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Requests That NRC Complete Review of TR CED-387-P,Rev 00-P, Abb Critical Heat Flux Correlations for PWR Fuel, by 000201.Util Expects to Use ABB-NV Correlation for Current non-mixing Vane Fuel in Reload Analyses in 2000 for Ccnpp
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Site: Calvert Cliffs  Constellation icon.png
Issue date: 09/15/1999
From: Cruse C
NUDOCS 9909210164
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  • Charles H. Cruse Calved Chffs Nuclear Power Plant Vice President 1650 Calvert Chffs Parkway Nuclear Energy Lusby, Maryland 20657 410 495 4455 f  !

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A Memberof the .

Constellation Energy Group September 15,1999



U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission l Washington,DC 20555 i ATTENTION: Document Control Desk i l


Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant )

Unit Nos.1 & 2; Docket Nos. 50-317 & 50-318 I Schedule Request for Review of Topical Report CED-387-P, Revision 00-P, "ABB Critical Heat Flux Correlations for PWR Fuel"


(a) Letter from I. C. Rickard (ABB-CE) to NRC Document Control Desk, dated June 30,1999, "ABB Critical Heat Flux Correlations for PWR Fuel, Topical Report CED-387-?," LD-99-038 (b) Memorandum from P. C. Wen (NRC) to C. A. Carpenter (NRC), dated April 26,1999, " Summary of April 13, 1999 Meeting with ABB-CE Regarding Issues Related to ABB-CE's New DNB Correlation" The purpose of this letter is to request that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) complete the review of the subject documents by February 1,2000. Asea Brown Boveri-Combustion Engineering Nuclear Power, Inc., (ABB-CE) submitted the subject report in Reference (a) for NRC review and g

approval. The report describes the development of pressurized water reactor critical heat flux (CHF) correlations for ABB 14x14 and 16x16 current non-mixing vane fuel, and for ABB 14xl4 turbo mixing )

vane fuel. Two correlations were developed, ABB-NV for non-mixing vane fuel and ABB-TV for turbo mixing vane fuel, based on ABB CHF test data obtained from 5x5 and 6x6 fuel assembly arrays using non-mixing and turbo mixing vane grids, and with uniform and non-uniform axial and radial power i distributions. Both correlations utilize the same form and incorporate optimized Tong shape factor I constants. The 95/95 departure from nucleate boiling ratio limit for both correlations is 1.13.

We expect to use the ABB-NV correlation for current non-mixing vane fuel in reload analyses in 2000 o\

for Calvert Cliffs Units I and 2. The increased departure from nucleate boiling margin from the {,Q ABB-NV correlation may be used to help offset margin lost from the recent ABB 10 CFR Part 21 on the l thermal-hydraulic screening process, and from the reduction in flow from steam generator tube plugging in upcoming reloads. We expect to use the ABB-TV correlation for turbo mixing vane fuel in reload f analyses in 2001 to support full batch implementation for turbo fuel in the spring of 2002.

  • ) 1 11. d El 9909210164 990915 PDR ADOCK 05000317 P PDR


, s. , l Document Control Desk September 15,1999 Page 2 A meeting was held with the NRC on April 13, 1999, where ABB-CE discussed the new CHF correlations. The NRC provided feedback to ABB-CE in Reference (b) on the new CHF correlations. As ,

part of the preparation of the topical report in Reference (a), ABB-CE has addressed the NRC requests identified in Reference (b).

To support the reload analyses for future fuel cycles, we request NRC designate review of the subject topical report as Priority 2: lligh Priority Near-Term. This priority appears consistent with Nuclear Reactor Regulation Office Letter 803, Section 2.4.3," activities needed to support reload analyses." We believe this is an important proposal that supports reload analyses to be perfonned in 2000.

Baltimore Gas and Electric Company and ABB-CE have committed to provide you with all necessary information to facilitate your review. We encourage discussions and meetings as needed to support the requested schedule.

Should you have questions regarding this matter, we will be pleased to discuss them with you.

Very truly yours, p .

W CHC/DJM/ dim cc: R. S. Fleishman, Esquire H. J. Miller, NRC J. E. Silberg, Esquire Resident Inspector, NRC S. S. Bajwa, NRC R.1. McLean, DNR A. W. Dromerick, NRC J. H. Walter, PSC I