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Forwards Final Response to NRC Question 220.37 Re Masonry Walls.W/Two Oversize Drawings Encl.Aperture Cards Are Available in PDR
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Site: Saint Lucie NextEra Energy icon.png
Issue date: 10/27/1982
From: Uhrig R
To: Eisenhut D
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
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Forwards final response to NRC Question 220.37 re masonry walls,H/two oversize drawings encl, Aperture cards are available in PDR<DISTRIBUTION CODE!B001S~COPIES RECEIYED;LTR

>ENCL~~SI E: ZD 6 A/TITLE: Li censing Submi t tal: PSAR/FSAR Amdts 8 Related Correspondence'OTES:

/pet-~2)Mc4inyS 7 o./Cg f C-RECIPIENT COPIES COPIES ID CODE/NAME LTTR ENCL LTTR ENCL A/D LICENSNG 1 0 1 0 LIC BR¹3 LA 1 0 1 1 INTERNAL'LD/HDS2 IE/DEP EPDS 35 NRR/DE/AEAB NRR/DE/EQB 13 NRR/DE/HGEB 30 NRR/DE/MTEB 17 NRR/DE/SAB 24 NRR/DHFS/HFEB40 NRR/DHFS/OLB 34 NRR/DS I/AEB 26 NRR/DSI/CPB 10 NRR/DSI/ETSB 12 NRR/DSI/PSB 19 SB 23 REG FILE 04 IB EXTERNALG ACRS 41 DMB/DSS (AMDTS)LPDR 03 NSIC 05 1 1 1 3 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 IE'FILE IE/DEP/EPLB 36 NRR/DE/CEB 11, NRR/DE/GB 28 NRR/DE/MEB 18 NRR/DE/QAB 21 NRR/DE/SEB 25 NRR/DHFS/LQB 32 NRR/DHFS/PTRB20 NRR/DS I/ASB 27 NRR/DSI/CSB 09 NRR/DSI/ICSB 16 NRR/DS I/RAB 22 NRR/DST/LGB 33 RGN2 BNL(AMDTS ONLY)FEMA"REP DIY 39 NRC PDR 02 NTIS 1 3 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1+<Q%~~V L0w~Qwwc.TOTAL NUMBER OF COPIES REQUIRED: LTTR 55 ENCL ETTA" A)A)'Fc I>" 1')eg<ph)t A>Q iv)~n,)9t<pr J~-'~XrhtX~~-O C g"~r~')1 1>>hrC'e<d Trial>t r;r 1 ,!cll I h P, T.1 7, j C>t'h r t~e>'O r)~'w~Cl e A 1'-e C')Ii)l.1L 1 qh.h,,A)1 hi<fic,r 3A f t)pt 1", I I I I;>'lee 1 V h~r a r hy r ei.gR peser ,'I'"'.I))4>>:)I>44 ht ehqtITF'r~.))hie,i gc,.I h Y 1nCAIPeI Rl\F~A'lrC A~I,Age~')e'1 th ran r t t"~hie e,)i 0'l'~'!~At")",l9 1 t:th r l e.'h'elbeI" h~h>,rhr>rI,.'i

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g!h e I f,))Tgr el',h~fc,'Vl I 1 e"e j 1'ee, I'Ctrh g"Ah>>,." g t)Q t r L~i t k r c.>>: h<%<<l c: JAR~1'l" I r.t hf Atw't"h'!X"'IX>>'t I Al I;),qkr'lX.-s"-4 el I,et'LB hh"e<<4 X t".eX Teltch~)HvI yA'I ll J r]3'>h>>I,'i'A>".X I-~K x r l>(""1'I'I'h)c rI c'I)tA)0: lvel~3 f x l)4i'., t

.BO 00, JUNO BEACH, FL 33408 yh ljj 0-FLORIDA POWER&LIGHT COMPANY October 27, 1982 L-82-459 Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulations Attention:

Mr.Darrell G.Eisenhut, Director Division of Licensing U.S.Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, D.C.20555

Dear Mr.Eisenhut:

Re: St.Lucie Unit No.2 Docket No.50-389 Masonr Walls Enclosed please-find FPL's final response to NRC question 220.37 regarding masonry walls at St.Lucie Unit 2 and related attachments A through G.Should you have questions or comments regarding the enclosed information please contact us accordingly.

