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ENS 54502South TexasFitness-For-Duty - Contractor Supervisor Violated the Ffd Policy
ENS 54503FitzPatrickAutomatic Reactor Scram Due to Main Turbine Trip
ENS 54507PerryLow Pressure Core Spray Inoperable
ENS 54508Wolf CreekTechnical Specification Shutdown Due to Containment Purge Valve Excessive Leakage
ENS 54509OconeeLoss of Emergency Assessment Capability Due to Planned Tsc and Osc Upgrades
ENS 54517South TexasFitness-For-Duty Report - Policy Violation
ENS 54523CatawbaAutomatic Reactor Scram Due to Main Turbine Trip
ENS 54528Duane ArnoldTransport of Potentially Contaminated Person to a Medical Facility
ENS 54529South TexasNotification to Other Government Agency
ENS 54530South TexasNon-Licensed Supervisory Personnel Violated Ffd Policy
ENS 54531Watts BarEn Revision Imported Date 2/21/2020
ENS 54532Watts BarManual Reactor Trip Due to Loss of Control of Steam
ENS 54533FitzPatrickUnanalyzed Condition - Unprotected Dc Control Circuits