IR 05000327/2018013

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Re-Issued- Sequoyah Nuclear Plant - Nuclear Regulatory Commission Integrated Inspection Report 05000327/2018013 and 05000328/2018013
Person / Time
Site: Sequoyah Tennessee Valley Authority icon.png
Issue date: 01/09/2019
From: Masters A
To: James Shea
Tennessee Valley Authority
Download: ML19010A402 (10)




TVA shall perform an independent NSC assessment consistent with industry practices, at... Sequoyah Nuclear Plant and Corporate Nuclear... TVA shall compare the result of the assessment with prior years' survey results in an effort to identify trends. TVA shall evaluate the results and develop, implement, and track to completion corrective actions to address weaknesses identified through the assessments. TVA shall make the results

of each survey and the planned corrective actions available for NRC review after the development of the planned corrective actions.