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Flow Diagram Emergency Diesel Generator System Diesel Generator 1A.Sheet
Person / Time
Site: Saint Lucie NextEra Energy icon.png
Issue date: 11/09/1996
Shared Package
ML17312A008 List:
Download: ML17312A210 (1)


18 9 10 15 16 17 19 14 CC O3 Z CD Z CC (o Z EO Z<E z Z g EO 0 Z N o Cl O)Z o)Z (3 D k g;S K S770-G-096 SH I I-I-DG-20 I-VS9009 I-YS-59-IAI I-VS90O I-l/2-DG-26 I-V59010 REVISIONS DATE BY DESCRIPTION FOR CONT SEE DVG CONT$8770 G 086 SH I (114)DWG CONT AT (H2>F 1-2-DG-195 APPROVED CH NO THIS (Hl>~P/M Q92n82+i, PC/M l~+<, 2C/~M39UQ5 INITIAL ISSUE VENT TO OUTSIDE)2 D/G BUILDING PB/BM NA VJP VFB~P~/M (LJDD REV:<E!4>VALVE YAG NO.AOBF<A9, C6,C7,C9.Ell.E12.69.MB,Jc,J6> VALVES 0 TAC NCI,<BESG3)N(tTE;<EB-U>AIR FILTER 0 YAG No I-SHS9160 LO~P/M 85U89 REV.<B(63>PIPING~P/M 3I-}85 REV:<IB" 10><M10-13>(NSTRUMENTAT)ON, PIPING 0 LINE SIZE 1-5-06-38 3-13-9)APPB BY V 0 RUBANO F'L PE i>43>27 7 REV'BIB.C)O.E).06> INSTRUMENTATION ~NRA Aoo.<M>8-19>NUTE 4-7-92 FU APPB BY M M CHEN FL PE N430>8 PC/I t}LLJB?REVE<Clo>INSTRUMEN TAT}ON~NA BEL'J18-19> REFERENCE DVG CM PAB J JJZ 2-8-94 co co CL 6-12-95 PAB MS JJZ (U O 0 EC!~~4 ABQ: Lo 0<JB, J9, Jlo, Jll, J}2, 0 Kll)REV.<E4.Gs, C(3.A>4, 5.A)S>JJZ PAB HS 8-2>-95 U GM MS--BJP 5-20-90~M7 REV<BN.E>c>PIPING~P/M 74 ADO<L)S>VALVE SMS9165.~P/M 6067 ADD<Es.E4,FJ,B)4,C14 0 Dls>REDUCERS 3/4'IPING ANB t/2'IPING. I-5-DG-39~DR GM MS 6-6-90 BJP CRN~674-6282 REv:<Lls>vALUE NUMBER GM T>p00 to~R ADD<Fs>TL REV: (Cs>TAO NUMBER, REV<09,B9)BRANCH LOACYYCN,<812>EXPANsloN LOC.REV<Llo>PIPING.DEL:<Ds>INST.L THIS DRAWING ls A PROCESS FLOW B(AORAM, M}SCELLANEOUS ITEMS<PIPE SYUBS, UNIONS, FLANGES, ETC)NOY ESSENTIAL TO PROCESS ARE NOT REP-RESENTED.SEE PIPING ANO ISOMETRIC DRAWINGS FOR THESE DETAILS, NOTES 2.FOR VALVE OPERAT)ONAL INDEX SEE OVC 8770-B-003 SYS/SM 59, 3.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON COMPONENTS MAY BE FOUNO ON EMBRAC ORAU)NOS UNDER PURCHASE ORDER NY422253-DIESEL GENERAYCIR. EXHAUST TO ATMOS.REFERENCE DRAU/INGS: EXHAUST SILENCER 8770-B-270 8770-0-078 SM!OO 8770-B-05) 8770-B-052 8770-B-083 8770-0-080 SH I 8770-0-093 INSTR LIST PIPE, VALVE IL INSTR SYMBOLS VALVE LIST LINE LIST VALVE OPER