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The query [[Category:ENS Notification]] [[Category:Power Reactor]] [[Entered date::≥25 October 2019]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0071 seconds.

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ENS 54351South TexasValid Undervoltage Actuation During Edg Sequencer Maintenance
ENS 54355Quad CitiesWater Found in Control Room Emergency Ventilation Air Filtration Unit
ENS 54359VogtleFitness for Duty - Contract Supervisor Failed Random Test
ENS 54360BraidwoodInadvertent Actuation of Sirens
ENS 54362Saint LucieUnusual Event Due to Release of Flammable Gas
ENS 54364Nine Mile PointHigh Pressure Core Spray (Hpcs) System Inoperable
ENS 54367Comanche PeakPlanned Loss of Emergency Response Facilities and Equipment
ENS 54369Beaver ValleyManual Reactor Trip Due to Steam Dump Transient
ENS 54371Grand GulfTwo Diesel Generators Concurrently Inoperable
ENS 54378HarrisBoth Source Range Instruments Found Inoperable
ENS 54379Watts BarEmergency Operations Facility Out of Service
ENS 54380SequoyahEmergency Operations Facility Out of Service
ENS 54382Browns FerryEn Revision Imported Date 11/15/2019
ENS 54384LaSalleOffsite Notification Due to an Onsite Fatality
ENS 54390Watts BarTemporary Loss of Control Room Envelope Boundary
ENS 54391Watts BarTemporary Loss of Control Room Envelope Boundary