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Flow Diagram Miscellaneous Sampling Systems.Sheet 1
Person / Time
Site: Saint Lucie NextEra Energy icon.png
Issue date: 07/23/1996
Shared Package
ML17312A008 List:
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CI (0 Z LC El Z CD Z I.BBE Ct al LLI'Q zg<)~Ct~)san;II 8 S 1 I, 18 3 5 6 7 8 9'14 15 16 17 LEAK TEST l I DSSCNJPTJDN A FROM DOME AREA 2 I 8 f (I)$2'l-l TO CONTAINMENT I Q HS-I r-~I 8 I C/49 TO CONTAINMENT 6 I-F I.FSG I IIIB-21.1 C'3 I 77.7 I I A l<<1 I FROM PRESSURIZER AREA ff-I-I~I(t HS"2 HS 9 1~FROM RCP IBI I 0 t.---ARE.A I Ul 1.F-F I IS n n 1 FROM RCP IAI AREA IS I 21-3 215 I ZI/l JIL fi 0 2 I-F.H5.3 s H53 1 AREA FROM RCP IB2 I 2:2', 1 I (I V/23/DC PO!5.FSS 22[ZZB--t n 27M n>27.5 FR I I 8 I PC/!4 950'31:ADDI(L5:.I)

PIPIDG 11 VAL<</E S FROM RCP IA2 AREA 1 I-Ss HS 4 F ROM DOME I AREA I I 2 I INSIDE CONTAINMFNT P P I 48a 4 c-isla Btc I BY FPZL BY EEASCO I RD 3 OUTSIDE CONTAINMENT P<<I 1 (VALVES BY I BC)'CD ICCtCE COUN'I: RL<<1 1,--1 1 1 VCLE45 411st YZ.Etc'U REM01E COUVROL I~rss.F Jfrrs I'GSC 2 Ra/DYQ READOD CtgtlCie A'SD 2 111 21 ls~'REMOVE CO(fTROL 1.<<-9 I I I~(.C IF,EADCSV CUBICLE"8 0 RD ih 0 0 2 LR RD)VS-HS.M~1-Vs<<f5-15 8770-9385 VG.DR-SDA Pt CD z 8170.9387 VZ9 302 CU I-Y2'1104 43 I-YD 109 Ra 42-tL 1 I.V'U IOC~I D I.VZ1111~I 8'PLP ME.ARRESTER FCV19342 I.V27 105 v I-VI7110 I~8 D~I-117~-2/4-Rs-'Is I BY FIELD:.~~~I V2934!vz9'ZI4 RR I~~,~TVZ9383 I I IV27108 114-R525 IFLZIII/4.-01-5~I'r IIVZ93162 I V27115!4 CT F R N ATE I CONN'S HY RO EN S4MPLl 0 HY DF'OBELi AP<<PL LJC FOP RF 4 5 ERT GAS 10 F4"=OSLES E CIOOI/.-.Oz TCEX HOSE:: D D I-VZ7114 ALIAL<<IFF CU81CLE RA" AttALYCFR COBicLE"e" I VZG 384 J 1 It/4LOIU4't SR29323 CD 8770-9385 8 270 1385 B UJ I 222233(z~PAB-I2932G 8770.9388 8170 938 TVZ9212 Ut j Cvzs Szz ta 0<Ix 1<<FGROI 8 I PIV2539(4-

FLAME ARRESTER I I vz9825 I V29333 HVZ921'*'--T-I 1 Nz-NI-3!4-N-IA-Yf.V2-4(4<<-IA I B V29218,...

I'-, VZ93lp 2.1 PI I IBY EIELD:~R"-*-I VR 412-454 TO PRES REDULTI VZ9201 V29200-1 tl,'1 I-V-79335'4NP SANPLE CABIStct02 LONI THis Dwq(1-13),.-

