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 Entered dateSiteRegionReactor typeEvent description
ENS 472301 September 2011 12:30:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopDuring local utility restoration from the recent hurricane, land line communications were lost for approximately two hours (0906 to 1106 EDT) on 9/1/2011. The licensee notified the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security and the Department of Environmental Protection.
ENS 4270312 July 2006 17:33:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-Loop

The licensee reported a loss of ENS and commercial telephone lines due to a loss of power to the phone switch located offsite from the facility. The call was provided as a courtesy notification and the licensee indicated that cell phone and satellite phone communication were still available. These methods of communication were tested and verified to be working satisfactorily. During the initial notification, it was not made clear to the NRC Operations Center that the facility had lost all offsite power and was operating on backup propane generators. The licensee stated that there were no operability problems onsite and that power was expected to be returned to the phone system within approximately 1 hour. Update calls were placed to the licensee by the Headquarters Operations Officer at 1930 EDT and again at 2200 EDT to determine phone status. At the 2200 EDT call, it became clear that the site had also experienced a loss of offsite power. The loss of power was due to a tree that had fallen on a power line away from the site and that the licensee did not have any information on when it would be restored. The licensee stated that all onsite power requirements were being met by a backup propane generator and all facility systems (other than the phones) were operable. The licensee stated that the loss of offsite power was not reportable and the loss of the ENS and commercial lines was reportable as information only. The licensee still did not have information on when the power would be restored. R1DO (Meyer), NMSS EO (Ruland), R1 (Miller) were provided the updated information on the offsite power loss at the site when this information was clarified by the licensee.


The licensee reports that power has been restored to the site and both ENS and commercial phones lines are operating properly. R1DO (Meyer), NMSS EO (Ruland), R1 (Miller) notified.

  • * * UPDATE FROM RALPH COX TO PETE SNYDER ON 7/13/06 AT 1652 * * *

The licensee reexamined the circumstances about this event when it was originally reported and decided to reclassify the original event as a 10 CFR 50.72 (b)(3)(xiii) Loss of Communications / Assessment / Response Capability. The heading information of this report was updated to reflect the licensee's reclassification. R1DO (Meyer), NMSS EO (Ruland) notified.

ENS 4266927 June 2006 09:57:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopA discharge to the canal on June 5, 2006 had an Iron result above the NPDES limit. A sample of the discharge was analyzed on site using a non-approved method, which showed the result was well below the NPDES limit. Off-site lab results were received on June 16, 2006, which showed the Iron was above the NPDES limit, 650 ppb. The lab results were re-analyzed and the re-analysis on June 22, 2006 verified it was above the permitted limit. In the past, the onsite testing were comparable to the offsite lab tests. The lab results were 720 and 950 ppb. This information was transmitted to the Department of Environmental Protection.
ENS 4263814 June 2006 15:01:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-Loop427 gallons of rainwater was discharged to the canal (onsite) with a pH of 4.2 which (exceeds) the (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permit. This water went through a charcoal bed that contained water which had not been used in a year and a half. The pH discharge limit is 6. The site notified the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.
ENS 426257 June 2006 09:34:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopAn Earth Probe sampling machine had been free released from Connecticut Yankee and shipped to the Yankee Rowe Nuclear Power Plant site in April. ( Prior to the scheduled return of the machine to Haddam Neck), two items (shackle and pin) were found to have fixed detectable contamination (by Yankee Rowe personnel) in a tool box attached to the Earth Probe sampling machine. This is being conservatively reported and under investigation that (the contaminated tools) could have been placed in there at Yankee Rowe. Fixed contamination level is approximately 6000 dpm/100 square centimeters. The licensee has notified the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.
ENS 4260124 May 2006 09:35:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-Loop(An) inadvertent release of radioactive contaminated material, specifically three items/tools had fixed contamination, (was reported to the Connecticut State Police and Department of Environmental Protection). The tools were located on a truck which had left the site previous to the discovery of contamination. The maximum (fixed) contamination level is 1400 corrected counts per minute (ccpm) (approximately 14,000 disintegrations per minute per 100 square cm). The incident occurred on May 18, 2006. It was discovered when personnel were observed passing tools across a boundary line. Further investigations determined that the truck had left the site with the tools. All tools were accounted for, labeled as radioactive material and stored in a radioactive material area. Surveys of the truck indicate that there was no spread of contamination and there was no personnel contamination. The licensee notified the NRC Resident Inspector and NRC Region 1.
ENS 4252926 April 2006 18:55:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopAt approximately 18:19, a fire occurred in the administration building lower level. The fire was in the southeast corner of the building in a communications room (PBX room). The fire department was called and extinguished the fire at 19:04. No injuries were reported. The fire did not affect the ISFSI and backup communications were available if required. Notified the R1DO (Barkley).
ENS 4227419 January 2006 14:00:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopAn excavator leaked approximately three cups of oil within the site boundary. The spill created a sheen on water in the discharge canal. The spill was contained and the soil and water were cleaned up. The licensee notified the State Police, Department of Environmental Protection, and the Coast Guard.
ENS 4209931 October 2005 12:48:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopHaddam Neck uncovered evidence of Spent Fuel Pool leakage below ground. The leakage was discovered when removing soil east of the Spent Fuel Building. Consequently, the site notified the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. The quantity of water leaked is unknown. Estimates based on historic Spent Fuel Pool evaporation data indicate that the leak was small - on the order of a few gallons per day. Based on readings from down-gradient monitoring wells, there is no travel beyond the property line. The licensee notified the NRC Resident Inspector.
ENS 418267 July 2005 15:52:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopThis licensee reported that a flatbed truck transporting demolition debris (concrete/rebar/soil etc) from Haddam Neck was involved in a traffic accident in the State of Virginia (at mile marker 64 on Interstate 81). The material was low-level radioactive contaminated material that was shipped as DOT exempt and did not involve any reportable quantities. The shipper was RACE, LLC. The radioactive material was in an intermodal container on a flatbed truck. The truck overturned and damaged the intermodal spilling approximately a "pickup truck" full of debris. The Virginia State Hazmat team has responded to the scene of the accident. In addition, RACE has sent a team with a health physicist. No one has been contaminated. RACE will be supplying a backup intermodal and truck to transfer and transport the debris. The licensee has notified NRC Region 1 (Roberts).
ENS 4171719 May 2005 09:37:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopLess that one pint of oil spilled to the ground/soil. Soil has been remediated. Offsite notifications made to CT State Police Message Center and CT Department of Environmental Protection.
ENS 4164126 April 2005 13:21:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopThe licensee reported that there was a small fire lasting for 15-20 minutes in the wiring of a manlift on the charging floor of the Containment Building. It was a smoldering fire with lots of smoke. Offsite fire department was called for assistance. There were two minor injuries to licensee personnel due to smoke inhalation requiring them to be taken to a clinic. Damage was restricted to the manlift. The NRC Resident Inspector along with State and Local Agencies were notified.
ENS 4164226 April 2005 13:21:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-Loop

