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ML20138H38325 October 1999Forwards Draft Model of Renewed License for Calvert Cliffs, Unit 2 to Illustrate How List of Minimum Requirements Could Be Incorporated Into License Condition
NUREG-1437, Forwards Published Version of Final Suppl 1 to NUREG-1437, Generic Environ Impact Statement Re Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. Without Encl21 October 1999Forwards Published Version of Final Suppl 1 to NUREG-1437, Generic Environ Impact Statement Re Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. Without EnclBoric Acid
Offsite Dose Calculation Manual
Fire Barrier
Internal Flooding
Probabilistic Risk Assessment
Aging Management
Environmental Justice
ML20217M17219 October 1999Forwards NRC Rept Number 17, Requal Tracking Rept Form Operator Licensing Tracking Sys.Rept Was Used by NRC to Schedule Requalification Exam for Operators & Record Requal Pass Dates
ML20212M2634 October 1999Informs That Staff Concluded That Licensee Responses to GL 97-06 Provides Reasonable Assurance That Condition of Util SG Internals in Compliance with Current Licensing Bases for Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant
ML20212J78130 September 1999Requests That Licensee Address Potential Aging Mgt Issue Re Effects of Void Swelling of Rv Internals by Making Plant Specific Commitment to Implement Focused age-related Degradation Insp for Evidence of Void Swelling in FutureAging Management
ML20212J56129 September 1999Informs That on 990916,NRC Completed mid-cycle Plant Performance Review of Calvert Cliffs.No Areas in Which Util Performance Warranted Addl Insp Beyond Core Insp Program Identified.Historical Listing of Plant Issues,Encl
ML20212A2008 September 1999Forwards Insp Repts 50-317/99-06 & 50-318/99-06.Two Violations Being Treated as Noncited Violations
ML20211N8977 September 1999Responds to Ltr to D Rathbun of NRC Dtd 990720,in Which Recipient Refers to Ltr from Wc Batton Expressing Support on Renewal Application of Baltimore Gas & Electric Co for Calvert Cliffs PlantsAging Management
ML20211K30927 August 1999Informs That During 990826 Telcon,L Briggs & B Bernie Made Arrangements for NRC to Inspect Licensed Operator Requalification Program at Calvert Cliffs Npp.Insp Planned for Wk of 991025
ML20210Q19411 August 1999Informs That Info Submitted in 981130 Application Re CEN-633-P,Rev 03-P,dtd Oct 1998,marked Proprietary,Will Be Withheld from Public Disclosure,Per 10CFR2.790(b)(5) & Section 103(b) of AEA of 1954,as Amended
ML20210N1295 August 1999Forwards NRC Response to W Batton Ltr Expressing Support of Renewal Application for Calvert Cliffs Plants as Requested in LtrAging Management
ML20211B53830 July 1999Expresses Appreciation for Support in Y2K Training & Tabletop Exercise Held on 990714.Suggests Referral to NRC Y2K Web Site to View Issues & Lessons from Tabletop That Will Be Tracked by NRC
ML20210J07430 July 1999Expresses Appreciation for Participation in Y2K Training & Tabletop Exercise on 990714.Suggests Referral to NRC Y2K Web Site to View Issues & Lessons from Tabletop That Will Be Tracked by Nrc.Web Site Should Reflect Info within 2 Wks
ML20211C32530 July 1999Expresses Appreciation for Participation in Y2K Training & Tabletop Exercise Held on 990714
ML20211C09530 July 1999Expresses Appreciation for Participation in Y2K Training & Tabletop Exercise Held on 990714
ML20210D09122 July 1999Responds to to Chairman Jackson Referring to Ltr from New 7th Democratic Civic Club,Inc.Forwards Staff Response to W Batton,President of New 7th Democratic Civic Club,IncAging Management