-,:...: '/-Nz-444 HYDROGEN SAMPLINQ SYSTEM I-BE-05 -:::--'L-;------5E-z(-I (coNT THis Dw(9(I-f))(SSH 1A)SEE 4.SAI<<PLEI"," CONTROL PANEL,LtOLIJO-(RAS',":;""<<'~%SILO=BDB EORECOS<<ECETE~tiKIRCI162EHYATtLII 2-I'Ll 87701(4-OVB SH lf 0 j;(SV).1 V55102 FC!, 55..,<<,.I,,":,',.',: i','I!'2.,-,, CONT TH15 DW(R(FB) 0 I!,."-..*;...,,...2,: I,"P 2933'1';1f!2";.483735C3LE%BAV5ÃCIE 43!21.'!', 1N THls Nsvisiss NRB BEEN SNBJNSSNSD BY FLORIDA POwER 10',, I'.2 Jf",...,'..i.;,'i;1,,.,".fg".:.'sic:970252 s-..;.-.:--:.,;..',,'R'...',.;.,:.,',.i4'/DP/90~ci~LE(ztst9)REFERECfcEPNCf Ib~NA/J(YJ LJDNY CDNJAsv.1 1-,-: L-':::t.":i:"'.-."::...i'i(:;-


'2',,,',,":,f': ':,.R<<.;".,':;-is i I:~aa'.;1!",." I;='EELIEU%ic<<2",'2',, 719295,':;tYIJ,,-I P<<5',.""1...',';'9 (FI.~DP (EtBIB+REFERL<<lcEHDIE, PB iscDNPDNAYID.


'"" v29150:w I!.M 018aIBBJREV:(cz,cs)Ptvts x',, 2 U Ysstis DF, THE coNTRAcT, DATED As DF AUGUsT ls, lss'S,E 4!2 8'-.:.11'!(i),.,.i)'15254'"'/5 f" f!,'.ll 2;.UZ5299,'H LAB, f RUN, ADD (CS VJ<<LVE'5"'Cf', BETWEEN SSASCD SENYICES INCORPORATED AND FLORIDA XO)4DMCAT~CDMER hlz,SUPPLY TO 5A)MPH PA()El',, KE/<<(,Eb)f


5 2/0/INC GENREV.(.tGXCD2)CDNV CfXRIJ P I I lO l2.I j-'tf3 l1i-2.+12 10 13 19 REVISIONS 8770-G-092.

SH I BY CN APPNDYSD Pl PC/M 145-IBC 4001(H<<1-12)

PtPtNC<<(//qP g l////tIA IDE R/PC 236-19Z ADDI(E15-19)J(F15-19)

PIPING.D 1z C.I 1 (;-V 1 2(P 3t(32 4)1 Z(P3Z (34 a)V f2054 (3Z 5)D,n I n zs.I A/JS rsc QS L EAK TEST, ,-D.:,'(i-vt>>.)'/s I-i R55 7 PRocEss EIIZR Il Rsstg Q.'.MONITOR*

SAMPLE,, 520'O'MON 17 LINE.I.FC;;:..;-Rc AJ/S I 2 Rss-S 1 SPARE--i I nf'I I I RSS.Z SAMPLE',',..., 52b TO MONtT Gi*1 f I,'~P.I,','OMMON CONTAINMENT AIR MONITORING SYSTEM Vl 2(240(325)

.V 1 2(44 I(325)VI 4 84 INLET WATER'4 BOX BIDE L 6<<0 TYP~2 ONDENSER-IA COLIDE NEER-I 10 84 lp 84 76<<0 OUTLET WATER, 10 YP BOX 51OE VI21044(325)-

VIZ(PV I (325)-.Viz&24(324)

V12/473 L325)Vfz(PBC(324)

M VIZ 337 1 305)-V12340(305)

Vi 2348(305)'0/3 V!2(425(324)

IJG.C lf3 54MPLIN6 PUMP i A I 1A (TYP)i;18 44-C.I 13 U12(PZG(345)



'l N-';"-, ODNT 014 8170-62052 1,i.1'., I.j"'oNT DN 817o-G.o'92 54 2 (Fz):;..f'"'-=-/5 TUB!MG',-"---'GH l (H2'70 CRIEMiCAL ALfALYZER,'I<<I.'i,,,'TO CHEMICAL ALIA LYZER I VENDOR Cputz w I'!',.I.,',, VENDOR CONN~'3 , CONT ON" 8170<<c-O92,,-': '..',2',',', CON'I ON 8110.6-O J2 tf'Jv f~:.!2!i-I I f,CONDENSEIY.;HOTWELL i'i SAMPLING OR F FC ZJR69(325)

JD Ut ai 0 U n