NUMBER INDEX FLOV D)AG-MlSC SYS SM I<DIESEL OIL>ELUV B}AG-M)SC SYS SH 3<BENIN VTR>FU DIESEL AIR COMPRESSOR IA NUCLEAR SAFETY RELATED IN PART ONLY STATE OF F LORIDA ALBERT J UGELOV 31840 REGISTERED PE L APPROVAL BATE 8-00-89 NEI SON EF IHS ONAWIHC IIAV NEOUNE UPOPIE OF iac Fa Lo Nc Oofu Eatf Fsul FIOHIIE 5 5-5 1HE OESON INFcauetloa FOR INE c OES 5 0 N Mls NEW5ION Nes BEEN Eaaatcaco sv N.coo*t owca a u<<<<co pa<<1Ht: OIIIONPL OIILNNO JNO 5UBSEOVEIIE aE JSON5 llaacot, fata APPROVAL NJNES.IHIIIPLS Hlo SM IHE PE SEAL It'PPUOASLE ARE MANT Nfo IH ME<<LES EF EB SCO MNWOES HOONPoflAIEO a is oocuucat is ws pao catt ct Es*sco scaucts<<coat oa*tto.Os usc s E<<aESSLV NE51HOSIl SV IHE EENNS OF ME Co iaect, OPEEO*5 a LOUSE to, 1555 BttwEEH Esasco SEawcEE Nccaptslaico eao FLSNOJ poaa a Uolt co p N FLORIDA POWER 2(<LIGHT COMPANY ST LUCIE PLAiNT 1070-800 MW ENSTALLAY>ON -UNIT I 0 0 00 FLOW DIAGRAM EMERGENCY DIESEL GENERATOR SYSTEM DIESEL GENERATOR 1(A EIBASCG SERVICES INCGRPGRA'I EC>DATE: 8,50/80 SCALE: NONE~P M CHEN Otvi MECHANICAL JJSS CMJ~PEJSQCBBN 8770-G-096 SH I)O A E Yt VJP VFR I-2-DG-143 I-YS-59-3A2 MOTOR DRIVEN PRIMING PUMP I-S/8-06-201 CONT (L6)START LOGIC H I-I I/2--146 Pl 09-010 4 I-i/2-DG-219 'H LS LS-I/2-DG-27 (DC)CIRCULATING SOAKBACK PUMPS I-I-DG-220 <AC)O c co ftt W LI 59-007 59-008 A Ii 09-002 I-SJ-59-9A! I-I I/4-06-30 I-SHS9012 LO AUX TURBO CHARCiER FILTER I-SF-59-3AI F I-VS9 85 ps 09-0)l A I-SHS9018 I-S/8-DG-209 scil MANUAL PRIHING PUMP QA-RESTART 1 LOGIC ps 09-oic A u DIESEL DAY-5/8-DG-202 5 CAA--,'ANK IA2 3 DR<FUEL CUT-OFF VALVE)I-SH59016 LJ DR L I-rcv 09-451 I-I-DG-218-LUBRICATOR S-59 2A2 I-VS9017 I-4-DG-40 I-I/2-DG-28 pl ts Jo-003 Pl rl 09-009 a I-SF-59-2A2 I-SZ-59-IAI-I-52-59-2AI--I/2-DG-O I-VS9014 (AA--59-016 5 I-4-DG-54 I-3-DG-51 I-I-DG-SS e L-<iiHeiitp-isi> I-SJ-59-IA2 V V 1-3/4-DG-16 C D I b Tl 59-000 A Tl 59-000 a)0 TI a j()i 9-0(3 Tll TE 09-062 5 A 0 I-VS9013 09-NS A I-DA ps ps 00-00>00-002 4 4 i y59262 I-V59263 F 1-1 I/4-06-12 (BOTTOM)(TOP) oi c 5 DR TS 59-00(4 AIR START MOTORS (IAI SOUTH)ei)D I C 9-0 a I-I I/4-06-23 tt 09.0>e FUEL FD TER Tl 59-0>t 4 IHiflCRSION HE/lTER 5 i/2-, Ct P~DR F so-oos 4 DR VALVE ASSY FILTER ASSY FROM DCMIN VTR SUPPLY CONT ON DVG 8770-G-093 (E7)-59-000 4 O I-6-DG-9 LS 09-006 I-VS9171-V5917 LG 09-002 4 I-VS9179 I-VS9180~V59200 F'UEL PUMP TURBOCHARGER FILTER I-0 F-0 9-14 I<<g l SCAVENCINU PUMP MAIN LUBE IL P)STUN COOLING PUMPS TE-So-0>7A TMRU TE-59-028A MOUNTED IN EXHAUST MANIFOLD c ut COOLING WATER PUMPS TO GOVERNOR BOOST us cs LJ F EL LUBE CHL MAN(FCILD N tu O FU c ww~USO e w<<I~CH I w LJ i/0 EL Co w w J<<J Po cs w LJ DIESEL ENGINE iA}(16 CYL)EXPANSION TANK IA2 GENERATOR IA I-SJ-59-JAl EXPANSICIN TANK IAI DIESEL ENGINE i 82 (12 CYL)3/4 II-SJ-59-302 AIRTURBocMARGEB LU ES Po w ec us I-SJ-59-2A2I 3/4 LJ Z L>Z LJ TURBOCHARGER CH Co w~co w LJ LU Z L>LJ CN u c LFJ w w ut I/4 Y LUBE O(L MAN)roLD MAIN LUBE 0 PISTON COOL(NG PUMPS AIR FILTER I-SF-59-17A c co TE-59-00}A TMRU TE-59-0)6A MUUNTEB IN EXHAUST MANIFOLD co c COCILING WATER PUMPS LJ Lo 09-001 4 I-V59lo I-V59170 LS 09-003 TURBOCHARGER FILTER I-Sl-So-EAB are r'/0 SC 4 V E NG IN 8 CO ut<<O PUMP FUEL PUMP--FROM DEMIN VTR SUPPLY CONT ON BVG 8770-6-093 I'ILTER F ASSY 1-1 I/4-06-42 VALVE ASSY DR V TO (OVERNOR BOOST 5/4 i/E 4<E7)ps 50-007-DA A LI 0 59-(84 A I-VS9272 I-VS9271 IMMERSION HEATER DR I Tl DA 09-004 5 I-S/8-DG-13 PS PS Pf 59-SIZ 59"010 59 00-DA Pl 59-000 I-V59028)ZS!t LF l/i)tt 59-003 a i/2 I-SF'-59-2AI FUEL FILTER 1-1 I/4-06-53 5/e TE 00-001 5 I-6-DG-6 DR FU tt)o o D Tl 59-Mo 4 TI 09-007 5 lt 9-00 TS 59-004 A I-I-BG-25 I-3-BG-2!1-4-DG-24 I-4-DG-10 AIR START MOTORS (IA2 SOUTH)(BOTTOM)(TOP)<<5 I-SJ-59-IAI sw DR C I DR I VS9029 F ps So-0(7---.4 I-I/2-86-41 ts 00-002 4 1-3/4-06-46 I-I/2-DG-SB PI V V I-V59002 (FUCL CUT-OFF VALVE)I-SS-59-2AI I-I/2-DG-56 I-VS9025 I-I-DG-223 59-001 5 1-2-06.193 VENT TO OUTSIDE DG BUILDING AUX TURBO CHARGER FILTER I-SF-59-3A2 I-S/8-DG-197 LUBRICATOR I-YS-59-IA2 t-So 59-ia ps 59-000 4 Pl I-I-DG-So!-I-DG-221 ll 09-001 DIESEL DAY TANK IAI-00.-DA I-V59026 I-I/2-86-222 (DC)I-I/2-DG-57 <<l-rc 09-341 LLL LS i LI 59-002 J 59-00!A 4~l-3<<-5 MANUAL PRIMING PUMP RESTART LXIC HH Ls CAA 09 00)4 ps-VS9195 50-000 4 START LXIC Pt so-ooe 4 I-SH59027 I SJ-59-902 LO I-S/8-DG-208 I-S/8-06-98 CIRCULATING SOAKBACK PUMPS<<5 O ut I-I LC-I I I-SE 50-6A r CONT<A14)I-SHS9003 C I I-SHS9001 TO DIESEL DAY 1-2-06 191 TANK IA2 CONT THIS DVG<Ai7)MOTOR-DRIVEN