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 Entered dateSiteRegionReactor typeEvent description
ENS 4082617 June 2004 15:53:00Yankee RoweNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopThree 55 gallon drums of sand, each impregnated with 1.73 microCuries Cs-137, were shipped to Yankee Rowe from Atlanta, Georgia via Federal Express. The specific activity of the material is 32 picoCuries per gram. Upon arrival at Yankee Rowe, a hole in one of the drums was noticed and about 70 pounds of sand was determined to be missing. About 3 pounds of material was recovered from the shipping truck. The hole appeared to be caused by a fork lift puncture. The specific activity of the material is less than the Department of Transportation reportable quantity. Yankee Rowe contacted state of Vermont and notified the NRC Resident Inspector.
ENS 4067314 April 2004 13:00:00Yankee RoweNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-Loop

While dismantling the vapor containment using a torch, slag fell down on some plastic below and started a fire. The fire was reported to the control room at 1155. The licensee declared an unusual event at 1225. The fire department responded. The fire was extinguished at 1303. This is a decommissioned facility and there is no fuel in the reactor. No one was injured. There was only very low levels of radioactivity in the building of less than 1000 disintegrations per minute per 100 centimeters squared.

  • * * UPDATE AT 1416 ON 4/14/04 DEBAY TO GOTT * * *

At 1408, Yankee Rowe terminated from the Unusual Event. Initial sampling indicates that there was no radiological release. Notified R1(McDermott), NRR (Reis), NMSS (Holahan), DIRO (Wessman), DHS (MacKee), and FEMA (Sullivan).

ENS 405622 March 2004 15:55:00Yankee RoweNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopA container of concrete rubble was being transported from the Plant to Palmer, MA where it would eventually be transported via railroad to a waste repository. The intermodal container connection to the trailer broke off allowing the container to fall off spilling contents on the road. The location of the incident is approximately two miles from the Plant at Ford Hill Road, in Rowe, MA. The net weight of the container is 38,860 lbs and it contains low level radioactive concrete. Site Radiation Protection was sent by the licensee to the location of the incident. The spilled concrete rubble will be placed in a new container which will be taken back to the site. Clean up of the area is in progress, and area release is pending a post clean up survey. No one was injured during this incident. The licensee has notified the NRC Resident Inspector, the local Fire Department, State and Local government agencies and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A Press Release is being planned to be issued by the licensee.