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ENS 55440South TexasLicensed Operator Violated FFD Policy
ENS 55443WaterfordLoss of Communications Capability
ENS 55444Palo VerdeLoss of Seismic Monitoring System
ENS 55448HatchUnit 1 High Pressure Coolant Injection (HPCI) System Inoperable
ENS 55450SummerNotification of Environmental Report to Another Government Agency
ENS 55451Grand GulfHigh Pressure Core Spray Inoperable
ENS 55455Three Mile IslandOffsite Notification Due to Contractor Fatality
ENS 55457North AnnaDegraded Condition Identified While Unit Shutdown
ENS 55458McGuireSpecified System Actuation
ENS 55459SurryUnanalyzed Condition of Fire Safe Shutdown Equipment
ENS 55462FarleyOffsite Notification Due to Employee Fatality
ENS 55484LimerickHigh Pressure Coolant Injection System Declared Inoperable