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Forwards Clarification to Initial Response to Biennial Rept on Status of Decommissioning Funding,As Required by 10CFR50.75(f)(1)
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Site: Calvert Cliffs  Constellation icon.png
Issue date: 08/04/1999
From: Cruse C
NUDOCS 9908120013
Download: ML20210N929 (2)


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CHARLES H. Ctu:E Baltimore Gas and Electric Company Vice President Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Nuclear Energy 1650 Calvert Cliffs Parkway Lusby. Maryland 20657 a

i 410 495-4455 A Member ofthe Constellation Energy Group August 4,1999 U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington,DC 20555 ATTENTION: Document Control Desk


Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Unit Nos.1 & 2; Docket Nos. 50-317 & 50-318 Clarification to Biennial Report on the Status of Decommissioning Funding 10 CFR 50.75(f)(1)


(a) Letter from Mr. C. H. Cruse (BGE) to NRC Document Control Desk, dated March 30, 1999, " Biennial Report on the Status of Decommissioning Funding 10 CFR 50.75(f)(1)"

This letter forwards clarification to our initial response (Reference a) to the routine repon required by 10 CFR 50.75(f)(1). That report was submitted March 30,1999. Specifically, Mr. M. A. Dusaniwskyj called to request that we document why the Unit One and Two values (below) are not equal. He noted that the sum of the two values was adequate per the regulations.

Unit 1 Unit 2 Totali

($ 000s) ($ 000s) ($ 000s)

2. The amount accumulated as of December 31,1998 in the $80,097 $97,293 $177,390 external decommissioning trust pursuant to 10 CFR 50.75(b) and (c)


The values are different because there are plant systems that are common to both units that cannot be decommissioned until the last operating unit is decommissioned. Based on the licensed life of the units, we currently assign the decommissioning costs of these common systems to Unit Two. Mr. Dusaniwskyj D commented that he had anticipated this response, but that the response should be documented.

9D 1

Represents decommissioning costs to be incurred by Baltimore Gas and Electric Company to remove Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant safely from service and reduce residual radioactivity to levels that permit release of the property for unrestricted f

use and termination of the license. The cost of dismantling non-radioactive systems and structures is not included in this estimate, nor is the cost of managing and storing spent fuel on the site until transfer to the Department of Energy.

9908120013 990004 PDR ADOCK 05000317 P PDR &

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Document Control Desk

- August 4,1999 l Page 2


'Should you have questions regarding this matter, we will be pleased to discuss them with you. l Very truly yours, Aqs W && V l

CHC/JMO/ dim cc: R. S. Fleishman, Esquire H. J. Miller, NRC {

J. E. Silberg, Esquire Resident Inspector,NRC S. S. Bajwa, NRC R.1. McLean, DNR A. W. Dromerick, NRC J. H. Walter, PSC M. A.Dusaniwskyj,NRC i l

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