ML20210B76515 July 1999Forwards SER Denying Licensee Proposed TS Amend Dtd 981120, to Delete TS Requirements for Tendon Surveillance & Reporting Because TS Requirements Duplication of Requirements in 10CFR50.55a.Notice of Denial Encl
ML20209G20813 July 1999Forwards Insp Repts 50-317/99-05 & 50-318/99-05 on 990509- 0626.No Violations Noted
ML20210A6316 July 1999Discusses Closure of TACs MA0532 & MA0533 Re Response to Requests for Addl Info to GL 92-01,rev1,suppl 1, Reactor Vessel Structural Integrity, for Plant,Units 1 & 2
ML20211H84323 June 1999Ack Participation of Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Engineering Dept in NRC Cooperative Research Project with Univ of Virginia. Copy of Relevant Portion of NRC Cooperative Agreement with Univ of Virginia EnclSafe Shutdown
ML20196C68321 June 1999Discusses Proposed Alternative Submitted by Bg&E for Calvert Cliffs NPP to Requirements of 10CFR50.55a(g)(4) in Regard to Compliance with Latest Approved Edition of ASME Code,Section XI for Third Ten Year Insp Interval Beginning on 990701Incorporated by reference
ML20196E03716 June 1999Forwards Insp Repts 50-317/99-03 & 50-318/99-03 on 990321-0508.Apparent Violation Being Considered for Escalated Enforcement ActionEnforcement Discretion
ML20207G4707 June 1999Informs of Reorganization in NRR Ofc,Effective 990328. Organization Chart EnclEnforcement Discretion
ML20207G4337 June 1999Informs That in Response Request by Nrc,Fema Evaluated Adequacy of Evacuation Plans & Training of Local First Responders for Area Around Ccnpp.Copy of FEMA & Encl to Ltr,Which Provides FEMA Recommendations Encl
ML20207C03218 May 1999Forwards Fifth Rept Which Covers Month of Apr 1999. Commission Approved Transfer of TMI-1 Operating License from Gpu to Amergen & Transfer of Operating License for Pilgrim Station from Beco to Entergy Nuclear Generating Co
ML20206A61722 April 1999Responds to Request for Statistics on Allegation Re Plant by J Osborne.Encl Tables Provides Breakdown of Allegations by Source Category for Allegations Receive in CY95-98 & First Six Month of 1999
ML20205R09615 April 1999Forwards Insp Repts 50-317/99-01 & 50-318/99-01 on 990131- 0320.One Violation of NRC Requirements Identified & Being Treated as non-cited Violation,Consistent with App C of Enforcement Policy
ML20205P1389 April 1999Discusses 990223 Ppr.Forwards Plant Issues Matrix & Insp Plan.Since Spring 1998 Unit 1 Operated at Essentially Full Power.Unit 2 Had Similar Power History Except for Jul 1998 Manual Reactor Trip Due to Small Bore Pipe Steam LeakSafe Shutdown
Systematic Assessment of Licensee Performance
Through-Wall Leak
ML20205G88424 March 1999Discusses Bg&E Application Filed on 980408 for Renewal of Operating Licenses DPR-53 & DPR-68 for Calvert Cliffs Units, 1 & 2.For Listed Reasons,Partial Exemption from 10CFR170 Fees Granted IAW 10CFR170.11(b)(1)
ML20207E9644 March 1999Forwards Insp Repts 50-317/98-12 & 50-318/98-12 on 981213- 990130 & Notice of Violation Re Failure of Maint Workers to Tighten Bolting for Svc Water Heat Exchanger
ML20207G86325 February 1999Forwards Operator Initial Exam Repts 50-317/99-301OL & 50-318/99-301OL on 990122 & 25-29 (Administration) & 990201- 05 (Grading).All Applicants Passed All Portions of Exams
ML20203D3985 February 1999Forwards Safety Evaluation Accepting Procedure Established for long-term Corrective Action Plan Related to Containment Vertical Tendons
ML20203A6143 February 1999Submits Details on Listed Areas Re Inspection Plan of Insp Scheduled for 990203
