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Forwards Request for Addl Info Re Util 890525 Response to Generic Ltr 88-14, Instrument Air Supply Problems Affecting Safety-Related Equipment. Info Requested within 35 Days of Ltr Date
Person / Time
Site: Calvert Cliffs  Constellation icon.png
Issue date: 09/20/1989
From: Mcneil S
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
To: Creel G
GL-88-14, TAC-71639, TAC-71640, NUDOCS 8909270246
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g September l20,-1989


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.lDocietNos.'50.-317 ' DISTRIBUTION 1 and.50-318 iDocketsTHe NRC & Local PDRs PDI-1;r/f: SYarga' AD/RI CVogan-SMcNeil OGC EJordan BGrimes Mr. G. C. ; Creel-RCapra JWiggins Vice President - Nuclear! Energy ACRS(10) -GEdison

. Baltimore' Gas and Electric Company Plant file Calvert Cliffs Nuclear. Power Plant MD Rtes. 2 & 4 P.O. Box 1535-Lusby, Naryland ^20657




The. NRC staff has completed its review of your May 25, 1989 response to the NRC request for additional information, dated April 21, 1989, concerning

.possible adverse effects of instrument air system deficiencies on safety-related equipment.

To facilitate NRC staff tracking and evaluation of the completion of this activity. additional information is needed.

Please provide the information specified within the enclosed request for <

additional information within 35 days of this letter's issuance date.

.This. request for information affects fewer than 10 respondents; therefore, OMB clearance is not required under Public Law 95-511.

Sincerely,  !

Scott Alexander McNeil, Project Manager Project Directorate I-1 Division of Reactor Projects - I/II Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation  !


As stated cc w/ enclosure:

~See next page r i l i

[SMLTR2GCREEL 71639/40] l 8909270246 890920 PDR ADOCK 05000317 ,

P PDC  ;

PDI-1:L d PDI-I PDI-1:PD v CVogan SMcNeil/ bah RCapra 9/g/89 9/#o/89 9/2o/89 ,


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Mr. G. C. Creel Baltimore Gas & Electric Company Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant cc:

Mr. William T. Bowen, President Mr. Joseph H. Walter l Calvert County Board of Engineering Division Commissioners Public Service Comission of Maryland  :

Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678 American Building (

231 E. Baltimore Street Baltimore, Maryland 21202-3486 D. A. Brune, Esq.

General Counsel Baltimore Gas and Electric Company Ms. Kirsten A. Burger, Esq.

P. O. Box 1475 Maryland People's Counsel Baltimore, Maryland 21203 American Building, 9th Floor 231 E. Baltimore Street Mr. Jay E. Silberg, Esq. Baltimore, Maryland 21202 Shaw, Pittman, Potts and Trowbridge

- 2300 N Street, NW Washington, DC 20037 Mr. W. J. Lippold, General Supervisor <

Technical Services Engineering Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant MD Rts 2 & 4, P. O. Box 1535 Lusby, Maryland 20657 Resident Inspector e/o U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission P. O. Box 437 l Lusby, Maryland 20657 Mr. Thomas Magette Administrator - Nuclear Evaluations Department of Natural Resources 580 Taylor Avenue Tawes State Office Building PPER B3 Annapolis, Maryland 21401 Regional Administrator, Region I U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission 475 Allendale Road King of Prussia, Pennsylvania 19406

.;y J. c. ..


- *^

y REQUEST FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BALTIMORE GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY CALVERT CLIFFS NUCLEAR POWER' PLANT UNITS 1 AND 2 GENERIC LETTER 88-14 In order to clarify your responses to Generic Letter 88-14, please provide the following information:

1. The actual Units 1 and 2 instrument air system particulate-per-cubic-foot results. including specifications and a discussion of why no adverse effects are posed, to the operability of any specific safety-related components, by any high (i.e., out-of-vendor-specification) particulate concentrations.

2.- The schedule for completion of tests on the Unit I air-operated i

safety-related components. Your May 25, 1989 letter stated that these tests would be performed during a maintenance outage scheduled for the fall of 1989. As Unit 1 is now in an extended outage, with restart planned for no earlier than November 1989, and as the Unit I maintenance outage has been deferred until the spring of 1990, the NRC staff does not have an accurate understanding of your intended schedule for completing Unit I testing.

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