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05000302/FIN-2005009-0230 September 2005 23:59:59Crystal RiverNRC identifiedCompleteness and Accuracy of Information Provided to the NRC Concerning Steam Generator Inspection Results

The inspectors identified a Non-cited violation (NCV) of 10 CFR 50.9, Completeness and Accuracy of Information, for several examples of inaccuracies and incomplete information in required reports and correspondence. The licensee entered this condition into their corrective action program.

This violation was assessed using traditional enforcement because it impacted the regulatory process. The issue is more than minor because the NRC relies on complete and accurate information to reach conclusions concerning the allowable time between steam generator inspections. It was determined to be a Severity Level IV violation because it was not willful, the technical issue associated with the incomplete and inaccurate information was of very low safety significance, and the NRC had not yet made a regulatory decision based on the information.