ML20199G41220 January 1999Forwards SE Accepting Util USI A-46 Implementation Program for Plant
ML20199K84819 January 1999Forwards Insp Repts 50-317/98-11 & 50-318/98-11 on 981025-1212.No Violations Noted
ML20199L66219 January 1999Informs That Licensee Authorized to Administer Initial Written Exam to Listed Applicants on 990122.NRC Region I Operator Licensing Staff Will Administer Operating Test to Applicants
ML20199F4108 January 1999Forwards SE Accepting Util 960213,0725 & 981202 Responses to GL 95-07, Pressure Locking & Thermal Binding of Safety- Related Power-Operated Gate Valves
ML20198S7497 January 1999Forwards SER Accepting Licensee ,Suppl by 980424 & 1124 Ltrs Proposing Changes to Rev 49 of Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Quality Assurance Program Description in Accordance with 10CFR50.54(a)(3)
ML20196K2994 January 1999Forwards Notice of Consideration of Approval of Transfer of Facility Operating License & Matl License & Opportunity for Hearing in Response to Application
ML20202D02715 December 1998Forwards Notice of Withdrawal of Application for Amend to License DPR-69.Proposed Change Would Have Modified Svc Water Head Tanks.Without Encl
ML20198L34312 December 1998Forwards Insp Repts 50-317/98-10 & 50-318/98-10 on 980706-10 & 1118.Insp Rept Documents App R Issues Which Constituted Violations of NRC Requirements.Nov Not Issued Because, Violations Identified by Licensee Staff as Part of C/AHot Short
Safe Shutdown
Emergency Lighting
Fire Protection Program
ML20198B17910 December 1998Advises of Planned Insp Effort Resulting from Calvert Cliffs NPP Review Conducted on 981110.Details of Insp Rept for Next 6 Months & Historical Listing of Plant Issues Considered During Process EnclHigh Radiation Area
Offsite Dose Calculation Manual
Enforcement Discretion
Probabilistic Risk Assessment
Temporary Modification
Emergency Lighting
Job Performance Measure
Fire Protection Program
ML20196G28830 November 1998Forwards Insp Repts 50-317/98-09 & 50-318/98-09 on 980906-1024.NRC Review of Bg&E Efforts in self-identification & Correction of Problems in Radiation Protection Indicated Improvement
ML20195H07316 November 1998Forwards SE Accepting 980608 Requests for Relief EI,E2 & L1 Re Relief from Certain ASME Code Requirements for Plant, Units 1 & 2 for First Containment Insp Interval Iwe/Iwl Program Alternative
ML20195H05213 November 1998Expresses Appreciation for .Nrc Does Not Perform SA on Physical Protection Sys of Either Power Reactors or Reactors Outside Us & Will Be Unable to Send Team to Assist in EA of Physical Protection at Cernavoda NPP
ML20195D55613 November 1998Forwards Revised RAI Re Result of Bge Comments Provided to NRC,980928.Specifically RAI Numbers 5.10.6 & 4.2.8 Are Being Clarified by This LtrSafe Shutdown
Boric Acid
Aging Management
Fire Protection Program
ML20195C54512 November 1998Responds to Util Commenting on NRC Safety Evaluation for Plant RCS Low Flow Amend.Nrc Response to Util Comments Presented in Subsection C
ML20155E2433 November 1998Ack Receipt of & Check in Amount of $55,000 in Payment for Civil Penalty Proposed by NRC in . Corrective Actions Will Be Examined During Future Insp
ML20155H3582 November 1998Submits Clarification Re Selected Request for Addl Info for Review of Plant,Units 1 & 2,integrated Plant Assessment on Metal FatigueAging Management
ML20154R14822 October 1998Discusses Insp That Was Conducted at Plant During Wk of 980706 to Review App R Related Open Items.Meeting to Discuss Issues Re App R self-assessment Issues Scheduled for 981118Hot Short
Safe Shutdown
Unanalyzed Condition
Fire Barrier