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Places with nuclear power plants.

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 DocketCompanySite typeCommission dateRenewal dateDecommission date
Arkansas NuclearEntergyPlant21 May 1974
Armed Forces Radiobiology Research InstituteDepartment of DefenseUniversity
Beaver ValleyFirstEnergyPlant2 July 1976
BellevilleÉlectricité de FrancePlant
Big Rock PointConsumers EnergyPlant29 March 196329 August 1997
BlayaisÉlectricité de FrancePlant
BraidwoodExelonPlant2 July 1987
Brigham Young UniversityUniversity
Browns FerryTennessee Valley AuthorityPlant
BrunswickDuke EnergyPlant27 December 1974
BugeyÉlectricité de France
ByronExelonPlant14 February 1985
Calvert CliffsExelonPlant31 July 1974
CatawbaDuke EnergyPlant17 January 1985
ChangjiangChina National Nuclear Corporation
ChattanoogaTennessee Valley AuthorityHeadquarters
ChinonÉlectricité de France
ChoozÉlectricité de France
ClintonExelonPlant17 April 1987
ColumbiaEnergy NorthwestPlant13 April 1984
Comanche PeakLuminantPlant17 April 1990
CookAmerican Electric PowerPlant25 October 1974
CooperEntergyPlant18 January 1974
CruasÉlectricité de France
Crystal RiverDuke EnergyPlant13 March 197720 February 2013
DampierreÉlectricité de France
Davis BesseCleveland ElectricPlant31 July 1978
Diablo CanyonPacific Gas & ElectricPlant2 November 1984
DoelEngie Electrabel
Douglas Point
DresdenExelonPlant4 July 1960
Duane ArnoldNextEra EnergyPlant
DungenessEDF EnergyPlant
Entergy HeadquartersEntergyHeadquarters
FarleySouthern NuclearPlant
FermiDTE EnergyPlant7 August 1966
FessenheimÉlectricité de France
FitzPatrickExelonPlant17 October 1974
FlamanvilleÉlectricité de France
Fort CalhounOmaha Public Power DistrictPlant9 August 197324 October 2016
Fort Saint VrainXcel EnergyPlantJuly 19791989
GinnaExelonPlant19 September 1969
GolfechÉlectricité de France
Grand GulfEntergyPlant
GravelinesÉlectricité de France
Haddam NeckConnecticut Yankee Atomic Power CoPlant19681996
HallamPlant2 January 19621964
HarrisDuke EnergyPlant24 October 1986
HartlepoolEDF EnergyPlant
HatchSouthern NuclearPlant
HeyshamEDF EnergyPlant
Hinkley PointEDF EnergyPlant
Hope CreekPSEGPlant
Humboldt BayPacific Gas and ElectricPlantAugust 19632 July 1976
HunterstonEDF EnergyPlant
Idaho State UniversityUniversity
Indian PointEntergyPlantAugust 1962
Kennett SquareExelonHeadquarters
KewauneeDominionPlant16 June 19747 May 2013
La CrosseDairyland Power CooperativePlant7 November 196930 April 1987
LeeDuke EnergyPlant
LimerickExelonPlant8 August 1985
MIT Nuclear Research ReactorUniversity
Maine YankeeMaine Yankee Atomic Power CompanyPlant28 December 19721 August 1997
McGuireDuke EnergyPlant27 May 1981
MillstoneDominionPlant7 October 1970
MonticelloXcel EnergyPlant8 September 1970
NRC HeadquartersNRCHeadquarters
NRC Region 1NRCHeadquarters
NRC Region 4NRCHeadquarters
Nine Mile PointExelonPlant26 December 1974
NogentÉlectricité de FrancePlant
North AnnaDominionPlant1 April 1978
North Carolina State UniversityUniversity
Nuclear Energy Institute
OconeeDuke EnergyPlant6 February 1973
Ohio State UniversityUniversity
Oyster CreekExelonPlant2 July 199117 September 2018
Palo VerdeArizona Public ServicePlant1 June 1985
PaluelÉlectricité de France
Peach BottomExelonPlantJune 1967
PenlyÉlectricité de France
Pennsylvania State UniversityHeadquarters
PerryFirstEnergyPlant13 November 1986
PickeringOntario Power Generation
PilgrimEntergyPlant8 June 197231 May 2019
Point BeachNextEra EnergyPlant21 December 1970
Point LepreauNB Power
Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant
Prairie IslandXcel EnergyPlant5 April 1974
Purdue UniversityUniversity
Quad CitiesExelonPlant14 December 1972
Rancho SecoSacramento Municipal Utility DistrictPlant17 April 19757 June 1989
Reed CollegeReed Research ReactorUniversity
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteUniversity
River BendEntergyPlant
RobinsonDuke EnergyPlant
Saint LucieNextEra EnergyPlant1 March 1976
Saint-AlbanÉlectricité de France
Saint-LaurentÉlectricité de France
SalemPSEGPlant1 December 1976
San OnofreSouthern California EdisonPlant1 January 19687 June 2013
SaxtonGPU NuclearPlantNovember 1961May 1972
SeabrookNextEra EnergyPlant
SequoyahTennessee Valley AuthorityPlant17 September 1980
ShorehamLong Island Lighting CompanyPlant1 August 19861 May 1989
SizewellEDF EnergyPlant
South TexasSTP Nuclear Operating CompanyPlant22 March 1988
SummerSouth Carolina Electric & Gas CompanyPlant
SusquehannaTalen EnergyPlant8 June 1983
Texas A&M UniversityUniversity
Three Mile IslandExelonPlant2 September 197420 September 2019
TianwanJiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation
TornessEDF Energy
TricastinÉlectricité de France
TrojanPGEPlant20 May 19769 November 1992
Turkey PointNextEra EnergyPlant19 July 1972
University of Florida05000083University
University of IllinoisUniversity
University of MichiganUniversity
University of Missouri-ColumbiaUniversity
University of Missouri-RollaUniversity
University of Texas at AustinUniversity
University of WisconsinUniversity
VallecitosGEH HitachiHeadquarters
Vermont YankeeEntergyPlant30 November 197229 December 2014
VogtleSouthern NuclearPlant
Washington State UniversityUniversity
Watts BarTennessee Valley AuthorityPlant
Wolf CreekWolf Creek Nuclear Operating CorporationPlant
Yankee RowePlant19 August 196026 February 1992
ZionExelonPlant31 December 197313 February 1998

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