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Ack Receipt of 890407 Performance Improvement Plan. Understands That Plan Not Considered to Be Final Document & That Util Intends to Develop Detailed Implementation Plans to Support Identified Corrective Actions as Necessary
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Site: Calvert Cliffs  Constellation icon.png
Issue date: 04/28/1989
From: Murley T
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
To: Crooke E
TAC-72931, TAC-72932, NUDOCS 8905030459
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,( WASHINGTON, 0. C. 20555

,u ,,* April 28, 1989 Docket Nos. 50-317 and 50-318 Mr. Edward A. Crooke, President Baltimore Gas and Electric Company Charles Center P.O. Box 1475 Baltimore, Maryland 21203

Dear Mr. Crooke:



This letter acknowledges our receipt of the Calvert Cliffs Performance Improvement Plan that was forwarded to NRC's Executive Director for Operations by your letter of April 7,1989, and sets forth our intentions concerning future NRC staff review of this plan.

It is understood that this report is not considered to be a final document and that you intend to develop detailed implementation plans to support identified corrective actions as necessary. Nevertheless, this plan should provide the NRC staff with a sufficient basis to initiate an assessment of your performance improvement efforts, particularly as weighed against recent plant performance at Calvert Cliffs and the results of the NRC Special Team Inspection of February 27 - March 31,1989.

This assessment is intended to further enhance our understanding of the Calvert Cliffs issues and to provide a means by which we can evaluate and track your progress in correcting the identified weaknesses, some of which contributed to the categorization of Calvert Cliffs as a facility warranting closer NRC monitoring.

A Calvert Cliffs Assessment Panel consisting of senior NRC Headquarters and Region I personnel will conduct this assessment. Mr. Bruce A. Boger, Assistant Director for Region I Reactors, NRR, (301) 492-1404, will chair this panel and will be the NRC point of contact for all communications regarding the Calvert Cliffs Performance Improvement Plan. Please note that all other communications with the NRC staff should continue to pass through their normal channels.


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Mr. Edward A. Crooke April 28, 1989 One function of this panel will be to conduct periodic status meetings with Calvert Cliffs' management personnel to discuss the progress of the plan's development and implementation. Consequently,.it is requested that Mr. George Creel contact Mr. Boger to, schedule an initial status meeting for early May.

Please contact Mr. Boger or me if you have any questions concerning this matter.

Sincerely, OrrgTnalliigned liy


gg;gaaL.MurleE Thomas E. Murley, Director Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation cc: See next page DISTRIBUTION

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- Mr. Edward A. Crooke - 2'-

One function of this panel will be to conduct periodic status meetings ith 3 Calvert Cliffs' management personnel-to discuss the progress of the an's '

development and implementation. . Consequently, it is requested that Mr. George Creel contact Mr. Boger to schedule an initial status eting for ,

early May. j Please contact Mr. Boger or rie if you have any question,s conc ning this matter.


Thomas E. Murley, Director I Office of Nuc1 ar Reactor Regulation l I

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G. C. Creel Vice President-Nuclear Energy Baltimore Gas and Electric Company DISTRIBilTION Docket tile PDI-1 Rdg NRC PDR SVarga 1 Local PDR LTripp {

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l Mr. Edward A. Crook Raltimore Cas & Electric Company Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant cc:

Mr. William T. Bowen, President Mr. G. C. Creel 'l Calvert County Board of Baltimore Gas & Electric Company I Connissioners Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant l Prince Frederick, Maryland 20768 MD Res. 2 & 4  !

Post Office Box 1535 i D. A. Brune, Esq. Lusby, Maryland 20657 General Counsel Baltimore Gas and Electric company P. O. Box 1475 Maltimore. Maryland 21203 l Mr. Jay E. Silberg, Eso.

l Shaw, Pittman, Potts and Trowbridge l

1800 M Street, NW i j Washington, DC 20036 i Mr. W. J. Lippold, C*neral Supervisor Technical Services Engineering i Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant MD Rts 2 & a, P. 0. Rex 1535 l

Lusby, Maryland 20657 1

Resident Inspector i c/o U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Comission P. O. Box 437 l 1

Lusby, Maryland ?O657 Department of Natural Resources I Energy Administration, Power Plant Siting Program ATTN: Mr. T. Magette Tawes State Office Building Annapolis, Maryland 21204 Regional Administrator, Region I U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Consission 475 Allendale Road King of Prussia, Pennsylvania 19406

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