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Discusses Bg&E Application Filed on 980408 for Renewal of Operating Licenses DPR-53 & DPR-68 for Calvert Cliffs Units, 1 & 2.For Listed Reasons,Partial Exemption from 10CFR170 Fees Granted IAW 10CFR170.11(b)(1)
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Site: Calvert Cliffs  Constellation icon.png
Issue date: 03/24/1999
From: Funches J
To: Cruse C
NUDOCS 9904070406
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        • + March 24, 1999 t

Mr. Charles H. Cruse, Vice President Nuclear Energy Division Baltimore Gas and Electric Company 1650 Calvert Cliffs Parkway Lusby, MD 20657-4702

Dear Mr. Cruse:

On April 8,1998, Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) filed an application for the renewal of operating licenses DPR-53 and DPR-68 for Calvert Cliffs Units 1 and 2. The NRC is now considering the renewal of those licenses, which would authorize BGE to operate Calvert Cliffs Units 1 and 2 for an additional 20 years beyond the current 40-year period. For the

reasons stated below, a partial exemption from Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations (10 CFR) Part 170 fees is granted in &ccordance with Section 170.11(b)(1). The NRC's August 2,1996, letter informed you that staff's review of plant-specific System and Commodity Reports met the criteria for waiver of Part 170 fees in accordance with Criteria 2 of Footnote 4 of 10 CFR 170.21. However, Footnote 4 is not applicable to applications for which fees are othstwise prescribed in Part 170. Therefore, the fee waiver provided in Fooinote 4 le not I app'icable to your application for renewal of operating licenses DPR-53 and DPR 68.

Paltinsore Gas and Electric's renewal application for Calvert Cliffs Units 1 and P. as well as Duke Energy Corporation's renewal application for oconee Nuclear Station Units 1,2, and 3, represent first-of-a-kind efforts for both the industry and the NRC staff. The staff intends to utilize the experience gained through the review of these first renewal applications to develop gencric implementation guidance for renewal. Therefore, in addition to the plant-specific b6nefits, the review of the BGE renewal application has generic value applicable to the general license renewal process and benefits the entire industry as a whole.

Based on the foregoing, I have determined that a partial exemption from the 10 CFR Part 170 fae requirements is appropriate for that portion of the review of the license renewal application for Calvert Cliffs Units 1 and 2, dated April 8,1998, that the staff determines has generic value to the industiy. The exemption is authorized by law and is granted in accordance v.ith 10 CFR Part 170.11(b)(1). The plant-specific portion of the staffs review of the renewal application will be billed to BGE under 10 CFR Part 170. Using a system of billable and nonbillable technical C7 assignment control (TAC) numbers, each reviewer will decide what portion of their review will j support the development of the generic renewal process and irr'plementation guidance. The staffs current estimate is that approximately 50 percent of its review of ti,e BGE renewal application will be of generic benefit and, therefore, wculd not be subject to Part 170 fees. The responsible project manager for the Calvert Cliffs' renewal application will monitor the staff apportionment of review time between billable and nonbillable TAC numbers.

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C. H. Cruse I However, there is one exception to the process presented above. The work (both in-house and i contracted) to review the environmental report and develop an environmental impact statement ]

(ElG) for Calvert Cl;ffs license renewal is plant-specific. The underlying bases for this  !

conclusion is that a generic EIS for license renewal has already been developed to identify the l scope of the issues involved with license renewal as well as their associated impacts and, therefore, no further generic benefit is expected. In addition, the sbff has broad experience in-developing environmentaiimpact statements and the development of a plant-speci'ic supplement to the generic EIS for license renewalls essentially the same as the development of previous EISs. Therefore, staff review and technical assistance work on the EISs, (e.g., work being performed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), will be fully fee recoverable under 10 CFR Part 170.

If you have any questions concoming the environmental review, please contact Ralph Architzel, Chief Environr1 ental / Financial Section of the Generic issues and Environmental Projects Branch, at 301-415-2804. If you have any questions concoming the billing issues, please contact Ellen Poteat, Lkensc Fee and Accounts Receivable Branch, Offic.e of the Chief Financial Officer, at 501-415-6391:.

Sincerely, Original signed by Peter J. Rabideau for:

Jesse L. Funches Chief Financial Officer Docket Nos. 50-317 and 50-318 cc: See next page Distnbution See next page DOCUMENT NAME:A:\DAF9-027.WPD OFFICE LA t PDLR:PM . , PGEB:AC p PDLR:D .; PPRB, p f NAME LBerry RAnshf' FAksfuleYvicz CIGrimfi RVil a' franco DATE /

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NAME DDandMA T#othschild Ddatthews JTurdici 7 PJ d e Y MDif DATE h /21/99 5 li) /99 3//7/99 3 /U/99 $@9 WM99 OFFICIAL RECORD COPY (29 gi jf\

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.t9 President Calvert County Board of Commissioners 175 Main Street Prince Frederick, MD 20678 James P. Bennett, Esquire - ,

Counsel i Baltimore Gas and Electric Company P.O. Box 1475 Baltimore, MD 21203

- Jay E. Silberg, Esquire Shaw, Pittman, Potts, and Trowbridge I 2300 N Street, NW l Washington, DC 20037 l Mr. Bruce S. Montgomery, Director NRM  ;

Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant 1650 Calvert Cliffs Parkway Lusby, MD 20657-4702 Resident inspector U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission P.O. Box 287 St. Leonard, MD 20685 Mr. Richard I. McLean, Manager Nuclear Programs Power Plant Research Program Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources Tawes State Office Building, B3 Annapolis, MD 21401 Regional Administrator, Region i U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission 475 Allendale Road King of Prusa;a, PA 19406 Mr. Joseph H. Walter, Chief Engineer Public Service Commission of Maryland Engineering Division i 6 St. Paul Centre i ' Baltimore, MD 21202 4806 Kristen A. Burger, Esquire -

I Maryland People's Counsel 6 St. Paul Centre

4y -

Suite 2102 BaNimore, MD 21202-1831 I

Patricia T. Bimie, Esquire Co-Directer 3

Maryland Safe Energy Coalition i P.O. Box 33111 Bahimore, MD 21218 Mr. Loren F. Donatell NRC Technical Training Center 5700 Brainerd Road Chattanooga, TN 37411-4017 i



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