IR 05000237/2018411

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NRC Security Baseline Inspection Report 05000237/2018411; 05000249/2018411 (Jxk)
Person / Time
Site: Sequoyah, Dresden Exelon icon.png
Issue date: 07/06/2018
From: Steven Orth
Plant Support Branch II
To: Bryan Hanson
Exelon Generation Co, Exelon Nuclear
Download: ML18190A164 (7)


July 6, 2018



Dear Mr. Hanson:

On June 8, 2018, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) completed a security inspection at your Dresden Nuclear Power Station and the NRC inspector s discussed the results of this inspection with Mr. Karaba and other members of your staff. The results of the inspection are documented in the enclosed report.

The NRC inspector s did not identify any finding or violation of more-than-minor significance.

This letter and its enclosure will be made available for public inspection and copying at and at the NRC Public Document Room in accordance with Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations (10 CFR) 2.390, "Public Inspections, Exemptions, Requests for Withholding."

If you choose to provide a response that contains Security-Related Information, please mark your entire response "Security-Related Information-Withhold from public disclosure under 10 CFR 2.390" in accordance with 10 CFR 2.390(d)(1) and follow the instructions for withholding in 10 CFR 2.390(b)(1). The NRC is waiving the affidavit requirements for your response in accordance with 10 CFR 2.390(b)(1)(ii). Should you have any questions concerning this inspection, we will be pleased to discuss them with you.


/RA/ Steven K. Orth, Chief Plant Support Branch Division of Reactor Safety Docket Nos. 50-237; 50-249;72-037 License Nos. DPR-19; DPR-25 Enclosure:

IR 05000237/201 841 1; 05000249/

201841 1 cc: L. Antos, Security Director, Dresden A. Khayyat, State Liaison Officer, Illinois Emergency Management Agency Distribution via LISTSERV


The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) continued monitoring licensee's performance by conducting a Security Baseline Inspection at Dresden Nuclear Power Station

, Units 2 and 3 , in accordance with the Reactor Oversight Process. The Reactor Oversight Process is the NRC's program for overseeing the safe operation of commercial nuclear power reactors. Refer to for more information. The NRC and self-revealed findings, violations, and additional items are summarized in the table below.

List of Findings and Violations No findings or violations were identified.

Additional Tracking Item s None.



S Inspections were conducted using the appropriate portions of the inspection procedures in effect at the beginning of the inspection unless otherwise noted. Samples were declared complete when the inspection procedure requirements most appropriate to the inspection activity were met consistent with Inspection Manual Chapter 2515, "Light

-Water Reactor Inspection Program

- Operations Phase." The inspectors reviewed selected procedures and records, observed activities, and interviewed personnel to assess licensee performance and compliance with Commission rules and regulations, license conditions, site procedures, and standards.


71130.04 - Equipment Performance, Testing, and Maintenance

The inspectors evaluated the Security Testing and Maintenance Program. The following elements were evaluated:

Tier I: All Tier II: (02.09a; 02.11c; 02

.12. a; 02.13a)

Tier III: (02.14; 02.15a, b, c)

71130.14 - Review of Power Reactor Target Sets Security Training

The inspectors evaluated the Security Target Set Program. The following elements were evaluated:


02.02 (a-d, f); 02.03; 02.04 (a-b);


No findings or violations were identified.


The inspector s confirmed that proprietary information was controlled to protect from public disclosure.

On June 8, 2018 , the inspector s presented the baseline security inspection results to Mr. Karaba, and other members of the licensee staff.



71130.04 - Equipment Performance, Testing, and Maintenance

- Dresden Nuclear Power Station Physical Security Plan; Revision 18

- Security Event Logs; March through May 2018

- SY-AA-101-122; Testing Security Equipment; Revision 22

- SY-AA-101-122-1001; Performance of Security System Tests; Revision 13

- SY-DR-101-122-1001; Dresden Site Specific Testing; Revision 27

- SY-AA-1015; Firearms Maintenance, Testing and Accountability; Revision 17

- SY-AA-101-1015-F-01; Shift Weapons Maintenance Logs; 2017

- SY-AA-1015-F-02; Record of Annual Bullet Resistant Vest Data; 2017

-2018; Revision 4

- SY-AA-101-103-F-01; Vehicle

Barrier System Inspection Program Checklist; Second Quarter

of 2017; PMID No. 00012963

-01; Revision 1

- SY-AA-1021; Millennium Protective Mask; Revision 6

- SY-AA-1021 Attachment 1; Millennium Protective Mask Inspection Logs; 2017

- SY-AA-1022; Miles Weapons Maintenance Logs; 2017

- SY-AA-1022-F-03; Miles Equipment Usage; Revision 7

- EC # 619732; Design Change Package for Security Card Reader Replacement; 07/18/2018 - NOSA-DRE-18-02 (AR 4091381); Audit Report Dresden Station Security Programs;

01/16/2 018 - Current Armalite Armorer Training Certificates for the following: John Barowski, Greg Peck, Thomas Pille, Harry Schmidt, Jeff Whittum; Various Dates

- OC Expiration Dates; 05/15/2018 - DOS 0080-01; Security Diesel Generator Loaded Surveillance Test; Revision 35

- DES 8300-13; Unit 1 and 2/3 Diesel Fire Pump & Security Diesel Starting Battery Surveillance & Maintenance Procedure; Revision 19

- Nasatka Barrier NMSB Model XV Mobile Barrier Unit User Manual; Undated

- AR 04069891; MREQ; Complete Semi Annual Biometrics Threshold Verification; 06/30/2018 - Card Alarm history by Clear Code;

01/15-18/2018 - Work Order 04734280; D2/3 3

M AD NSMART Quarterly Reboot; 03/29/2018 - AR 03958182; Annual X

-Ray PM; 05/26/2017 - Smiths Detection Field Service Report;

05/26/2017 - Work Order 01938405; D1/2/3 AN COM Security Tamper Test Work;

09/13/2017 - AR 02470378; Security MREQ No 11; Ammunition Change Out; 10/0 7/2016 71130.14-Review of Power Reactor Target Sets Security Training

- DOA 0010-18; Escalated Security Event / Hostile Force Intrusion; Revision 42

- SY-DR-101-502; Dresden Target Set; Revision 9

- SY-DR-101-502-F-09; Addendum Target Set Basis Information; Revision 4

- SY-AA-500-127; Safety / Security Interface; Revision 6

- Target Set Operator Action Timeline Summary; 05/28/2013 - AR 04146020; Security

- NRC Target Set Inspection Observation; 06/11/2018 - AR 04115696; Security Annual Target Set Review / Self


03/16/2018 - AR 04011893; Security Annual Target Set Review; 06/0 6/2017