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After Action Report/Improvement Plan for the Arkansas Nuclear One Exercise by FEMA Region 6 for Exercise Conducted on July 7, 2018
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Site: Arkansas Nuclear Entergy icon.png
Issue date: 10/05/2018
From: Gary Robinson
US Dept of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency
To: Kennedy K
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, NRC Region 4
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Mr. Kriss M. Kennedy Regional Administrator October 5, 2018 . U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Region IV 1600 East Lamar Boulevard Arlington, TX 76011-4511

Dear Mr. Kennedy:

U.S. Department of Homeland Security FEMA Region 6 800 North Loop 288 Denton. TX 76209 FEMA Enclosed is a copy of the After Action Report/Improvement Plan for the Arkansas Nuclear One . Exercise evaluated on July 17, 2018. Based on the evaluation of this exercise by FEMA Region 6 staff and a team of federal evaluators, capability to implement offsite radiological emergency response plans and procedures was successfully demonstrated by the State of Arkansas and its local governments.

There were no Level 1 or 2 Findings or Plan Issues identified, however, one prior Plan Issue was resolved during the exercise.

We find that state and local preparedness is adequate to protect the health and safety of the public living in the vicinity of the Arkansas Nuclear One plant and there is reasonable assurance that appropriate measures can be taken offsite in the event of a radiological emergency.

The 44 CFR Part 350 approval of the offsite radiological emergency response plans and preparedness for the State of Arkansas, specific to Arkansas Nuclear One, will remain in effect. A copy of this report was mailed to the NRC Headquarters Document Control Desk and a copy was transmitted electronically to RIV as specified in the FEMA REP Program Manual dated January 2016. Should you have questions, please contact Nan Williams, Regional Assistance Committee Chair, at (940) 898-5398, or Elsa Lopez, Senior Site Specialist for Arkansas Nuclear One, at (940) 898-5308. \' Enclosure .z:*011t~

George A. Robinson Regional Administrator www.fema.go\'

Mr. Kennedy October 5, 2018 Page2 cc: DHS/FEMA Headquarters

-Vanessa Quinn, Jesse King ADEM-A. J. Gary, Director

  • ADH -Bernard Bevill, Chief, Radiation Control Section ANO -W. Travis Renfroe, Sr. Emergency Planner