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ML20138H38325 October 1999Forwards Draft Model of Renewed License for Calvert Cliffs, Unit 2 to Illustrate How List of Minimum Requirements Could Be Incorporated Into License Condition
NUREG-1437, Forwards Published Version of Final Suppl 1 to NUREG-1437, Generic Environ Impact Statement Re Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. Without Encl21 October 1999Forwards Published Version of Final Suppl 1 to NUREG-1437, Generic Environ Impact Statement Re Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. Without EnclBoric Acid
Offsite Dose Calculation Manual
Fire Barrier
Internal Flooding
Probabilistic Risk Assessment
Aging Management
Environmental Justice
ML20217M17219 October 1999Forwards NRC Rept Number 17, Requal Tracking Rept Form Operator Licensing Tracking Sys.Rept Was Used by NRC to Schedule Requalification Exam for Operators & Record Requal Pass Dates
ML20212M2634 October 1999Informs That Staff Concluded That Licensee Responses to GL 97-06 Provides Reasonable Assurance That Condition of Util SG Internals in Compliance with Current Licensing Bases for Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant
ML20216J8671 October 1999Forwards Rev 52 to QA Policy for Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant. Rev Accurately Presents Changes Made Since Previous Submittal,Necessary to Reflect Info & Analyses Submitted to NRC or Prepared,Per to NRC Requirements
ML20212J78130 September 1999Requests That Licensee Address Potential Aging Mgt Issue Re Effects of Void Swelling of Rv Internals by Making Plant Specific Commitment to Implement Focused age-related Degradation Insp for Evidence of Void Swelling in FutureAging Management
ML20212J56129 September 1999Informs That on 990916,NRC Completed mid-cycle Plant Performance Review of Calvert Cliffs.No Areas in Which Util Performance Warranted Addl Insp Beyond Core Insp Program Identified.Historical Listing of Plant Issues,Encl
ML20212D53620 September 1999Forwards Rev 1 to Calculation CA04048, Fuel Handling Accident During Reconstitution, as Agreed During 990909 Telcon
ML20212C18615 September 1999Requests That NRC Complete Review of TR CED-387-P,Rev 00-P, Abb Critical Heat Flux Correlations for PWR Fuel, by 000201.Util Expects to Use ABB-NV Correlation for Current non-mixing Vane Fuel in Reload Analyses in 2000 for Ccnpp
ML20212A2008 September 1999Forwards Insp Repts 50-317/99-06 & 50-318/99-06.Two Violations Being Treated as Noncited Violations
ML20211N8977 September 1999Responds to Ltr to D Rathbun of NRC Dtd 990720,in Which Recipient Refers to Ltr from Wc Batton Expressing Support on Renewal Application of Baltimore Gas & Electric Co for Calvert Cliffs PlantsAging Management
ML20211H98431 August 1999Provides Comments Re Data Entered in Rvid for Ccnpp,Units 1 2,per GL 92-01,Rev 1,Suppl 1, Reactor Vessel Structural Integrity
ML20211K30927 August 1999Informs That During 990826 Telcon,L Briggs & B Bernie Made Arrangements for NRC to Inspect Licensed Operator Requalification Program at Calvert Cliffs Npp.Insp Planned for Wk of 991025
ML20210V11817 August 1999Forwards Toxic Gases Calculations for Control Room Habitability,As Discussed During 990713 Telcon.Util Will Make Final Submittal for Toxic Gases After NRC Has Completed Review of ARCON96
ML20210T50616 August 1999Forwards Rev 0 to Ccnpp COLR for Unit 2,Cycle 13, Per Plant TS 5.6.5
ML20210U27613 August 1999Forwards Listed Info Re Guarantee of Payment of Deferred Premiums for Ccnpp,Units 1 & 2,IAW 10CFR140.21 Requirements
ML20210S81012 August 1999Forwards Application Requesting Renewal of License for Mv Seckens,License SOP-10369-2.Without Encl
ML20210S79012 August 1999Forwards semi-annual Fitness for Duty Program Performance Data for Period of 990101-990630,IAW 10CFR36.71(d)Fitness for Duty
ML20210S81312 August 1999Forwards Summary of Various Open Licensing Actions for Bg&E That Were Completed During Unit 2 Refueling Outage Ending 990506Safe Shutdown Earthquake
ML20210Q19411 August 1999Informs That Info Submitted in 981130 Application Re CEN-633-P,Rev 03-P,dtd Oct 1998,marked Proprietary,Will Be Withheld from Public Disclosure,Per 10CFR2.790(b)(5) & Section 103(b) of AEA of 1954,as Amended
ML20210N5886 August 1999Forwards ISI Rept for Ccnpp,Unit 2,fulfilling Intentions & Requirements Stated in Program Plan & Commitment to Comply with ASME Code Section XI ISI Requirements
ML20210N1295 August 1999Forwards NRC Response to W Batton Ltr Expressing Support of Renewal Application for Calvert Cliffs Plants as Requested in LtrAging Management
ML20210N5495 August 1999Requests That License SOP-10371-2,for RW Scott,Be Renewed IAW 10CFR55.57.Individual Has Satisfactorily Discharged License Responsibilities Competently & Safely.Without Application
ML20210N5475 August 1999Requests That License SOP-10031-3,for DF Theders,Be Removed from Active Files for Ccnpp,Due to Individual Being Reassigned to Position No Longer Requiring License
ML20210N9294 August 1999Forwards Clarification to Initial Response to Biennial Rept on Status of Decommissioning Funding,As Required by 10CFR50.75(f)(1)
