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M141030: Slides - Briefing on Watts Bar Unit 2 License Application
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Site: Watts Bar Tennessee Valley Authority icon.png
Issue date: 10/30/2014
Tennessee Valley Authority
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Watts Bar Nuclear Plant NRC Commission Briefing October 30, 2014 Joe Grimes Executive Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer Agenda* Status and Transition

  • Current Regulatory Requirements" Initiatives" Dual-Unit Operations Watts Bar Nuclear Plant LStatus and Transition
  • Safe and High Quality* Watts Bar Nuclear Design Basis Fidelity I 4 JM Status and Transition
  • Systems, Structures, and Components-Made Like New 5 IU1/k Status and Transition
  • Milestones Completed" World Association of Nuclear Operators Review Completed

[M Status and Transition e Preparing for:-Hot Functional Testing-Fuel Load-Remaining Challenges Current Regulatory Requirements

  • Fukushima* Cyber Security* Hydrology Improvements
  • Seismic Mitigation ILL, 1 Initiatives
  • Improvements
  • Quality Assurance* Safety Culture W 1 Initiatives
  • Employee Outplacement
  • Public Outreach Transition and Operational Readiness Overview* Implemented Organizational Transition Plans Organization Capable of Dual- Unit Operation S1 Transition and Operational Readiness Overview e Operating Organization Driving Transition
  • Unit I Sharing Ownership of Critical Unit 2 Milestones Transition and Operational Readiness Overview" Staffing at Appropriate Level" Training Complete for Dual-Unit Operation" Corporate Organization Providing Oversight and Support 1.3 A A[A A I :-7t;jw A6 4 d/A I I RAT led%

A Cautionary Tale on Watts Bar 2 Licensing DON SAFER OCTOBER 30, 2014 I Tennessee Environmental Council* Our mission is "educating and advocating for the conservation and improvement of Tennessee's environment, communities, and public health."* Website: www.tectn.orq

---Wý2 What does "new" mean?Watts Bar 2 is not the first new reactor of the 2 1 st century; it is the.last old reactor of the 20th century" Old design & structural components" Old Part 50 licensing process Ice Condenser Blues* Containment weakness concerns* Ongoing maintenance problems 4 TVA's Ongoing Nuclear Woes* Complete shutdown of all TVA construction

& operations in 1985* Delayed operating completed Watts Bar 1 until 1996* Creates uncertainty

& risk* Long history of whistleblower concerns and safety culture problems High Costs for Fukushima& Chernobyl Staggering societal impacts 6 Fukushima Lessons Learned?NRC Commissioned Nat'l Academy of Sciences study: "Emphasizes the need for strengthening capabilities for identifying, evaluating and managing risks from beyond design basis events and better estimating the broad range of offsite health, environmental, economic, and social consequences." 7 Lessons of Fukushima Ignored" Have not been applied in the old NRC licensing process for Watts Bar 2" FEIS, Section 6.2.4: concludes that the environmental consequences of severe accidents are SMALL* REALLY???3 Lessons of Fukushima Ignored* Using outdated, inadequate seismic data to model dam safety in the highly engineered Tennessee River system at scores of dams* If Fukushima Lessons Learned were taken seriously, using updated seismic data would be required ... even if it meant delays to the licensing of Watts Bar 2 A Legacy of Nuclear Waste* New NRC waste storage plan could leave the long-lived, highly radioactive used fuel rods on site for hundreds of years* Never contemplated in the original construction license.High burn up fuel causes problems 10 Insufficient Funds & Protections

  • TVA's reactor decommissioning fund is grossly underfunded
  • Tennessee Valley residents should have adequate insurance coverage from the risks posed by Watts Bar-The Price Anderson Act provides insufficient coverage I I TVA Should Lead the Country Rapid advancement of renewables, efficiency

& conservation 12 Recommendations

  • Require use of updated seismic standards before issuing Watts Bar 2 operating license* Study effects of cumulative-impacts on Tennessee River* Require TVA meet funding needs for inevitable decommissioning 1 2 Recommendations
  • Protect the public from the legacies of nuclear power-decommissioning, radioactive waste, polluting uranium fuel chain* Make Radiation Visible Campaign: www.makeradiationvisible.o 14 Recommendations Learn from Mistakes -licensing should NOT extend for 40+ years-cancel TVA's Bellefonte licensing 15 THANK YOU 16 U.S.NRC United States Nuclear Regulatory (Commission Protecting People and the Environment BRIEFING ON WATTS BAR UNIT 2 LICENSE APPLICATION REVIEW October 30, 2014 Mark Satorius Executive Director for Operations U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Watts Bar 2 Overview William Dean, Director Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation 2

AGENDA" The Part 50 Process and Watts Bar's Unique History" Licensing Framework and Status of Licensing Review" Construction Program Overview" Status of Inspection Activities 0 U WRAG Provides Oversight and Management Direction to Ensure Unit 2 Meets All Relevant Requirements Watts Bar 2 Part 50 Process and Watts Bar Licensing History Michele Evans, Director Division of Operating Reactor Licensing Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation F

