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Paragon Energy Solution LLC-10 CFR Part 21 Report of Defect GS2 Terry Turbine Introl Positioners
Person / Time
Site: Harris, Wolf Creek, Point Beach, Cooper, Clinton, San Onofre Southern California Edison icon.png
Issue date: 05/31/2019
From: Chalifoux R
Paragon Energy Solutions
Pannier S, 415-4083, NRR/DIRS
Download: ML19168A012 (4)


May 31, 2019 Document Control Center U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Washington, DC 20555


10 CFR Part 21 Report of Defect GS2 Terry Turbine Intro! Positioners To whom this may concern:

a) Individual informing NRG and address:

Ray Chalifoux Paragon Energy Solutions LLC 777 Emory Valley Road Oak Ridge, TN 37830 b) Basic component supplied which contains a defect:

GS2 Terry Turbine Intro! Positioners P/N: 890265-01 O c) Supplier of the Basic Component:

ATC-Nuclear (now Paragon Energy Solutions, LLC) d) Nature of defect:

-- ---*-lntroi,*Positioners-used**by*statrons* in-8*S2-rerry--Turbintrcontroi**ap*piicaUor1s.. have*-tn*e* p*otentiai-to*. -****-* *--~---- -*-**- **- * -

contain a latent defect. The defect is the result of internal corrosion which has been identified in Tl Operational Amplifiers Part No.TL084CN on the SL3EX Controller Boards of the turbine throttle valve positioner. It is believed the likely cause is associated with the ingress of solder flux into the IC Chip package on the controller board due to delamination caused by the soldering process during fabrication. The corrosion over time can result in intermittent open circuiting and high resistance in the aluminum metallization. Chlorine ionic contamination can also result in high ..

leakage current? within the component circuitry. Failures may be manifested by a reduced valve position signal disproportional to the expected demand condition, no actuation signal i.e. throttle valve remaining full open, or other anon.,alous unexpected behavior.. There are three TL084CN chips on each SL3EX Controller Board within the positioner assembly. There have been two documented failures to date occurring in 2015 and 2019 in installed systems.

e) Date determination made:

May 29, 2019 f) Number and location of these components:

Attachment 1 identifies positioners provided to stations. Positioners provided to Farley Station and SONGS were not dedicated by ATC-Nuclear.

g) Corrective action taken:

Paragon Energy Solutions replaced the TL084CN Chips on the failed positioner as directed by Curtiss-Wright SAS and the Licensee. Curtiss-Wright SAS has identified the list of Intro! Positioners provided to licensees.

h) Any advice related to the defect:

Licensees should coordinate through Curtiss-Wright SAS (formerly Dresser Rand) to implement repair strategies.

Additional Background ATC-Nuclear (now Paragon Energy Solutions) originally dedicated 35 lntrol assemblies from 2011 to 2013 for Dresser Rand (now Curtiss-Wright SAS) as part of a terry turbine digital control system upgrade utilizing the Intro! Positioner product line. Recently, Paragon was contracted by Curtiss-Wright SAS under Purchased Order 17029549 to evaluate a Shearon Harris positioner failure. Two units were provided to Paragon under the purchase order listed above for evaluation. The licensee assembly, S/N 01046M13, was installed and had been in service at the station since October 2016. This unit failed prompting this evaluation. Following identification of the failure as described above, corrosion internal to other TL084CN Chip packages in the second positioner provided by Curtiss-Wright SAS was identified. This positioner, however, did not fail and continued to operate normally. A previous failure of a TL084CN Chip was also identified in 2015.

  • The analyses and evaluations performed by Paragon do not consider purchasers and/or licensee application-specific information as it only focuses on the functional performance of the positioner. On this basis, Paragon does not have the capability to complete the 10CFR Part 21 evaluation to determine whether the condition reported could cause a substantial safety hazard. This notification serves to inform purchaser(s) and/or affected licensees of this determination, so they may evaluate the identified condition, pursuant to §1 OCFR 21.21 (a).

Stations are advised to work directly with Curtiss-Wright SAS via the technical contacts below.

Randy F. lantorno Project Manager, T: 585.596.3831, M: 585.596.9248, email or Justin Pierce 585.596.3866, email

-~ (1J. j L ...I.

Ray&iaifu~ Paragon ES T: 865.384.0124 or email

Affected Facilities Client/ End User 3rd Party Engineering Description.: Turbine Serial cw Shipment Year Installed/

HPCI/RCIC Aux # Project# Commisioned Firm Alabama Power Bechtel GS-2-Aux 37858A 343670 January-OS May-10 Farley Alabama Power Bechtel GS-2-Aux 37858B 343670 January-OB May-10 Farley Southern California Bechtel GS-2-Aux 40101A 375259 June-09 January-10 Edison

  • SONGS Southern California Bechtel GS-2
  • Aux 40101B 375259 June-09 January-10 Edison
  • SONGS Engineering GS-1 RCIC 35939A 478937 September-15 October-18 Cooper/ NPPD Solutions CNAT / Almaraz GS-2-Aux 38467A 501197 March-15 July-17 CNAT / Almaraz GS-2-Aux 38467B 501197 March-15 January-17

-** -- ----- -- - . - - --- *~-- -- - -~-

To Be Engineering GS-2 RCIC 38187A 513114 December-12 Determined Clinton Solutions Duke Energy I Engineering GS-2-Aux 41056A C34778 December-14 October-16 Shearon Harris Solutions Wolf Creek Hurst Technologies GS-2-Aux 40177A C34590 December-12 March-13 NEXTERA ENERGY Sargent Lundy GS-2-Aux D6729 C34587 September-13 September-14 Point Beach NEXTERA ENERGY Sargent Lundy GS-2-Aux D6730 C34587 September-13 September-14 Point Beach To Be Bechtel GS-1 RCIC 36681A 142513 March-16 Determined Georgia Power Hatch To Be Bechtel GS-1 RCIC 37121A 142513 March-16 Determined Georgia Power Hatch Tennessee Valley Engineering GS-2AUX 38677A 146320 January-17 April-17 Authority WB-1 Solutions Tennessee Valley Engineering GS-2AUX 386778 146320 May-17 November-17 Authority WB-2 Solutions

Tennessee Valley October-19 Engineering GS-2AUX 37480A 160361 August-18 Authority SQ-1 (Scheduled)

Solutions Tennessee Valley April-20 Engineering GS-2AUX 37480B 160361 September-18 Authority SQ-1 (Scheduled)

Solutions I

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