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ENS 54351South TexasValid Undervoltage Actuation During Edg Sequencer Maintenance
ENS 54355Quad CitiesWater Found in Control Room Emergency Ventilation Air Filtration Unit
ENS 54358DresdenInadvertent Actuation of Sirens
ENS 54359VogtleFitness for Duty - Contract Supervisor Failed Random Test
ENS 54360BraidwoodInadvertent Actuation of Sirens
ENS 54362Saint LucieUnusual Event Due to Release of Flammable Gas
ENS 54364Nine Mile PointHigh Pressure Core Spray (Hpcs) System Inoperable
ENS 54366Beaver ValleyRefueling Water Storage Tank Declared Inoperable Due to Low Level
ENS 54367Comanche PeakEn Revision Imported Date 12/11/2019
ENS 54369Beaver ValleyManual Reactor Trip Due to Steam Dump Transient
ENS 54371Grand GulfTwo Diesel Generators Concurrently Inoperable
ENS 54378HarrisBoth Source Range Instruments Found Inoperable
ENS 54379Watts BarEmergency Operations Facility Out of Service
ENS 54380SequoyahEmergency Operations Facility Out of Service
ENS 54382Browns FerryEmergency Operations Facility Out of Service
ENS 54384LaSalleOffsite Notification Due to an Onsite Fatality
ENS 54390Watts BarTemporary Loss of Control Room Envelope Boundary
ENS 54391Watts BarTemporary Loss of Control Room Envelope Boundary
ENS 54401SurryUnit 2 Auxiliary Feed Pumps Inoperable
ENS 54403ClintonEn Revision Imported Date 1/13/2020
ENS 54409ColumbiaEn Revision Imported Date 11/28/2019
ENS 54417Diablo CanyonBoth Trains of Containment Spray Removed from Service
ENS 54423Turkey PointOffsite Notification Due to Deceased Manatee in Owner Controlled Area
ENS 54425CooperFire Door Discovered Unlatched
ENS 54430Comanche PeakMain Steam Line (Msl) Radiation Monitor to Be Non-Functional
ENS 54431Comanche PeakInvalid Actuation of the Unit 2 Turbine Driven Auxiliary Feedwater Pump (Tdafwp)
ENS 54433Comanche PeakPlanned Loss of Emergency Response Facilities and Equipment
ENS 54437SurryPotential Tornado Missile Vulnerabilities
ENS 54438SequoyahManual Reactor Trip Due to a Loss of Heater Drain Tank Pump Flow
ENS 54446SequoyahEmergency Diesel Generator Autostart Due to Loss of Power to 1B Shutdown Board
ENS 54449MillstoneTechnical Specification Required Shutdown
ENS 54452FermiSecondary Containment Pressure Degraded
ENS 54457MillstoneManual Trip Due to Feedwater Pump Trip
ENS 54460Comanche PeakManual Reactor Trip and Specified System Actuation
ENS 54463HatchPrimary Containment Degraded
ENS 54465OconeeChill Water System Inoperable
ENS 54466ColumbiaLoss of Seismic Assessment Instrumentation
ENS 54470River BendLoss of Chillers
ENS 54472McGuirePlanned Technical Support Center Power Modification
ENS 54474FermiNon-Licensed Supervisor Tested Positive for Alcohol
ENS 54487SequoyahEn Revision Imported Date 2/21/2020
ENS 54491HatchFitness for Duty (Ffd) Issue Involving Contract Personnel
ENS 54495SummerEn Revision Imported Date 1/30/2020
ENS 54502South TexasFitness-For-Duty - Contractor Supervisor Violated the Ffd Policy
ENS 54503FitzPatrickAutomatic Reactor Scram Due to Main Turbine Trip
ENS 54507PerryEn Revision Imported Date 3/17/2020
ENS 54508Wolf CreekTechnical Specification Shutdown Due to Containment Purge Valve Excessive Leakage
ENS 54509OconeeLoss of Emergency Assessment Capability Due to Planned Tsc and Osc Upgrades
ENS 54517South TexasFitness-For-Duty Report - Policy Violation
ENS 54523CatawbaAutomatic Reactor Scram Due to Main Turbine Trip