Very truly yours, Robert E.Uhrig-Vice President Advanced Systems and Technology REU/RJS/WFB/jea Attachment cc: J.P.O'Reilly, Region II Harold F.Reis, Esquire Cwi~8211010204 821027 PDR ADOCK 05000389 A PDR PEOPLE...SERVING PEOPLE 0 g I I I I FLORIDA POWER&LIGHT COMPANY ST.LUCIE UNIT 2 FINAL RESPONSE TO NRC UESTION 220.37~aummar The safety-related masonry walls that are located in the St Lucie Plant Unit No..2 have been evaluated in accordance with the"SEB Criteria for Safety-Related Masonry Wall Evaluation" and supplementary criteria as described below.The total number of safety-related walls constructed for St Lucie Unit 2 is one hundred and two (102).Ninety-eight (98)of them are located in the Reactor Auxiliary Building, two (2)in the Reactor Containment Building and two,(2)in the Fuel Handling Building.Zn the Reactor Auxiliary Building, tw'enty-nine (29)are located at El.-0.50', thirty-nine (39)at El.19.50', twenty-seven (27)'at El.43.00'nd three (3)at El.63.00'.All safety-related walls are reinforced.

Reinforced units are spaced 4'-0 on centers.Due to similarity among walls, some'f them have been grouped together and the typical one has been analyzed to represent the group.An additional six (6)walls located in the Reactor Auxiliary Building, El.-.0.50', have not yet been constructed, but will be designed in accordance with the criteria described herein.The masonry walls are not shear resistant elements in the building struc'tural system.They primarily function as shielding and partition walls.There-fore, the primary effort of the masonry wall evaluation was focused on the out-of-plane bending analysis due to seismic loads and pressure loads.After completing the analysis, it was found that 31 multi-wythe walls require through-"bolting to achieve composite action in order to improve their moment-resistant capability.

One of this group plus 8 additional walls require external reinforcing in the form of structural steel members or strip plates, as well as through-bolting.

Aside from these 39 walls, all other multi-wythe walls were analyzed assuming non-composite action, i.e.the bending moment was distributed between the wythes according to their relative stiffnesses.

Wall Modifications There are two types of external wall reinforcing.

The first type uses through-bolting to achieve composite action for multi-wythe walls.Figure 1 shows a typical through-bolting detail.Wall No.13 B has been selected as an example and its calculation and details are provided in Attachment A.The second type of wall reinforcing is for walls sub]ected to accident pressure load.Structural steel is used to support the wall.Wall No.100 has been selected as an example and its calculation and details are also provided in Attachment A.Attachment E shows the locations of the 39 walls requiring modification.


II~~J I PL 4x'gx$>Co R'RBhR!.i)I~TV/I chal rendu.8orTr~b pFTIIL5: Vo!.65'YO ILK'DS.lU.B.P NPhq.Ne-H(Cil!T ap Tits sLacY..Ttls Spica Asouub vQ.ebxK egg L'ltd Cql!ogZEQ A+OR TAB SoLT LS I<plh<8~Q gQLQ Mlc>QTcQ TK Llg f, I"--~~s-~)I~O~~..-I.:o.:i ,,~Q~PL 4x4x4;L J 1~~~"~'r.FILl.VOlDS'%/QR,ou'f'~W WS eayreN, TgG wiGRUT;~'1<<4...%8bR,P..Tl!ov

-SoLg,>4,: gQQV I RE j)~.,~C I I~f ,L,~I'.!...i;;i'I.j~'L'., I'1'~~oR mucgr 4 rpr wAr.r.I P Soy rNtu-BJLP W/JJ8JJER-P887E, SPy~SP+Zr-P C C.: gW YE'Ef'I CA'4 DllEC7I0&Q 4-0 C, 4,/M 4DRr Zo~7+4 27IRzc Iso&FlqUeE l 2.Anal tical Model All masonry walls were, transformed into equivalent homogeneous plate elements spanning vertically to resist out-of-plane bending loads.For full height walls, the top of the wall was assumed to be simply supported, since the walls are restrained by two clip angles on both sides.The bottom of the wall was assumed as simply supported at the top of the starter wall, which is a three foot high reinforced concrete pier doweled into the floor slab.For canti-lever walls, the partial fixity at the bottom of the wall has been taken into account.For walls that are restrained laterally at the top by the Houdaille precast slab, the simple support condition is also assumed at the top.For stack bond walls, the effective width of each.reinforced unit according to ACZ 531-79, Paragraph is a little less than the actual spacing of'thy reinforced units.However, DUR-0-WAL reinforcement has been provided for every course so that the entire width of the wall between reinforced units is considered effective for the model.

