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 Entered dateSiteRegionReactor typeEvent description
ENS 488988 April 2013 16:56:00Maine YankeeNRC Region 1A sewage line has been found broken and leaking. The area of the leak is on Maine Yankee property but outside the licensed area. Repairs are scheduled for 04/09/13. No radioactive material is involved.
ENS 411017 October 2004 15:29:00Maine YankeeNRC Region 1CEThe licensee provided the following information via facsimile: (The) Maine Emergency Management Agency (was notified) of an unscheduled release that occurred during the 24 hour period ending at midnight on Thursday, 10/07/04. Maine Yankee identified a minor release of 3.18 E-6 Curies of liquid from the site. This release exceeded the value projected for this period and is therefore classified as unscheduled. The total liquid release resulted in a minor exposure value of 2.21 E-5 millirem. The cause of the release resulted from groundwater intrusion of the outfall piping during soil remediation and failure of the clay barrier that was installed. (The) release occurred from 9/30/04 until 10/6/04. The outfall piping is being removed and the area backfilled to eliminate liquid releases via this pathway. The licensee stated that the radionuclides involved were Cesium-137, Bismuth-214, and Lead-214. The licensee has notified the NRC Region 1 (Roberts).
ENS 4070927 April 2004 18:50:00Maine YankeeNRC Region 1CE

The licensee was notified by the phone communications provider of a loss of all communications that affected the licensee's Emergency Notification System (ENS) line. The licensee has provided the NRC Operations Center with a back up cell phone. The ENS capability is expected to be restored by 23:00 tonight and after restoration of the phone lines, the licensee will verify ENS functionality. It is believed that the loss of communications was due to maintenance work being performed by the provider on the fiber optics lines. The NRC Resident Inspector was notified by the licensee via voice mail phone message.

  • * * UPDATE ON 04/27/04 AT 20:24 EDT FROM D. KENNEY TO A. COSTA * * *

The ENS line has been restored at 19:33 on 04/27/04. Communications with the US NRC Operations Center was tested satisfactorily. The NRC Resident Inspector will be notified by the licensee via voice mail phone message. Notified the R1DO (Barkley).

ENS 406445 April 2004 16:45:00Maine YankeeNRC Region 1CENotification made to government agencies (State of Maine Dept. of Human Services and Maine Emergency Management Agency) for unscheduled release of radioactive materials. On Wednesday 3/31 Maine Yankee had a minor release of 0.0000000470 curies of particulate material, which resulted in an exposure value of about 0.00000426 millirem. The cause of the release resulted from a minor fire during thermal cutting of structural material during the demolition process. The licensee will inform their designated NRC Inspectors.
ENS 405779 March 2004 11:32:00Maine YankeeNRC Region 1CEThe licensee notified the Maine Emergency Management Agency and the Maine Department of Human Services of an unscheduled liquid release of containing 1.35e-6 Curies that occurred on 3/8/04. This release resulted in a minor exposure of 9e-11millirem. Site has no resident inspector.