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 Issue dateTitleTopic
EPID:L-2019-LLA-02467 November 2019Performance Method Alternative for Thermal Insulation Material (LDCN 19-0012)
EPID:L-2019-LRM-005711 September 2019Presubmittal Presentation, GSI-191, September 2019
EPID:L-2019-LLA-006322 March 2019TS Inservice Testing (IST) Program Removal
EPID:L-2019-LLA-005412 March 2019License Amendment Request to Revise Technical Specifications for Testing of Main Turbine Control Slave Relay (LDCN 18-0025)
EPID:L-2018-JLD-015314 November 2018Submittal of Request for Extension of Seismic Probabilistic Risk Assessment
CAC:MF509919 October 2018
EPID:L-2018-LLA-023920 September 2018Application to Modify Operating License Condition Regarding the Actions to Resolve Issues Identified in NRC Bulletin 2012-01, Design Vulnerability in Electrical Power System (391-WBN-TS-18-15)
EPID:L-2018-LRM-003314 June 2018Pre-Submittal Meeting for Full Implementation of Alternative Source Term
EPID:L-2018-LLR-00519 April 2018Callaway Plant, Unit 1 - Response to Request for Additional Information Pertaining to Relief Request 14R-05 for Relief from Requirements of ASME Code Case N-770-2 Regarding Inspection Intervals for Reactor Vessel Nozzle Dissimilar Metal Wel
EPID:L-2018-LLA-006219 March 2018Callaway Plant, Unit 1 - License Amendment Request for Addition of New Technical Specification 3.7.20, Class 1E Electrical Equipment Air Conditioning (A/C) System (LDCN 16-0013)
CAC:MF958522 February 2018
EPID:L-2017-JLD-004223 January 2018
EPID:L-2018-LLL-001113 October 2017Inadequate Protection from Tornado Missiles Identified Due to Nonconforming Design, LER 17-002-00 for Callaway Plant, Unit 1, Regarding Inadequate Protection from Tornado Missiles Identified Due to Nonconforming Design
CAC:MF847428 September 2017
CAC:MF98021 June 2017
TAC:MF852415 May 2017
CAC:MF940627 April 2017
CAC:MF92599 March 2017
CAC:MF77006 March 2017
CAC:MF88783 March 2017
CAC:MF79079 February 2017
CAC:MF846315 November 2016
CAC:MF852425 October 2016
TAC:MF846311 October 2016
TAC:MF847411 October 2016
CAC:MF672930 August 2016
CAC:MF811825 August 2016
TAC:MF67297 July 2016
CAC:MC46711 June 2016
CAC:MF077223 February 2016
TAC:MF71497 February 2016
CAC:MF561329 January 2016
CAC:MF618028 January 2016
TAC:MF673624 November 2015
CAC:MF109620 November 2015
CAC:MF678928 October 2015
TAC:MF67357 October 2015
CAC:MF673614 September 2015
CAC:MF673514 September 2015
TAC:MF62498 June 2015
TAC:MF52303 June 2015
TAC:L250092 June 2015
CAC:MF62498 May 2015
TAC:MF427124 April 2015
TAC:MF585622 April 2015
TAC:MF373921 April 2015
TAC:MF582614 April 2015
TAC:ME58408 April 2015
TAC:MF561318 March 2015
CAC:MF585612 March 2015