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ENS 54242SequoyahAutomatic Reactor Trip
ENS 54244Grand GulfLoss of High Presssure Core Spray
ENS 54252Watts BarManual Trip Due to Loss of Steam Generator Level Control
ENS 54253Saint LucieNotification of Unusual Event Due to Declaration of Hurricane Warning
ENS 54256CatawbaTechnical Support Center Ventilation System Out of Service Due to Discovered Condition
ENS 54257South TexasEn Revision Imported Date 11/8/2019
ENS 54262Saint LucieAutomatic Reactor Trip
ENS 54263Davis BesseAutomatic Reactor Trip
ENS 54266Browns FerryUnanalyzed Condition Due to Lightning Strike
ENS 54268OconeeFitness-For-Duty Report Involving a Contract Supervisor
ENS 54271Grand GulfPrimary Containment Airlock Door Not in Fully Seated Position
ENS 54272Palo VerdeMain Steam Line Radiation Monitor Communication Failure
ENS 54276SequoyahEn Revision Imported Date 9/17/2019
ENS 54277Watts BarEn Revision Imported Date 9/17/2019
ENS 54278Browns FerryEn Revision Imported Date 9/17/2019
ENS 54281ClintonAccident Mitigation
ENS 54283Three Mile IslandOn-Site Non-Work Related Fatality
ENS 54284South TexasLoss of Communication with Emergency Operations Facility
ENS 54287FarleyManual Trip Due to Reactor Coolant Pump Vibration Alarm
ENS 54289BraidwoodAutomatic Reactor Trip Due to Lowering Steam Generator Levels
ENS 54291CookFitness-For-Duty Report
ENS 54292ColumbiaLoss of High Pressure Core Spray System
ENS 54293FermiHigh Pressure Coolant Injection Declared Inoperable
ENS 54299FermiSecondary Containment Pressure Exceeded Technical Specification Requirement
ENS 54300Browns Ferry60-Day Optional Telephonic Notification Due to an Invalid Actuation of a Containment Isolation Signal
ENS 54302Browns FerryAutomatic Reactor Scram During Reactor Startup
ENS 54307CatawbaActuation of Containment Spray System
ENS 54309Palo VerdePart 21 - Ge Hitachi Primary Contact Finger Surface Defect
ENS 54312Arkansas NuclearIndividual Transported to Offsite Medical Due to Injury
ENS 54318VogtleAutomatic Start of Emergency Diesel Generator and Auxilliary Feedwater System
ENS 54320FarleyPotentially Contaminated Individual Transported to an Offsite Medical Facility
ENS 54322BrunswickOffsite Notification Due to Environmental Report to Another Government Agency
ENS 54325Calvert CliffsTechnical Specification Required Shutdown Initiated
ENS 54328Diablo CanyonFitness-For-Duty Report - Unopened Can of Beer Found Inside Protected Area
ENS 54329Comanche PeakMain Steam Line (Msl) Radiation Monitor Removed from Service for Planned Maintenance
ENS 54330Peach BottomHigh Pressure Coolant Injection (Hpci) System Inoperable
ENS 54332Browns Ferry60-Day Optional Telephonic Notification of Invalid Specified System Actuation
ENS 54333HarrisOffsite Notification Due to the Transport of a Potentially Contaminated Person Offsite
ENS 54337Beaver ValleyReactor Coolant System Pressure Boundary Degraded
ENS 54338River BendEn Revision Imported Date 11/20/2019
ENS 54339Arkansas NuclearControl Room Envelope Breach
ENS 54340Peach BottomUnusual Event Declared Due to No Control Rod Movement with Manual Scram Actuation
ENS 54341Browns FerryInvalid Actuation of a Signal Affecting More than One System
ENS 54347Oyster CreekOffsite Notification
ENS 54348River BendAutomatic Depressurization System Inoperable
ENS 54351South TexasValid Undervoltage Actuation During Edg Sequencer Maintenance
ENS 54355Quad CitiesWater Found in Control Room Emergency Ventilation Air Filtration Unit
ENS 54359VogtleFitness for Duty - Contract Supervisor Failed Random Test
ENS 54360BraidwoodInadvertent Actuation of Sirens