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 Issue dateTitleTopic
IR 05000220/201800413 February 2019Nine Mile Point: Integrated Inspection Report 05000220/2018004 and 05000410/2018004Internal Flooding
Zebra Mussel
Significance Determination Process
Ultimate heat sink
NFPA 805
Locked High Radiation Area
Water Inventory Control
ML18355A7376 February 2019Safety Evaluation Regarding Implementation of Hardened Containment Vents Capable of Operation Under Severe Accident Conditions Related to Order EA-13-109 (CAC No. MF4481; EPID L-2014-JLD-00143)FLEX
Tornado Missile
Ultimate heat sink
Battery sizing
Severe Accident Management Guideline
Spent Fuel Pool Instrumentation
ML19008A45422 January 2019Issuance of Amendment No. 236 Revising Technical Specifications to Adopt TSTF-542, Revision 2, Reactor Pressure Vessel Water Inventory ControlWater Inventory Control
Surveillance Frequency Control Program
Probabilistic Risk Assessment