The Part 50 Process -An Overview* Construction Permits and Operating License Issued Separately

  • Path Forward for Commission Granting Authority to NRR 6 Watts Bar's Unique History Has Defined the Project" Construction Permit Issued for Units I and 2 in 1973" Operating License Application Submitted for Units I and 2* Hearing for Construction Permit;Operating License Opportunity for Hearing* Work Stoppage in 1985* Full Power Operating License for Unit I in 1996* Resume Construction on Unit 2 in 2007 7 Watts Bar 2 Licensing Framework and Status of Licensing Review Justin Poole Senior Project Manager Division of Operating Reactor Licensing Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation 8

Established Clear Framework for Licensing* SRM-SECY-07-0096 Provided Commission Direction on aligning the licensing basis* Issued NRR Office Instruction LIC-110 to guide staff review* Regulatory Framework Review and Issuance of Safety Evaluation Report Supplement 21 9 Majority of the Licensing Review Has Been Completed#U.S.NRC Safety Evaluation Report Related to the Operation of Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 Docket Number 50-391 Tennessee Valley Authority off0ce of Nuclear Reactor RLegulation

    • U.S.NRCUSNRC..........

Final Environmental Statement Related to the Operation of Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Unit 2 Supplement 2 Final Report Office of Nuclear Reacor Regulation 10 Remaining Licensing Actions to Support a Licensing Decision* Completion of Hydrology Review* Review of As-Built Fire Protection Report* Closure of Open Items of Interest to the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards

  • Implementation of Continued Storage Rulemaking
  • Review of Fukushima Orders 11 Major Milestones for the NRC Staff to Accomplish Prior to Licensing Advisory Committee Commission Notation on Reactor Vote Paper Safeguards (30 -60 days prior to Recommendation OL decision),,Operating License OL diDecision Final Regional Readiness Letter (30 days prior to OL decision).4 I,"

Watts Bar 2 Construction Inspection Victor McCree Regional Administrator NRC Region II 13 Developed a Customized Construction Inspection Program* Credited previously completed inspections

  • Addressed legacy programmatic issues and refurbishment
  • Comprehensively addresses remaining activities, including new requirements 14 Substantial Inspection Effort Expended on Watts Bar Unit 2 25,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 Projected Hours m Actual Hours 0 2008 2009 2010-1 2011 2012 2013 2014 Watts Bar 2 Construction Inspection Tomy Nazario Senior Resident Inspector Watts Bar 2 16 Inspections On-Track to Support Licensing Decision" Majority of construction inspections completed" Good progress on inspections of historical and unique Unit 2 items" Inspections of operational readiness and new requirements (cyber, Fukushima) planned 17 Verifying Construction to Licensing Basis* Reactor Vessel Reassembly
  • As-Built Verifications Verifying Refurbishment Activities
  • Key to addressing aging questions* Equipment replacement and repair Inpco enern the reco coln pum bowl 6 Verifying Implementation of Recent Requirements
  • Inspection of Mitigating Strategies Order I o v Overall Construction Activities Have Met Requirements" Plant built according to* Inspections have added* Currently no potentially open issues or findings design value significant 21 Closing Remarks Acronyms" NRC -Nuclear Regulatory Commission" NRR -Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation" OL -Operating License" SECY -Office of the Secretary" SRM -Staff Requirements Memorandum" WRAG -Watts Bar Reactivation Group 23 Backup Slides 24 Major Milestone Timeline I ..'l .... ... T.. .-1 -.. 1T t ...T (ict 14 Nov 14 Dec 14 Jan 15 Feb 15 Mar 15 Apr 15 May 15 Jun 15 Jul 15 Aug 15 Sep 15 Oct 15 Nov 15 Oct-14 Brutalng on Status 1 Dec-14 ESupplement 27 Safety Evaluation~

Report~'RC Mielstont Jan-15 Adisoxy Committee On Reactor Safeguards (ACRS)Subcoanittee ACRS Full Corninittee, Meeting Notation Veot Paper Mar-is Operational Rteadiyness Assessrient (R-0)Decision FuLl Poe Ucenst, Walts Bar Unit 2 Start-up Oversight Activities Inspection Manual Chapters 2514.2517 Apt-15 Region 2 Final Readiness Letler Mar-15 NRC!TVA Site Management Meeting Reviews,.

Hearings, and Breflings Supporting Operating License I9$uance Oversight Prior to Commercial Operation VA Feb-1S Conmplte Hot Functional Testing Mar-I5 Fei-I 5 1 TVA Letter to Cerltfy TVA Substantially Readiness fot Comnpiele Letter Fur! Load May-15 F Fuel LoadI As of Octobe, 22. 2014 Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Unit 2 Licensing Timeline Dates ara subject to change U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation Reactor Oversight Process Transition Plan* Transition will be on an individual cornerstone basis* Four of seven cornerstones expected to be transitioned at license issuance* Performance indicator validity addressed with additional inspections 26