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Requests Util Furnish Ref Matl in Encl List, Ref Matl Requirements for Reactor/Senior Reactor Operator Licensing Exam, by 891004.Written Exam Scheduled for 891204 & Operating Exams Scheduled for 891205-08
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Site: Calvert Cliffs  Constellation icon.png
Issue date: 09/09/1989
From: Eselgroth P
To: Creel G
NUDOCS 8909180013
Download: ML20247E831 (13)


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Docket Nos. 50-317


Baltimore Gas and Electric Company ATTN: ;Mr. George C; Creel jy_ 'Vice President

' Nuclear. Energy-


Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant MD Rts 2 & 4, P.O. Box 1535

'Lusby, Maryland :20657 Gentlemen:


REACTOR OPERATOR AND SENIOR REACTOR OPERATOR LICENSING EXAMINATIONS In'a telephone conversation between Mr. J. Hill, Supervisor, Operations Training, and Mr. J.: Prell,' Examiner, arrangements were made for'the administration of

-licensing-examinations at_the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, Unit Nos. 1 and 2.

i H

The written examinations are scheduled for December 4., 1989. The operating y examinations are scheduled for December 5-8, 1989.

To ' meet the above schedule, it will be necessary for you to furnish the refer-u ence material listed in Enclosure 1, " Reference Material Requirements for Reactor / Senior Reactor Operator Licensing Examinations," by October 4,1989.

' Any delay in receiving approved, properly bound and indexed reference mater.ial, or the submittal of inadequate or incomplete reference material may result in.

the examination being rescheduled. Mr. Hill has-been advised of our reference

material requirements, and the address where each set is to be mailed.

You are responsible for providing adequate space and accommodations for 9dmini-stration of the written examinations. Enclosure 2, " Requirements for Admini-stration of Written Examination," describes our requirements for conducting these examinations.

. Enclosure 3 contains the Rules and Guidelines that will be in effect during the administration of the written examination. The facility management is respons-

-ible.for ensuring that all applicants are aware of these rules.

The. facility staff-review of the written examination will be conducted in accordance with requirements specified in Enclosure 4, " Requirements for Facility . Review of Written Examinations."

To better document simulator examinations, the Chief Examiner will have the simulator operator record predetermined plant conditions (i.e., plant i

' pressure, temperature, pressurizer level, etc.), for each simulator scenario. '

The applicants will be responsible for providing this information, with any l 8909180013 890909 PDR N

V ADOCK 05000317 PDC f g f

.,  : ~ J Ba1.timore Gas & Electric Company. 2  :

1; appeal of a simulator operating examination. Therefore, your training staff should retain the original simulator examination scenario information until all applicants who took examinations have either passed the opuating examination, accepted the dental of their license, or filed an appeal.

All completed seni'or reactor operator -license applications should be submitted at least'30 days before the first examination dates so that we will be able to review the training and experience of the cantidates, process the medical certifications, and prepare final examiner assignments after applicant eligi-bility has been determined. If the applications are not received at least 30 days before the examination dates, it is likely that a postponement will be necessary.

Mr. Hill has been informed of the above requirements.

This request is. covered by Office of Management and Budget Clearance Number 3150-0101 which expires May. 31, 1992. The estimated average burden is 7.7 hours8.101852e-5 days <br />0.00194 hours <br />1.157407e-5 weeks <br />2.6635e-6 months <br /> per response, including gathering, xeroxing and mailing the required material. .-Send comments reg 0rding this burden estimate or any other aspect of this collection of-information, including suggestions for reducing this burden, to the Records and Reports Management P. ranch,-Division of Information Support Services, Office of Information Resources Mr.nagement, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, D. C. 20555; and to the Paperwork Reduction Project (3150-0101), Office of Management and Budget, Washington, D. C. 20503.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter. If you have any questions regarding the examination procedures and requirements, please contact the undersigned at (215) 337-5211.

Sincerely, Original igned Byt' ete elgroth, ef PWR Section Operations Branch Division of Reactor Safety


1. Reference Material Requirements for Reactor / Senior Reactor Operator Licensing Examinations
2. Requirements for Administration of Written Examinations
3. NRC Rules and Guidelines for Written Examinations
4. Requirements for Facility Review of Written Examinations cc w/ enclosures:

W. J. Lippold, General Supervisor, Technical Services Engineering

.T. Magette, Administrator, Nuclear Evaluations J. Hill, Supervisor - Operations Training I 0FFICIAL RECORD COPY PRELL/C.C. 90-DAY /8/31/89 - 0001.0.1 06/16/87

..  : g Baltimore Gas & Electric Company 3 p Public Document Room (PDR)

Local Public Document Room (LPDR)

Nuclear Safety Information Center (NSIC)

