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Annual Assessment Letter for Clinton Power Station (Report 05000461/2018006)
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Site: Clinton Exelon icon.png
Issue date: 03/04/2019
From: Julio Lara
Division Reactor Projects III
To: Bryan Hanson
Exelon Generation Co, Exelon Nuclear
Download: ML19063B578 (6)


March 4, 2019



Dear Mr. Hanson:

The NRC has completed its end-of-cycle performance assessment of Clinton Power Station

, reviewing performance indicators (PIs)

, inspection results

, and enforcement actions from January 1, 20 18 through December 31, 20 18. This letter informs you of the NRC's assessment of your facility during this period and its plans for future inspections at your facility. The NRC concluded that overall performance at your facility preserved public health and safety.

The NRC determined the performance at Clinton Power Station during the most recent quarter was within the Licensee Response Column, the highest performance category of the NRC

's Reactor Oversight Process (ROP) Action Matrix

, because all inspection findings had very low safety significance (i.e., Gree n), and all PIs were within the expected range (i.e., Green). Therefore, the NRC plans to conduct ROP baseline inspections at your facility. Note that Clinton Power Station returned to the Licensee Response Column on November 28, 2018 following a supplemental inspection documented in NRC Inspection Report 05000461/2018041 (ML18332A417

). Although plant performance was within the Licensee Response Column

, the NRC has not yet finalized the significance of AV 05000461/2018050-01. "Failure to Follow Multiple Procedures." This apparent violation has preliminarily been determined to be White as documented in NRC Inspection Report 05000461/2018051 (ML18289A556). The final safety significance determination may affect the NRC's assessment of plant performance and the enclosed inspection plan.

The enclosed inspection plan lists the inspections scheduled through December 31

, 20 20. This updated inspection plan now includes planned security inspections which were formerly transmitted under separate correspondence. The NRC provides the inspection plan to allow for the resolution of any scheduling conflicts and personnel availability issues. Routine inspections performed by resident inspectors are not included in the inspection plan. You should be aware that the agency is pursuing potential changes to the ROP, including changes to engineering inspections (SECY-18-0113, "Recommendations for Modifying the Reactor Oversight Process Engineering Inspections"). Should these changes to the ROP be implemented, the engineering and other region-based inspections are subject to change in scope, as well as schedule, beginning in January 2020. The inspections listed during the last twelve months of the inspection plan are tentative and may be revised. The NRC will contact you as soon as possible to discuss changes to the inspection plan should circumstances warrant any changes. This letter, its enclosure, and your response (if any) will be made available for public inspection and copying at and at the NRC Public Document Room in accordance with 10 CFR 2.390, "Public Inspections, Exemptions, Requests for Withholding."

Please contact Kenneth Riemer at 630-829-9628 with any questions you have regarding this letter.


/RA Robert Orlikowski Acting for

/ Julio Lara, Director Division of Reactor Projects Docket No. 50-461 License No. NPF-62 Enclosure:

Inspection Plan cc: Distribution via LISTSERV