steam Isolation Valve Partial Stroke Testing Frequency
CAC:MF996218 July 2017
CAC:MF977910 July 2017
CAC:MF966630 May 2017
CAC:MF96844 May 2017
CAC:MF944827 April 2017
CAC:MF947028 March 2017
CAC:MF91527 March 2017
CAC:MF851114 November 2016
CAC:MF88217 November 2016
TAC:MF82244 November 2016
CAC:MF871231 October 2016
CAC:MF823820 September 2016
CAC:MF822419 September 2016
CAC:MF827911 August 2016
CAC:MF876311 August 2016