NRC Resident Inspector State of Maryland (2) bec w/encls:

, Region I Docket' Room (with concurrences)

J. Wiggins, DRP L. Tripp, DRP D. Limroth, DRP S. McNeil, NRR J. Dyer, EDO Chief Examiner

-Assigned Examiners OL- Facility File Project Manager, NRR DRS Files (2) bec w/o encls:

Management Assistant, DRMA DRS:RI i[


Eselgroth G o Prell/sifqdg{g 9/5/89 9/ /89 7

/ 89 0FFICIAL RECORD COPY PRELL/C.C. 90-DAY /8/31/89 - 0002.0.0 06/I6/87


y. ...

c -,  : -

ENCLOSURE.1 REFERENCE MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR REACTOR / SENIOR REACTOR OPERATOR LICENSING EXAMINATIONS I '. Existing learning. objectives, Job Performance Measures and lesson plans-(including training manuals, plant orientation manual, system descript-ions,- reactor. theory, thermodynamics, etc.)

A copy of the facility Job and Task Analysis (JTA), specifying the know-ledges and abilities required'of an operatcr at the facility. Each parti-

.cular knowledge and/or abilit'y will include an importance rating correlat--

.ing it to ensuring the health and the safety.of the public. If a JTA is

- not-furnished, the Knowledges and Abilities' Catalog for Nuclear Power Plant Operators,.NUREG 1122 (1123) will be used to establish content valid-ity for the examination.

l All Job Performance Measures (JPMs) used to ascertain the competence of the operators in performing tasks within the control room complex and, as

' identified in~the facility JTAs, outside of the control room, i..e., local operations.

Training materials shall include all substantive written material used.for preparing applicants for initial R0 and SR0 licensing. The written mater-

.ial shall include learning objectives and the details presented during lectures, rather than outlines. Training materials shall be identified by plant and unit, bound, tabbed, and indexed. FAILURE TO PROVIDE COMPLETE, PROPERLY BOUND AND INDEXED PLANT REFERENCE MATERIAL MAY RESULT IN THE RETURN OF THE MATERIAL T0 THE PERSON WHO IS THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF CORPORATE.


System descriptions including descriptions of all operationally relevant flow patht...' components, controls and instrumentation. .

. System training material should draw parallels to the actual proce-dures used for operating the applicable system.

Complete and operationally useful descriptions of all safety-system interactions and, where available, B0P system interactions under emergency and abnormal conditions, including consequences of anti-cipated operator error, maintenance error, and equipment failure.

Training material used to clarify and strengthen understanding of emergency operating procedures.

Comprehensive theory' material that includes fundamentals in the area of theory of reactor operation, thermodynamics, heat transfer and I

I i

a _ . _ . - - - - _ _ _____ _______________ . -d

2 fluid flow, as well as specific' application to actual in plant com-ponents. For example, mechanical theory material on pumps shall include pump theory as well as descriptions of how these principles ,

actually apply to major plant pumps and the systems in which they are {

installed (i.e. , Reactor Coolant Pumps, all ECCS pumps, Recirculation '

pumps, Feedwater pumps and Emergency Feedwater pumps). Reactor Theory material shall include descriptions that draw explicit ties 'l between the fundamentals and the actual operating limits followed in l the plant (i.e., reactor theory material should contain explanations how principles relate to the actual curves used by operators to verify shutdown margin or calculate an ECP).

2. Complete Procedure Index (including surveillance procedures, etc.)
3. All Administrative Procedures (as applicable to reactor operation or safety)
4. All integrated plant procedures (normal or general operating procedures)
5. All emergency procedures (emergency instructions, abnormal or special pro- ,


6. Standing orders (important orders that are safety related and may super-sede the regular procedures)
7. Surveillance procedures (procedures that are run frequently, i.e. weekly or that can be run on the simalator)
8. Fuel-handling and core-loading procedures, (initial core-loading proce-dure, when appropriate) j
9. All annunciator / alarm procedures
10. Radiation protection manual (radiation control manual or procedures) i
11. Emergency plan implementing procedures j 1
12. Technical Specifications (and interpretations, if available) for all units i for which licenses are sought.
13. System Operating Procedures
14. Piping and Instrumentation diagrams, electrical single-line diagrams, or I flow diagrams j


15. Technical Data Book, and/or Plant curve information as used by operators j and facility precautions, limitations, and set points (PLS) for the j facility I l

.. o 1 .. . . -. . _ _ _ _ _ - - - - - - _

F b s j

3 l

-16. Licensee' Event Reports for the previous two years. l

17. Examination Question Bank specific to the facility training program which may be used in the written or operating examinations. In particular, multiple choice questions'for the written examination. (Voluntary by ,

licensee). l

18. The following on the plant reference simulation facility
a. List of all preprogrammed initial conditions
b. List of all preset malfunctions with a clear identification number.

