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05000244/FIN-2010010-0130 September 2010 23:59:59GinnaNRC identifiedDeliberately Providing Inappropriate Assistance During General Employee TrainingThe actions of the Bartlett supervisors violated Ginna Technical Specifications Section 5.4.1, which caused Constellation to be in violation of its license conditions and NRC requirements. This section states, in part, that written procedures shall be established, implemented and maintained to cover the applicable procedures recommended in Regulatory Guide 1.33, Revision 2, Appendix A, February 1978. Constellation Nuclear Generation Fleet Administrative Procedure, CNG-TR-1.01-1010, General Employee Training, Revision 00100, Section 5.1, states, in part, that all personnel who are to become eligible, or who are to requalify for Unescorted Access Authorization to nuclear power plants, must satisfy specified requirements, including that all personnel are required to requalify annually by completing GET-PAT (Plant Access Training) and GET-FFD (Fitness for Duty) training modules. Section 3.3, states, in part, that a passing grade on a GET exam shall be equal to or greater than 80%. Section 4.6, states, in part, that no person, at any time, shall copy, share or otherwise compromise the integrity of any exam. Contrary to the above, in August 2009, Constellation identified that Bartlett supervisors were compromising the integrity of GET exams. Specifically, the Bartlett supervisors were providing assistance to contract Bartlett employees taking the exams in order to help them pass. Although Constellation was unaware that the Bartlett supervisors were compromising the integrity of GET exams, Constellation is responsible for the actions of its employees, including contracted employees. Because you are responsible for the actions of your employees, and because the violation involved deliberate misconduct, the violation was evaluated under the NRC\\\'s traditional enforcement process as set forth in Section 2.2.4 of the NRC Enforcement Policy.. Absent willfulness, this violation would be categorized as minor; however, due to the willfulness of this violation, the NRC has categorized it at Severity Level IV in accordance with the NRC Enforcement Policy. Because this violation was of very low safety significance and was entered into Ginna\\\'s corrective action program, this violation is being treated as a non-cited violation (NCV), consistent with Section 2.3.2 of the NRC Enforcement Policy (NCV 05000244/201001001, Deliberately Providing Inappropriate Assistance During General Employee Training).
05000244/FIN-2003003-0331 March 2003 23:59:59GinnaNRC identifiedThree SRO Licensed Operator Certifications Were Not Renwed by Rg&EThe inspectors identified a non- cited violation in which three senior reactor operator (SRO) licenses had expired without the appropriat renewal forms being submitted. Two of these individuals improperly fulfilled Technical Specification positions that required an SRO license from October 2, 2002, to October 11, 2002. The violation was determined to be of very low safety significance and a non-cited violation of Technical Specification Sections 5.2.2.b & 5.2.2.e, whic requires, in part, that two (2) SRO licensed individuals must be on the operating crew and the operating supervisor must hold an SRO license, respectively. Traditional enforcement was used because failure to submit the license renewa forms affected the NRCs ability to perform its regulatory function to periodically review the medical and requalification training qualifications of licensed operators.