For multi-wythe walls, non-composite action was initially assumed for evaluation of the walls since no shear connectors were originally provided.The distribution of bending moment among the wythes is thus proportional to their stiffness or moment of inertia.However, for walls composed of two six inch wythes, the bending capacity of the walls is so small that the design fix of through-bolting was introduced.

directly for analysis.Both hand calculation and computer analysis were used in the pvaluation.

~If large'openings exist, finite element models were simulated to represent the masonry walls.The weights of attachments were considered as mass inputs for frequency analysis.All attachments are rigidly connected to the walls.Also, the maximum weight of the attachment is less than 1%of the total weight of the masonry wall itself.Therefore, the dynamic ampli-fication of the attachments is not considered likely to have a significant effect.The ANSYS computer program is used for all analysis.3.Interstor Drift Considerations A full-height wall is laterally restrained, at the top by a pair of angles as shown in the typical details of drawing 2998-6-820 Sh 1 (Attachment F).The rotation of the wall is not restrained.

Therefore a simple support is assumed at the top.The bottom of the wall is afforded partial fixity by means of dowels projecting from a poured concrete star'ter wall (see 2998-G-820'h 1).However, it is more conservative to assume a simply supported condition for both frequency and static analyses.The frequency of walls are"all larger than the peak of the floor response spectra curve.Lower frequency is obtained when the'all is assumed simply supported.

Consequently, higher earthquake coefficients are used for analyst.The maximum positive bending moment of a simply supported one way plate is larger than the moment of the same'plate assumed fixed or partially fixed at one end and simply supported at the other end when2the plate is pub)ected to uniform seismic inertial loads.(i.e.1/8 x WL)9/128 x WL).Thy maximum negative bending moment for the bottom-fixed wall is equal to 1/8 WL.Therefore, for the bottom partially fixed wall, the negative bending moment is less than 1/8 WL and also is less than the positive bending moment of the bottom-hinged wall as assumed.The influence of out-of-plane drift effects on the flexural bending moment calculation is not significant due to the small magnitude of the relative displacement between floors.As indicated in the calculation provided in Attachment B, the maximum relative displacement between floors is equal to 0;0065 in.For a typical bottom fully fixed, top simply supported wall (20 ft high, 4 ft wide, 12ft thick)the fixgd end moment due to the drift2(b,)

is equal to 3 EIb/L~3 x (0.97 x 10)x (4915)x 0.017)/(20 x 12)~, 4.22 0.35.The moment capacity of the wall is equal to f A)d~24 x 0.'88 x I I K s s 8.8=167=14.The ratio of the fixed end moment-;to the moment capacity of the wall is'only 2.5%,.

1 The in-plane interstory drift for the walls was evaluated by comparing'he shear strains derived from the dynamic analysis with the following allowable strains: Vu=0.0001 for unconfined walls gc=0.001 for confined walls The above values were used for normal and severe environmental load combinations.

For other load combinations, the allowable strains were multiplied by a factor of 1.67..An unconfined wall is attached on one vertical boundary and its base.A confined wall is attached in one of the following ways: (a)on all four sides>(b)on the top and bottom of the wall (c)on the top, bottom and one vertical side of the wall (d)on the bottom and two vertical sides of the wall.;-The in-plane strains of masonry walls in St Lucie Unit 2 are so low (see Attachment 8)that the increase of a1lowable strains by a factor of 1.67 has in fact not been considered for any load combination.

The acceptance criteria for strains has been established sufficiently conservptive for in-plane effects alone that a reasonable margin still remains for.out-of-plane loading.Since the walls do not carry a significant part of the associated story shear, and their stiffness is extremely difficult to define and Since the experimental evidence to date demonstrates that the apparent in-plane strength of a masonry wall depends heavily upon the in-plane stress boundary conditions, load or stress on the wall is not a reasonable basis for acceptance criteria for in-plane effects.Wall No.126 has been selected as an example of calculations considering seismic effect and analysis.The drift effects of all masonry walls are also provided in Attachment B.4.Load Combinations and Allowable Stresses h The loads that are imposed on the masonry walls are: a)Dead Load (D)-This includes the weight of the wall and of structures or equipment supported by the wall.The attachment loads as shown on the field inspection sheets are due to conduits, pipes,)unction boxes,~switches and transformers.

b)Seismic Loads i)Feqo-This is the load generated by the operating basis earthquake (OBE)specified for the site of the plant and developed for the wall by the dynamic analyses performed for the building.Zn-plane and out-of-plane loadings and the effects of lateral displacements of wall ends relative to each other are considered.

ii)Feqs-This is the load generated by the safe shutdown.earthquake (SSE)specified for the site of the plant, and developed as described for OBE.