The list shall include cause and effect information. Specifically, for each malfunction a concise description of the expected result, or range of results, that will occur upon implementation 'shall be provided. Additionally, an indication of which annunciators are to be initially expected should be given.

c. A description of simula+or failure capabilities for valves, b eakers, indicators and alarms.
d. Where the capability exists, an explanation of the ability to vary the severity of a particular malfunction shall be provided, i.e.,

ability to vary the size of a given LOCA or steam leak, or the abil-ity to cause a slow failure of a component such as a feed pump, tur-bine generator or major valve. (e.g., drifting shut of a main feed-later control valve)

e. An identification of modeling conditions / problems that may impact the examination,
f. Identification of any known performance test discrepancies not yet corrected.
g. Identification of differences between the simulator and the reference plant's control room
h. Copies of facility generated scenarios that expose the applicants to situations of degraded pressure control (PWR), degraded heat removal capability (PWR and BWR) and containment challenges (PWR and BWR).

(Voluntary by licensee).

1. Simulator instructors manual (voluntary by licensee). '
j. Description of the scenarios used for the training class.
19. Additional material required by the examiners to develop examinations that meet the requirements of these standards and the regulations.

The above reference material shall be approved, final issues and shall be so marked. If a plant has not finalized some of the material, the Chief Examiner shall verify with the facility that the most complete, up-to-date material is

L :g , : .

p :4--


I available.and.that agreement has been reached with the licensee for. limiting

. changes before.the administration of.-the examination. All procedures.and

' reference material'.shall be bound with appropriate indices or tables of

' contents _'so that they can be used efficiently. Failure to provide complete, properly bound and indexed plant reference material could result in cancella-7'

-tion or rescheduling of the examinations.

<u 4


i 1



1. A single room shall be provided. for administration of the written examina-tion. The location of this room and supporting restroom facilities'shall be such as to prevent contact with all other facility and/or contractor personnel during the written. examination. If necessary, the facility should make arrangements for the use of a suitable room at a local school, motel, or other building. Obtaining this the responsibility of the licensee.
2. Minimum spacing is required to ensure examination integrity as determined by the Chief Examiner. Minimum spacing should be one applicant-per table, with a three foot space between tables.
3. Suitable arrangements shall be made by the facility if the applicants are to.have lunch, coffee, or other refreshimnts. These arrangements shall comply with Item 1 above and shall be reviewed by the examiner and/or proctor.
4. The facility licensee shall provide pads of 8-1/2 by 11 inch lined paper in unopened packages for each applicant's use in completin'g the examina-tion. The examiner shall distribute these pads to the applicants.
5. Applicants may bring pens, pencils, calculators or slide rules into the examination room. Only black ink or dark pencils should be used for writing answers to questions.
6. The licensee shall provide one set of steam tables for each applicant.

'The examiner shall distribute the steam tables to the applicants. No wall charts, models, and/or'other training materials shall be present in the examination room. No other equipment or reference material shall be allowed unless provided by the examiner.


1. Check identification badges.

2 .- Pass out examinations and all handouts. Remind applicants not to review

. examination until instructed to do so.


During the administration of this. examination the following rules apply:

1. Cheating on the examination means an automatic denial of your application and could result in more severe penalties.
2. After the examination has been completed, you must sign the statement on the cover sheet, indicating that the work is your own and you have not received or given assistance in completing the examination. This must be

. done after you complete the examination.


3. Restroom trips are to be limited and only one applicant at a time may leave. You must avoid all contacts with anyone outside the examination '

room to avoid'even.the appearance or possibility of cheating.

4. Use black . ink or dark pencil only to facilitate legible reproductions.


5. Print your name in the blank provided in the upper right-hand corner of the examination cover sheet.
6. Fill in the date on the cover sheet of the examination (if necessary).
7. You may write your answers on the examination question page or on a separate sheet of paper. USE ONLY THE PAPER PROVIDED AND DO NOT WRITE ON THE BACK SIDE OF THE PAGE.
8. If you write your answers on the examination question page and you need more space to answer a specific question, use a separate sheet of the paper provided and insert it directly after the specific question. DO NOT WRITE ON THE BACK SIDE OF THE EXAMINATION QUESTION PAGE.
9. Print your name in the upper right hand corner of the first page of each section of your answer sheets whether you use the examination question pages or separate sheets of paper. Initial each page.
10. Before you turn in your examination, consecutively number each answer sheet, including any additional pages inserted when writing your answers on the examination question page.


p L

i ---_---__ -_ -__-___- 1


11. If you are using separate sheets, number each answer as to category and n' umber (i .e. 1.04,6.10) and skip at least 3 lines between answers to allow space for grading.
12. Write "End of Category " at the end of your answers to a category.
13. Start each category on a new page-.
14. Write "Last Page" on the last answer sheet.
15. Use abbreviations only if they are commonly used in facility literature.

