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 Entered dateSiteRegionReactor typeEvent description
ENS 533219 April 2018 14:48:00Purdue UniversityNRC Region 0On April 6, 2018 at approximately 1500 EDT, it was determined there was a potential Reportable Occurrence at the PUR-1 facility. There were no unsafe conditions at any time. The PUR-1 Technical Specification reads, 'An observed inadequacy in the implementation of administrative or procedural controls such that the inadequacy causes or could have caused the existence or development of an unsafe condition with regard to reactor operations.' A visual inspection of the fuel is required annually with no interval to exceed 15 months. While the reactor has not operated and has remained in shutdown condition since June 5, 2017, this surveillance had not occurred for 20 months as of March, 2018. This surveillance was performed on March 27, 2018 but the administrative control which should have prevented the extended interval was not observed by facility staff. There was no existence of unsafe conditions and no (reactor) operations at any time during the period in question.