c)Pressure Load (Pa)-This is the pressure equivalent static load within the masonry wall compartment caused by a postulated pipe rupture.There are five possible load combinations when combining the above four (4)different individual loadss I 1)Severe Environmental Condition=D+OBE 2)Extreme Environmental Condition=D+SSE 3)Abnormal Condition D+1.5 Pa 4)Abnormal/Severe Environmental Condition D+1.25 Pa p 1.25 OBE 5)Abnormal/Extreme Environmental Condition~D+Pa+SSE It has been found that combination (1)is generally more critical then com-bination (2)and that combination (3)is more critical than combination (4)or (5).The allowable stresses for combination (1)are"S" as defined in Table l.The allowable stresses for combinations (2)through (5)are"U" as defined in Table 1.Colinear stresses due to in-plane and out-of>>plane seismic loads were combined by square zoot of the sum of the squares (SRSS).Stresses due to attachment loads and pressure loads were combined with wall inertial loads by absolute sum.5.Attachments to Walls The attachments to masonry walls are typically by means of two plates and through bolts.Equipment (piping, conduits, etc)is supported by rigid structural framing which is then welded to the plates.Two typical types of support framing and their calculations and all types of wall attachment plates are provided in Attachment C.The attachment loads are input as masses in the model for freqency analy'sis.

Their seismic loads are obtained by the wall masses multiplied by their cor<<responding earthquake coefficients in both horizontal and vertical directions when-performing the static analysis.Two critical support framings were selected for frequency analysis.They were found to be in the rigid region and therefore no amplification was made in the static analysis.Furthermore, the heaviest attachment is approximately 500 lbs, which is very small compared to the wall weight.The local stresses of the.masonry wall due to the attach-ments are determined locally and added to the global stresses as illustrated in the sample calculation provided in Attachment C.From the time of the initiation of the field inspection program (January 1982), Construction has been directed to provide Engineering with detailed as-built'rawings of any subsequent attachments to masonry walls.Final analyses will be performed as required to dispose of any concerns arising out of these pre-viously unaccounted-for attachments.

6.Field Inspection Pro ram All data used in the analysis of masonry walls was verified by a field inspection program described in the"Procedure for Inspection of Concrete Masonry Walls", 2-ESSE/AS-001 dated January 8, 1982 (Attachment D).II TABLE 1-ALLOWABLE STRESSES IN REINFORCED MASONRy e Description Compressive


(2)'" Flexural I Bearing On full area On one-third area Shear (2)Flexural members Shear Walls.'3, 4)Allowable (psi)0.22f'.33f' 0~25f'.375f' 1.1+f'aximum (psi)1000 1200 900 1200 50 Allowable (psi)0~55f'0'25f'0 625f'0 94f5 m 1~43Maximum (psi)2500 3000 2250 3000!I 0 Masonry Takes Shear~]M/Vd c9: 1 M/Vd~0 Reinforcement Takes Shear M/Vd~0 Reinforcement Bond" (6)0.9~ff'.5~ff'34 74 75 120 1.17 f'.6 f'.25 3.0~f'4 96 112 180 Defoxmed Bars Tension Grade 60 Joint Wire Compression Grade 60 160 24f000~5F not to 8ceed 30,000 24,000 208 48f000 0 75F Y 48g000 Structural Steel per AISC Code 1.6 x AISC allowables 0.96F or 0 90yx buckling stress

~I I~~~'r I bootes to Table ls I (1)These values should be multiplied by (1-(h/40t)

)if the wall has a 3 significant vertical load.(2)This stress should be evaluated using the effective area shown in the figure below except as provided in Paragraph 7.2.1(a).Ig~+ol lofti~~Khtvcr A Ltsj lOt I tUhhlhg bohd'tl+Jril/i/Yrir~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~g]l~ieg ih fltlvNl c!%0<~<e fcNCI normal lo!oct l~II (3)Net bedded area shall be used with these stresses~(4)M is the maximum bending moment occurring simultaneously with the shear load V at.the.section under consideration.

d is the depth from compression face of wall to centroid of tensile reinforcement.

For M/Vd values between 0 and 1 interpolate between the values given for 0 and 1, (5)f'specified compressive strength of masonry per AS%K C90.Grade N m~800 psi (on net cross-sectional area)~specified yield strength of 5o&t wire material.(6)Alternately, use development length 1~0.0015 d f, where d~nominal.diameter of bar or wire in inches, f~calculated'tress in reinforcement in psi.ld shall not be less than 15" 1

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