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Chilled Work Environment
Person / Time
Site: Watts Bar Tennessee Valley Authority icon.png
Issue date: 10/18/2018
Download: ML18291A573 (10)


Watts Bar Chilled Work Environment October 18, 2018Nuclear Regulatory Commission -Region 2 AgendaIntroduction/Meeting PurposeSummary of IssueNRC ActivitiesUpdate from TVAQuestionsSummary Meeting's Purpose Discuss the TVA's chilled work environment issue at Watts BarDiscuss NRC actions associated with the chilled work environment Chilled Work Environment Summary and NRC Actions

  • Chilling Effect Letter
  • NRC Inspections
  • Confirmatory Order
  • Resident Inspectors*Weekly discussions with the Site VP or Plant Manager *Regularly attend the Nuclear Safety Culture Monitoring Panel meetings for safety conscious work environment insights*Heightened sensitivity to chilled work environment issues when performing field inspections and engaging with plant employees one-on-one*Frequent observations of major plant evolutions
  • Frequent interaction and observat ion of the control room and plant
  • Monitoring and assessment of inspections and resources
  • January 2019 -Biennial PI&R Team Inspection
  • 1 stQuarter of 2019 -Watts Bar Units 1 & 2 End of Cycle Assessment NRC Activities TVA Presentation QUESTIONS


NRC Social Media ChannelsBlog:!/nrcgovYouTube: 9

End of PresentationNuclear Regulatory Commission Region #2 Athens, TN October 18, 2018