Avoid using symbols such as < or > signs to avoid a simple transposition error resulting in an incorrect answer. Write it out.

16. The point value for each question is indicated in parentheses after the question. The amount of blank space on an examination question page is

-NOT an indication of the depth of answer required.

.17. Show all calculations, methods, or assumptions used to obtain an answer.

.38. Partial credit may be given for other than multiple choice questions.


~19. Partial credit will NOT be awarded for questions using multiple choice selection formatting. The correct answer must stand on its own merit.

20. Proportional grading will be applied. Any additional wrong information that is provided may count against you. For example, if a question is worth one point and asks for four responses, each of which is worth 0.25 points, and you give five responses, each of your responses will be worth 0.20 points. If one of your five responses is incorrect, 0.20 will be deducted and your total credit for that question will be 0.80 instead of 1.00 even though you got the four correct answers.

I 21. If the intent of a question is unclear, ask questions of the examiner l only.

22. When turning in your examination, assemble the completed examination with examination questions, examination aids and answer sheets. In addition, turn in all scrap paper.
23. To pass the examination, you must achieve an overall grade of 80% or greater and at least 70% in each category.
24. Ensure that all information you wish to have evaluated as part of your answer is on your answer sheet. Scrap paper will be disposed of without review immediately following the examination.


. j l


25. There is a time limit of (6) hours for completion of the examination (or some other time if less than the full examination is taken).
26. When you are done and have turned in your examination, leave the examina-tion area (DEFINE THE AREA). If you are found in this area while the examination is still in progress, your license may be denied or revoked.

? ,- 3  ;


-I. At the option of the Chief Examiner, the facility may review the written

-examination up to two weeks prior to its administration. This review may take place at the facility or inLthe Regional office. .The Chief Examiner will coordinate the details of the review with the. facility. An NRC exam-iner will alweys be present during the review.

When this option of examination review is utilized, the facility reviewers will sign the following statement prior to being allowed access to the examination. .The examination or written notes will not be retained by the facility.

a. Pre-Examination Security Agreement I agree that I will not knowingly divulge any informa-tion concerning the replacement (or initial) examination scheduled for to any unauthorized persons. I' understand that I am not to participate in any instruction involving those reactor operator or senior reactor operator applicants scheduled to be admini-stered the above replacement (or initial) examination from now until after the examination has been administered. I understand that viola -

tion of this security agreement could result in the examination being voided.

P Signature /Date In addition, the facility staff reviewers will sign the following statement after the written examination has been administered,

b. Post-Examination Security Agreement I did not, to the best of knowledge, divulge any information concerning the written examination administered on to any unauthorized persons. I did not participate in providing any instruction to those reactor opera-tor and senior reactor operator applicants who were administered the examination from the time that I was allowed access to the examination.

Signature /Date

4 '

'2 L2. . Regardless of whether the above examination review option is exercised, immediately following the administration of the written examination, the facility staff shall be provided a marked up' copy of the examination and-

.the' answer key. . The copy of the written examination shall' include pen and

. ink changes made to questions during the examination administration.

If the facility did not review the examination prior to its administra-

. tion, they will: have five (5) working days from the day of the written examination to submit formal comments. If the. facility reviewed the.

examination. prior to its administration, any additional comments must be given to an examiner prior to his/her leaving the site at the end of the week of the written examination administration. In either case, the comments will be addressed to the responsible Regional Office by the highest on site level of corporate management for plant operations, e.g.,

Vice President.for Nuclear Operations. A copy of the. submittal will be forwarded to the Chief Examiner, as appropriate. Comments.not submitted within the required time frame will be considered for inclusion in the grading process on'a case-by-case basis by the Regional Office Section Chief. Should the comment submittal deadline not be met, a long delay in grading the examination may occur.

3 .' The following format should be adhered to for submittal of specific comments:

a. Listing.of NRC Question, answer and reference
b. -Facility comment / recommendation
c. Reference (to support facility comment)

NOTES: 1. No change to the examination will be made without submittal of of a reference to support the facility comment. Any supporting document:ation that was not previously supplied, should be provided.

2. Comments made without a concise facility recommendation will not be addressed.

'4. A two hour post examination review may be held at the discretion of the Chief Examiner. If this review is held, the facility staff should be informed that only written comments that are properly supported will be considered in the grading of the examination.  ;


_______________,________m__., _ . _ _ _ . _ _ . . _ . _ _ _.