PRIMING PUMP V59201 ps 00-014 A I-VS9100 Pl 4 1-1/2-DG-184 i I-V59101 I-YS-59-3AI CONT (AIS)I-I I/2NDi-147 09-014 I-VS9899 Pl 0')-013 01 59-0(2 A Pl So-oo~It-Of-5 I-SR-59-SA START LOGIC I-SR-59-3A I-SR-59-4A I-SR-59-6A I-SE START LOGIC F-so-0 4 I-VS9102 I-V59103 I-V59104 AIR RECEIVERS<TYP)LP I-SH59084 SR-59-IA 104 103 C I LO I-SHS9081 (ff2-06-229- !A2 t RESTART r 9 LOGIC I-SZ-59-3A2 ~I SZ 59 4A2 I I so-o)s A 1-2-06-74 I-SE 59-04 I-VS9079 ELECTRIC AIR COMPRESSOR IA SZ-59-IA 1-2-06-216 I SZ 59 3AI r')RESTART LXIC I-SZ-S9-401 ~s A I-2-DG-140 SZ-59-BA VS91SS ps So-OO4--VS9181 1-2-06-141 I-2-DG-230 I-SH59086 EJ I-2-DG-232 (i'-x-m-I I-SHS9087 zs ps 59-009-(I-VS9189 (TCIP)BVL AIR START MOTORS (IA2 NORTH><BOTTOM)(BOTTOM>AIR START MOTORS<IAI NORTH)<TOP)V I-I I/2-DG-144 1-1 I/2-06-I(5 LC LO I-SHS9883 I-SH59088 LO zs LO I-SHS9085 ZS LO LO I-SHS9080 I-SH59082 C D I SR-59-2A I-I/2-DG-151 1-1/2-DG-149 1-1/2-DG-148 I-I/2-DG-150 5 I SHS9091 I-rcu 59-lA!I-SH59092 I-YS-Sg-4A2 LO SKID~~SZ-59-2A LUBRICATOR LUBRICATOR I-FC 50-ZA)I-SHS9098 I-SHS9097 D<TYP)I/2-D-235 I-2-DG-142 I-SHS9089 LO I-SZ-59-3A I-SZ-59-4A q I-SHS9096 I-SHS9095 DR VS9063 I-DG-122 O P(59-010 4 1-2-06-140 I-VS9156 52-59-7A I-SZ-S9-60 CONT (Al0)1-2-06-143 I-SZ-59-5A UNLOADER PILOT VALVE I-SHS9090 LO SR-59-7A AFTERCOOLER 1-DG-136~F-FG-IS T T-59-2A IA SHS9054 I I/2-DG-123 SHS9065 SH5'3291 I/2-86-212 --Zs I-DCi-121 I/i tU I-SE-I-2-DG-205 So-IA FC I-52-59-9A +FOR CONT SEE DVG 8770-G-086 SH I (J14>SHS9071 I/2-DG-133 VS9073 I VS90727 I/2-DG-130 LO EXHAUST PIPE 30'16 CYL>24'12 CYL>SHS9070 Pl 59-0>S A VS9!DS VS9106 y VS910~I/4-86~24 HOISTURE 05.14 INDICATOR I/2-DG-i39 SH59075 I-SH59161 c co FU SH59069 5 VSBIGSt AiR DRYER TIMER CIRCUIT I-VS9159 DIESEL GCN SYS (59)CF-SE So-ZA VS9166 F SF-59-7A DIESEL OIL SYS (17)<<J FU SILENCER SH59067~~I/2-DG-138 F Pl 09-0>7 A I-DG-126 SHS9068 SHS9066 V59107 SHS9076 SHS9074 AFTER-FILTER SF-59-6A SH59078<<J Lo<<J<<5 PRE-FILTE SF-59-SA I/2-DG-127 ~EXPANSION JOINT Lo APe, Cl'IZ,}'>FCV 59-ZA FCV 09->A<<J EU DR I/4-DG-135 REDUCER AIR<CTART PACKAGE 1A SH59077 O EIJ FC rcv PR 59 34 FC 16 CYL 12 CYL DIESEL EN(iiNE T-59-IA T ELJ Fa FO rcv 09-44 I/4--278 DR 12 13 14 15 16 18 FILE USM00070,DVG I7G/Z-7 GOD'7L~7 F~}}