There was an oil spill of between 10 - 25 gallons of 90 weight oil outside of the turbine building. Cleanup has begun and the State of Connecticut and Department of environmental protection were notified. The NRC Resident Inspector, State and local agencies were notified.

  • * * UPDATE on 04/26/05 by Mike Baldarelli to C Gould * * *

The source of the Hydraulic oil leak was a crane that had undergone maintenance the night before. The oil and soil have been removed. Reg 1 RDO(Barkley) informed.

ENS 4155030 March 2005 17:57:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopDuring demolition of the auxiliary building, a 3 cubic yard front end loader picked up a load of dirt which was discolored and had a strong smell of diesel fuel oil. Excavation was suspended for investigation. At this time the extent of the contaminated area is unknown as well as the potential for ground water contamination. The licensee notified the National Response Center (Report # 754298) as well as the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. The licensee will notify NRC Region I.
ENS 4122826 November 2004 15:59:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-Loop

At 1356 on 11/26/04, after conducting an inspection of a chemical storage room, two personnel reported feeling ill (headache, stomachache) while reporting a condition of haze and fumes in the chemical storage room to the Control Room. The personnel were transported to an onsite facility, evaluated by the Haddam Neck EMT and transported to the local hospital. The licensee notified the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The Haddam Neck Fire Department is awaiting the Connecticut DEP personnel arrival prior to entering the storage room for an assessment of the condition. The licensee is also preparing a Press Release for later today. The licensee is notifying NRC Region 1 personnel.

  • * * UPDATE FROM K SMITH TO KNOKE AT 1830 ON 11/26/04 * * *

At 18:03 on 11/26/04, the licensee reported that the chemical fumes in the chemical storage room were determined to be from a toilet bowl cleaning solution. One of the chemicals that made up this cleaner was hydrochloric acid, which leeched out into some surrounding papers, and started to fume. The HAZMAT personnel from Connecticut DEP neutralized the chemical spill and licensee terminated the event at 17:30. PA Region 1 Duty Officer (Neil Sheehan) was contacted and informed of the update.

ENS 4120116 November 2004 10:16:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-Loop

Licensee reported hot work activities associated with demolition activities were completed at 1545 EST on 11/15/04. The fire watch had secured at 1615 on 11/15/04 after the hot work was completed for the day. At 0713 EST on 11/16/04 the smell of smoke was detected in the containment foyer. The hot work from the previous day had ignited wood cribbing and other demolition material in the containment building. The containment building was at a negative pressure and no release occurred. The fire was confirmed to be out at 0925. The fire was extinguished by the onsite fire brigade. There were no injuries to personnel. The Haddam Neck Fire Department responded to the scene, but was not required to extinguish the fire. The licensee notified the CT Department of Environmental Protection, the CT State Police, and will be contacting the NRC Region 1 Site representative.

