IR 05000400/2019412

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U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Security Inspection Report 05000400/2019412
Person / Time
Site: Harris Duke energy icon.png
Issue date: 07/10/2019
From: Binoy Desai
Division of Reactor Safety II
To: Faulk L
Duke Energy Progress
Download: ML19192A342 (8)





Dear Mr. Faulk:

On June 20, 2019, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) completed a security inspection at your Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant, Unit 1, and discussed the results of this inspection with Mr. J. Dills, and other members of the Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant staff. The results of this inspection are documented in the enclosed report.

No NRC-Identified or self-revealing findings were identified during the inspection.

This letter and its enclosure will be made available for public inspection and copying at and at the NRC Public Document Room, in accordance with 10 CFR 2.390, Public Inspections, Exemptions, Requests for Withholding.



Binoy Desai, Chief Plant Support Branch Division of Reactor Safety Docket Nos: 05000400 License Nos: NPF-63


NRC IR 05000400/2019412

Inspection Report

Docket No: 05000400 License No: NPF-63 Report No: 05000400/2019412 Enterprise Identifier: I-2019-412-0005 Licensee: Duke Energy Progress, LLC.

Facility: Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 Location: New Hill, NC Dates: June 17 - 20, 2019 Inspectors: James Shehee, Senior Physical Security Inspector Jonathan Brown, Physical Security Inspector Ivan Hall, Physical Security Inspector Approved by: Binoy Desai, Chief Plant Support Branch Division of Reactor Safety Enclosure

SUMMARY The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) continued monitoring the licensees performance by conducting a Baseline Security Inspection at Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant, in accordance with the Reactor Oversight Process. The Reactor Oversight Process is the NRCs program for overseeing the safe operation of commercial nuclear power reactors. Refer to for more information. NRC and self-revealed findings, violations, and additional items are summarized in the table below.

List of Findings and Violations No findings were identified.

INSPECTION SCOPE Inspections were conducted using the appropriate portions of the inspection procedures (IPs) in effect at the beginning of the inspection unless otherwise noted. Samples were declared complete when the IP requirements most appropriate to the inspection activity were met consistent with Inspection Manual Chapter (IMC) 2201, Security Inspection Program for Commercial Nuclear Power Reactors. The inspectors reviewed selected procedures and records, observed activities, and interviewed personnel to assess licensee performance and compliance with Commission rules and regulations, license conditions, site procedures, and standards.

SAFEGUARDS 71130.02 - Access Control (1 Sample)

The inspectors evaluated the access control program. The following elements were evaluated from this IP dated January 1, 2019.

Tier I: All Requirements Tier II: 02.06, a., b., d.; 02.8, a., c., d., f., g.

Tier III: 02.10, a.

71130.04 - Equipment Performance, Testing, and Maintenance (1 Sample)

The inspectors evaluated the security testing and maintenance program. The following elements were evaluated from this IP dated January 1, 2019.

Tier I: All requirements Tier II: 02.09 a, b; 02.11 a, b Tier III: 02.15 a, b 71130.07 - Security Training (1 Sample)

The inspectors evaluated the nuclear security training program. The following elements were evaluated from this IP dated January 1, 2019.

Tier I: All 16 requirements Tier II: 02.05 (a), (b), (c), (d); 02.07 (a); 02.08 (a); 02.09 (a), (b)

Tier III: 02.10, 02.12 (a), (b); 02.13 (a), (b), (c)

OTHER ACTIVITIES - BASELINE 71151 - Performance Indicator Verification (1 Sample)

The inspectors verified licensee performance indicators submittals listed below for the period from June 2018, through May 2019.

(1) Protected Area Security Equipment Performance Index

71007 - Reactor Vessel Head Replacement The inspectors evaluated security actions associated with the Reactor Vessel Head Replacement Inspection Procedure. The following elements were evaluated from this IP dated October 3, 2017.

(1) 02.02(1); 03.02(d)

EXIT MEETINGS AND DEBRIEFS On June 20, 2019, the inspectors presented the Baseline Security Inspection results to Mr. J.

Dills and other members of the licensee staff.

Documents Reviewed Inspection Type Designation Description of Title Revision Procedure 71130.02 Procedures AD-SY-ALL-0210 Site Access Controls Rev. 01 AD-SY-ALL-0240 Security Key and Lock Controls Rev. 00 SP-005 Search and Contraband Denial (SGI) Rev. 18 71130.04 Procedures AD-SY-ALL-0580 Weapon Maintenance, Testing and Accountability Rev. 05 AD-SY-ALL-0630 Testing and Maintenance of Security Equipment Rev. 01 SP-012 Maintenance, Inspection and Testing of Security Systems Rev. 52 71007 Procedure SP-014 Additional Surveillance / Compensatory Measure (SGI) Rev. 22 71151 Procedure AD-LS-ALL-0004 NRC Performance Indicators and Monthly Operating Report Rev. 02 71130.02 Corrective 02260431 Final Access Control Performance Discrepancy Action 02105532 Misplaced Key Card Outside of the Protected Area Reports 02260026 Develop Maintenance Procedure for Vehicle Barrier System 02226572 Security Delay Barriers Require Further Evaluation 02274120 Security Temporary Post Order Discrepancy 02132047 Unescorted Access to Protected Area was not Terminated for Employee Out for more than 30 Days 71130.04 Corrective 02130056 Protected Area Search Process Improvement Evaluation Action 02135942 Prohibited Item (Kombucha Tea) Discovered in the Owner Reports Controlled Area 02261039 Improvements to Security Electronic Documents Process 02259244 Protected Area Lighting Issue 02277766 Evaluate Security Armory Processes to Improve Efficiency 02255617 Explosive Detector Performance Discrepancy 02273182 Perimeter Camera Performance Discrepancy 02147143 Security KPI Off Color 02156610 Security Radio Base Station Performance Discrepancy 02262080 Security KPI Off Color 71130.07 Corrective 02235651 Thermal Cameras Not Functioning Properly Action Report