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05000424/FIN-2016007-0731 December 2016 23:59:59VogtleNRC identifiedFailure to Update the UFSAR with the Complete and Accurate InformationThe NRC identified a severity level IV non-cited violation of Title 10 Code of Federal Regulations Part 50.71(e)(4) for the failure to reflect all changes made in the facility or procedures as described in the Updated Final Safety Analysis Report (UFSAR). The licensee failed to update UFSAR with the design basis of a new digital emergency diesel generator sequencers installed in 2007. This violation was entered into the licensees corrective action program as condition reports 10288350, 10293456, 10291633. The licensee planned to update the UFSAR with the applicable design basis. The failure to update the UFSAR was a performance deficiency that was determined to be a minor reactor oversight program violation because it did not meet the more than minor screening criteria. Because the issue impacted the NRCs ability to perform its regulatory process, the inspectors evaluated the violation using the traditional enforcement process. The inspectors determined the issue was a severity level IV violation because it met violation example 6.1.d.3 of the NRC Enforcement Policy. The violation represented a failure to update the UFSAR as required by Title 10 Code of Federal Regulations Part 50.71(e), but the lack of up-to-date information has not resulted in any unacceptable change to the facility or procedures. Cross-cutting aspects are not assigned to traditional enforcement violations.
05000424/FIN-2013004-0130 September 2013 23:59:59VogtleLicensee-identifiedLicensee-Identified ViolationOn October 11, 2012, the NRCs Office of Investigations (OI) initiated an investigation to review whether a contract employee willfully failed to implement a maintenance procedure involving the independent verification of landing electrical leads during maintenance of a safety-related Motor Operated Valve. Based in part on the investigation, completed on July 2, 2013, the NRC concluded that the actions of the contract employee were willful, and his actions caused VNP to be in violation of regulatory requirements. This issue was identified by the licensee. Technical Specification 5.4, Procedures, requires that written procedures, specified in Regulatory Guide 1.33, Revision 2, Appendix A, February 1978, shall be established, implemented, and maintained. Section 9.a of Regulatory Guide 1.33, Appendix A, requires that maintenance that can affect the performance of safety-related equipment should be properly pre-planned and performed in accordance with written procedures, documented instructions, or drawings appropriate to the circumstances. Licensee procedure NMP-ES-017-004, MOV Diagnostic Procedure for Gate and Globe Valves, provides instructions for maintenance of safety-related motor operated valve 1HV8105. Step 6.10.3 of the procedure provides instructions to re-connect control wiring per the Data Sheet. Per the Data Sheet the lead (LS-16) from point 39 needed to be re-landed and independently verified. Contrary to the above, on September 26, 2012, a contract laborer from Crane Nuclear willfully failed to independently verify that lead LS-16 was correctly landed per procedure NMP-ES-017-004. Specifically, the contract laborer failed to conduct an independent verification but signed-off the data sheet stating that he had verified the landing of leads for MOV 1HV8105. The inspectors determined that the underlying technical significance of the failure to perform an independent verification on landing a wire from a control switch of a safety-related MOV was a minor violation. However, based on an assessment of the factors described in Section 2.2.1.d of the Enforcement Policy, this violation is disposition as a non-cited violation. The licensee entered this issue into its corrective action program as CR 524641.
05000424/FIN-2013004-0230 September 2013 23:59:59VogtleLicensee-identifiedLicensee-Identified ViolationThe licensee identified a violation of Title 10 CFR 50.74, Notification of change in operator or senior operator duties, for the failure of the facility licensee to notify the Commission of changes in the medical status of numerous licensed operators within 30 days of learning of the medical change, as required. Contrary to the above, from November 2012 to July 2013, the licensee failed to provide the Commission the necessary medical information to insure licensed operators met the requirements of 10 CFR 55.33, Disposition of Initial Application. The licensee entered this violation into their corrective action program as CR 207318. The finding was determined to be of very low safety significance because the individual operators were found to have been physically capable of meeting the requirements as required, as well as, being in the presence of other medically qualified operators. This violation was characterized as a Severity Level IV non-cited violation, consistent with Example 6.4.d.1(c) of the Enforcement Policy.