ML20211B53830 July 1999Expresses Appreciation for Support in Y2K Training & Tabletop Exercise Held on 990714.Suggests Referral to NRC Y2K Web Site to View Issues & Lessons from Tabletop That Will Be Tracked by NRC
ML20211C32530 July 1999Expresses Appreciation for Participation in Y2K Training & Tabletop Exercise Held on 990714
ML20210J07430 July 1999Expresses Appreciation for Participation in Y2K Training & Tabletop Exercise on 990714.Suggests Referral to NRC Y2K Web Site to View Issues & Lessons from Tabletop That Will Be Tracked by Nrc.Web Site Should Reflect Info within 2 Wks
ML20211C09530 July 1999Expresses Appreciation for Participation in Y2K Training & Tabletop Exercise Held on 990714
ML20210E49423 July 1999Informs That 1999 Emergency Response Plan Exercise Objectives Is Scheduled for Wk of 991025.Exercise Scenario Will Test Integrated Capability & Major Portion of Elements Existing within Emergency Response Plan
ML20210D09122 July 1999Responds to to Chairman Jackson Referring to Ltr from New 7th Democratic Civic Club,Inc.Forwards Staff Response to W Batton,President of New 7th Democratic Civic Club,IncAging Management
ML20210C50121 July 1999Informs That SL Walters,License OP-10096-3 & CC Zapp,License Number SOP-2188-9,have Been Reassigned within Organization & No Longer Require NRC License,Per 10CFR50.74(a).Removal of Subject Licenses from Active Files for Ccnpp,Requested
ML20210C26820 July 1999Forwards Certified Copy of Listed Nuclear Liability Policy Endorsement,Per 10CFR140.15(e)
ML20211N91020 July 1999Forwards Correspondence Author Received from New 7th Democratic Club Civic,Inc Raising Some Serious Concerns About Renewal of Nuclear Reactor Licenses for Calvert Cliffs Power Plant
ML20210C84619 July 1999Informs That CF Farrow,License OP-10648-1,will No Longer Be Employed with Bg&E,As of 990709,per 10CFR50.74(a).Removal of Subject License from Active Files for Ccnpp,Requested
ML20210B76515 July 1999Forwards SER Denying Licensee Proposed TS Amend Dtd 981120, to Delete TS Requirements for Tendon Surveillance & Reporting Because TS Requirements Duplication of Requirements in 10CFR50.55a.Notice of Denial Encl
ML20209G20813 July 1999Forwards Insp Repts 50-317/99-05 & 50-318/99-05 on 990509- 0626.No Violations Noted
ML20210A6316 July 1999Discusses Closure of TACs MA0532 & MA0533 Re Response to Requests for Addl Info to GL 92-01,rev1,suppl 1, Reactor Vessel Structural Integrity, for Plant,Units 1 & 2
ML20209C1392 July 1999Forwards Responses to Open & Confirmatory Items Based on Review of SER for Bg&E Application for Renewal of Operating Licenses for Calvert Cliffs.Bg&E Intends to Forward Comments Based on Accuracy Verification in Near FutureSafe Shutdown
Boric Acid
High Radiation Area
Non-Destructive Examination
Weld Overlay
Aging Management
Foreign Material Exclusion
Pressure Boundary Leakage
Fire Protection Program
ML20209B57829 June 1999Submits Response to GL 98-01, Y2K Readiness of Computer Sys at Nuclear Power Plants. GL 98-01 Requested Response on Status of Facility Y2K Readiness by 990701.Disclosure Encl
ML20210D17424 June 1999Expresses Opinions on Renewal of Nuclear Reactor Licenses Re Plant & Support Renewal Application of Bg&E.Requests That NRC Revise Procedures to Allow Sufficient Time for Public to Review,Evaluate & Respond to Info
ML20211H84323 June 1999Ack Participation of Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Engineering Dept in NRC Cooperative Research Project with Univ of Virginia. Copy of Relevant Portion of NRC Cooperative Agreement with Univ of Virginia EnclSafe Shutdown
ML20196C68321 June 1999Discusses Proposed Alternative Submitted by Bg&E for Calvert Cliffs NPP to Requirements of 10CFR50.55a(g)(4) in Regard to Compliance with Latest Approved Edition of ASME Code,Section XI for Third Ten Year Insp Interval Beginning on 990701Incorporated by reference
ML20196C42921 June 1999Forwards Rev to ERDS Data Point Library for Ccnpp,Unit 2,per 10CFR50,App E,Section VI.3.a.Table Provides Brief Summary of Changes
ML20195J82716 June 1999Ack Receipt of to Jackson,Chairman of NRC Re Environ Impacts of Increased Patuxtent River Complex Flight Operations on Ccnpp.Clarification & Correction of Listed Statement Found on Page Two,Provided
ML20195J65916 June 1999Submits Proposed Alternative to Requirements of 10CFR50.55a(g)(4) (Automatic Compliance with Latest Approved Edition of ASME Code Every 120 Months).Proposal Will Apply Third ten-year ISI Interval,Scheduled to Begin 990701
ML20196E03716 June 1999Forwards Insp Repts 50-317/99-03 & 50-318/99-03 on 990321-0508.Apparent Violation Being Considered for Escalated Enforcement ActionEnforcement Discretion
ML20207G4707 June 1999Informs of Reorganization in NRR Ofc,Effective 990328. Organization Chart EnclEnforcement Discretion
ML20207G4337 June 1999Informs That in Response Request by Nrc,Fema Evaluated Adequacy of Evacuation Plans & Training of Local First Responders for Area Around Ccnpp.Copy of FEMA & Encl to Ltr,Which Provides FEMA Recommendations Encl
ML20207F0201 June 1999Forwards Third Interval Inservice Insp Program Plan for Ccnpp,Units 1 & 2, for NRC Review.Plan Satisfies Commitment Contained in Licensee to NRC