  • * * UPDATE PROVIDED BY REID TO ROTTON AT 1116 ON 11/16/04 * * *

Licensee reported that they exited the Unusual Event at 0927 - the same time that they declared the NOUE. The licensee will notify the NRC Region 1 Site Representative. Notified R1DO (Jenison), NMSS (Miller), IRD (Nieh), NRR (Reis ), DHS ( Haselton), FEMA (Sullivan)

ENS 4118810 November 2004 11:22:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopThe licensee reported that approximately 1000 gallons of "rain water" was being discharged into the licensee's storm drain. The licensee's storm drains discharge into the discharge canal. The licensee noticed a frothing and foaming at the discharge canal as the rain water container was being pumped out. The pumping was discontinued and the licensee is attempting to analyze what substance was in the rain water that might be causing the foaming condition. At this time, the licensee has no information on what substance was discharged or the quantity of the substance that was discharged. The licensee was unable to state how much of the 1000 gallons of rain water had already been discharged. The licensee's discharge canal has a slick boom at the end of the canal but no other mechanism to prevent release of the unknown substance. The licensee notified the Coast Guard, the National Response Center, and the Connecticut Chemical Spill Unit. The licensee also planned to notify the NRC Regional Inspector for the site.
ENS 410894 October 2004 17:59:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopA significant reduction in the effectiveness of any spent fuel storage confinement system during use This reportability notification addresses a potential unanalyzed condition of 18 Transportable Storage Canisters (TSCs) which are loaded with spent nuclear fuel (SNF). Seventeen of these TSCs are stored in Vertical Concrete Casks (VCCs) at the Haddam Neck Plant Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI). One TSC is currently in transport operations and will be transferred to the ISFSI in the near future. SNF clad temperature is affected by changes in the TSC internal environment that are encountered during fuel transfer operations. In order to maintain SNF clad temperatures within the analyzed limits, the time duration of certain fuel transfer activities are limited (for example, time in dewatering phase, time in vacuum drying phase and time in helium backfill phase). The canister dewatering section of CY procedures allowed multiple blowdowns of the TSC while in the dewatering time clock. This is contrary to the NAC thermal analysis which assumes a water environment in the canister during the dewatering period. It appears that this condition is not consistent with current analysis assumptions and is therefore a potential unanalyzed condition. NAC International (holder of the C of C) has been advised of this condition and is analyzing the TSC loading conditions. VCC outlet temperatures are within acceptable limits and there is no evidence of unusual radiation exposure in the ISFSI environs.
ENS 410132 September 2004 16:37:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopHaddam Neck Plant reported that a 20 to 30 gallon diesel fuel oil spill occurred in the containment building from an overturned excavator performing decommissioning work in the containment building. The fuel oil has been contained using absorbent material and there was no release of fuel oil to the environment. No injuries occurred to any personnel. A recovery plan is being formulated by plant management at this time. Haddam Neck reported this event to the State of Connecticut - Department of Environmental Protection and to NRC Region 1 (John Wray).
ENS 4077927 May 2004 10:57:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopThe following information was received by the licensee via facsimile: Contamination levels in excess of USDOT (U.S. Department of Transportation) and Barnwell (South Carolina) limits found on a shipment when it reached its destination. (Sea Land Container). No personnel contaminations were reported. The licensee was informed by Barnwell of the contamination event. Apparently, the temperature difference between Connecticut and South Carolina caused condensation to form inside the Sea Land container. The condensation puddled inside the container and then leaked out onto the trailer bed. Contamination was found by Barnwell personnel upon receipt of the trailer. The licensee informed the State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection representative on site and NRC Region 1 (John Wray).
ENS 4062329 March 2004 16:26:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopA hydraulic hose ruptured during demolition activities, resulting in a spill of approximately 2 gallons of oil to the soil and 6 gallons of oil to the concrete. The spill has been contained and cleaned up. The licensee notified the State DEP. There is no Resident Inspector at the site.
ENS 4051210 February 2004 13:08:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopThe licensee notified the Coast Guard, National Response, Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and local and state emergency planning commissions that a lime spill into their discharge canal occurred during dredging operations. The licensee had no information on the quantity of the spill or the area it covered. Some went onto the soil on the bank of the canal, some went onto the ice on the surface of the canal and some went into the water in the canal. Cleanup is ongoing and should be completed in a couple of days. The licensee notified the lead NRC Inspector
ENS 404265 January 2004 17:08:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopA contractor employee was given an Administrative positive FFD test result due to not showing up for a random FFD test and leaving the site without completing the test. The employee's access to the plant has been terminated. Contact the HOO for additional details. The licensee notified the NRC Resident Inspector and Connecticut DEP.
ENS 4033518 November 2003 18:01:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopApproximately 1 quart of transmission oil spilled from a privately owned vehicle onto the soil at the lower parking area which is about 200 yds from the industrial area(old PA). No oil went into the water and cleanup is in progress. The licensee made an off site notification to the state of Connecticut Licensee notified Reg 1
ENS 402338 October 2003 14:21:00Haddam NeckNRC Region 1Westinghouse PWR 4-LoopOffsite notification was due to a failure on a 100-ton mobile crane that resulted in a approximately 150 gallon hydraulic oil spill to the ground. The spill did not involve a pathway to surrounding bodies of water. Efforts are underway to remediate the affected area. The State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection as well as the National Response Center was notified. The licensee will be notifying the NRC Resident Inspector.