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ENS 56838SeabrookAuxiliary Feedwater System Inoperable
ENS 56839Calvert CliffsReactor Trip Due to NON-SAFETY Related Bus Under Voltage
ENS 56841Calvert CliffsManual Actuation of Auxiliary Feedwater System (AFW)
ENS 56845SequoyahFITNESS-FOR-DUTY Report
ENS 56846SusquehannaManual Reactor Scram
ENS 56848South TexasEssential Chiller Trains Inoperable
ENS 56849WaterfordUnanalyzed Condition
ENS 56850Watts BarOffsite Notification
ENS 56852FarleyManual Reactor Trip
ENS 56856Calvert CliffsAutomatic Reactor Trip
ENS 56858BrunswickFailed Fitness for Duty Test
ENS 56861South TexasEssential Chiller Trains Inoperable
ENS 56863River BendManual Reactor Scram
ENS 56864HarrisOffsite Notification - Report to Another Government Agency
ENS 56865Quad CitiesFitness for Duty Report
ENS 56866DresdenHPCI Declared Inoperable
ENS 56875Indian PointOffsite Notification
ENS 56877South TexasSpecified System Actuation - Auto Start of Emergency Diesel Generator