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The NRC Form 361, Immediate Notification, is a Form used for immediate notification to the NRC according to 10 CFR 50.72. Also, this form is used by the NRC Communicator as the primary worksheet during Emergency Plan drills.


Scenario Description

A plant condition is discovered which is reportable. Operations and/or Licensing discuss the event and notify plant management (GMPO, VP). The reporting criteria are reviewed and licensing should reach out to fleet help

  1. Event discovered
  2. Ops and Licensing discuss and develop NRC Form 361 draft
  3. Distribute draft to site management and fleet support (if time allows)
  4. Make ENS call and read prepared form.
  5. Email form to NRC

ENS call narrative

A call to the NRC Operations Center is recorded and answered by one of the NRC Operators. First say your plant and that you are making an ENS notification. The NRC call operator will ask whether it as an Emergency Classification and give a notification time. Write this time in the notification time field. They ask several questions in line with filling in the blanks of the form on their side until they get to the description field. Your major role is reading your prepared NRC Form 361 verbatim. If you make any corrections as you recite you should edit your sheet. After reading the description the NRC will ask questions to fill in the lower half of the sheet. The NRC then gives you an ENS number and tells you their name. At this point the NRC may ask questions pertaining to the event. The answers or questions do not need to be added to the NRC Form 361. This ends the call. Take the prepared NRC Form 361 and edit the electronic PDF form with time, ENS number, etc. Transmit this form to the

Contact Information

Phone: 301-816-5100
Phone: 800-449-3694 - Licensees who maintain their own ETS are provided these numbers.
Fax: 301-816-5151
secure e-mail:
back-up phones
800-449-3694 - Licensees who maintain their own ETS are provided these numbers.

From NUREG 1022

The ENS Event Notification Worksheet (NRC Form 361) provides the usual order of questions and discussion for easier communication and its use often enables a licensee to prepare answers for a more clear and complete notification. A clear ENS notification helps the HOO to understand the safety significance of the event. Licensees may obtain an event number and notification time from the HOO when the ENS notification is made. If an LER is required, the licensee may include this information in the LER to provide a cross reference to the ENS notification, making the event easier to trace.

Licensees should use proper names for systems and components, as well as their alphanumeric identifications during ENS notifications. Licensees should avoid using local jargon for plant components, areas, operations, and the like so that the HOO can quickly understand the situation and have fewer questions. In addition, others not familiar with the plant can more readily understand the situation.

Form Fields - Side 1

Event Time

The event time should be the specific time that condition you are reporting started to exist. This does not mean the time that the plant became aware of the condition. Ideally, the notification time should be within the reporting time-limit (eg 8 hours) of the Event Time; however, this may not always be true.

For example, a E-Plan tone alert radio could be OOS for 1 hour before the local county notifies the plant. The Event time is when the radios started to be OOS (an hour ago), even though the NRC time-limit would start when the county told the plant.

It a best practice to make the report within the time-limit starting from the Event time.

The original Event time should not change if there are additional iterations to the ENS.

Notification Time

The notification time on an ENS is the specific time the NRC phone Operator tells the plant caller at the time of call. If there are additional iterations to the notification than the time is updated to the latest.

Callback number

The Plant caller gives a phone number on the form which the NRC should be able to use if they have follow-up questions. It is typically the Ops number or at least the number of the caller who should remain available if needed.

ENS Retraction

If evidence is discovered which would make a previous ENS invalid you can submit a retraction. It uses the Form 361 just like the initial submission. The retraction uses the same ENS number as the original. Also, it uses the same Event time, date, and reactor status because it is still about that event. The notification time, caller, and number is dependent on the time and person of the retraction. (Therefore, the retraction ENS form will be suspiciously void of the retraction date itself.)

Since it is a retraction, the reporting criteria will be blank to indicate what the current reporting status of the event is. The NRC will keep the original reporting criteria but they will add the new narrative to the original but with the word retraction and date/time.

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