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ML19224B50912 August 2019CooperNotice of Violation, NRC Investigation Report 4-2019-004
ML19211C60012 August 2019Peach BottomNRC to Fws, Request for Concurrence with the Nrc'S Determination That Subsequent License Renewal of Peach Bottom Is Not Likely to Adversely Affect the Northern Long-Eared Bat or Indiana Bat
ML19219A03612 August 201907103092Letter to R. W. Boyle Revalidation Recommendation for the French Certificate of Approval No. F/381/AF-96, Revision Dk, Model No. TNF-XI Package (Docket No. 71-3092)(w/Enclosure 1)
ML19213A17212 August 201999900003NRC Announcement Letter for Vendor Inspection at GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy IR No. 99900351/2019-201
ML19212A65112 August 2019PilgrimTransmittal of Final Accident Sequence Precursor Report (Licensee Event Report 293-2019-001)
ML19221B6039 August 2019Point BeachLtr. 08/09/19 Point Beach Nuclear Plant, Units 1 and 2 - Notification of an NRC Biennial Licensed Operator Requalification Program Inspection and Request for Information (DRS-J.Seymour)
ML19210D4139 August 2019New Hampshire - State Liaison Officer Appointment of Jennifer Harper
ML19221B4469 August 2019PerryLtr. 08/08/19 Perry Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1 - Scheduling and Confirmation of Initial License Reexamination for September 2019 (DRS-R.Baker)
ML19213A1948 August 2019FarleyRelief from Impractical American Society of Mechanical Engineers Code Requirements (FNP-ISI-RR-02)
IR 05000280/20194118 August 2019SurryTarget Set Inspection Report 05000280/2019411 and 05000281/2019411
IR 05000282/20194128 August 2019Prairie IslandNRC Security Baseline Inspection Report 05000282/2019412; 05000306/2019412 (Cover Letter Only) (DRS-J.Kutlesa)
ML19199A1828 August 201999902024Final Safety Evaluation for NEDC-33173P Supplement 6 - Applicability of GE Methods to Expanded Operating Domains - Removal of the Safety Limit Minimum Critical Power Raito (SLMCPR) Penalty
ML19218A3278 August 2019Watts BarUnit 2 - Correction to Amendment No. 30 Regarding the Use of Optimized Zirlo Fuel Rod Cladding
IR 05000348/20190028 August 2019Farley
NRC Integrated Inspection Report 05000348/2019002, 05000364/2019002 and 07200042/2019001
IR 05000237/20190028 August 2019DresdenIntegrated Inspection Report 05000237/2019002; 05000249/2019002; and 07200037/2019001
ML19184A5858 August 2019McGuireIssuance of Amendment Nos. 316 and 295 to Correct Editorial Error in Technical Specification 3.0 and Remove Expired Footnotes from TS 3.5.2, 3.6.6, 3.7.5, 3.7.6, 3.7.7, 3.7.9, 3.7.11, 3.8.1, and 3.8.4
ML19220B3588 August 2019VogtleNRC Security Baseline Inspection Report 05200025/2019401 and 05200026/2019401
ML19183A3438 August 2019Oyster CreekRescission of Interim Compensatory Measure B.1 from Order EA-02-06 and Order EA-06-137 for Decommissioning of Oyster Creek Generating Station (EPID-219-LLA-0047)
ML19220B6928 August 2019Quad CitiesQuad Cities Nuclear Power Station, Units 1 and 2 - Confirmation of Initial License Examination
IR 05000369/20190107 August 2019McGuireWilliam B. McGuire Nuclear Station - Triennial Inspection of Evaluation of Changes, Tests, and Experiments Baseline Inspection Report 05000369/2019010 and 05000370/2019010
ML19205A2107 August 2019Peach BottomNotice of Availability of the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for Subsequent License Renewal of Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Units 2 and 3 - Shpo
IR 05000250/20190027 August 2019Turkey PointIntegrated Inspection Report 05000250/2019002 and 05000251/2019002
ML19205A2117 August 2019Peach BottomNotice of Availability of the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for Subsequent License Renewal of Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Units 2 and 3
ML19205A2127 August 2019Peach BottomNotice of Availability of the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for Subsequent License Renewal of Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Units 2 and 3 - Achp
ML19220B6787 August 2019VogtleNRC Integrated Inspection Report 05200025/2019002, and 05200026/2019002
ML19219A1917 August 2019Byron
NON-PROPRIETARY, Regulatory Audit Summary Regarding License Amendment Request to Utilize Tvel TVS-K Lead Test Assemblies
ML19219A1227 August 201908/07/2019 Letter to G. Perez California Impep Scheduling Letter and Questionnaire for October 2019
ML19218A1547 August 201908/07/2019 Letter to C. Warzecha Wisconsin FY2019 Draft Impep Report
IR 05000424/20190026 August 2019Vogtle
Integrated Inspection Report 05000424/2019002, 05000425/2019002 and 07201039/2019001
ML19186A2056 August 2019Hope CreekIssuance of Amendment No. 217 Remote Shutdown System
ML19218A3786 August 2019SequoyahCorporate Notification Letter Aka 210-day Letter
IR 05000321/20190026 August 2019Hatch
Integrated Inspection Report 05000321/2019002, 05000366/2019002 and 07200036/2019001
ML19218A3766 August 201907000143Nfs - NRC Physical Security Inspection Report 07000143/2019405
ML19214A2326 August 201905000166University of Maryland - Regulatory Audit for License Amendment Request for the Use of 16 Additional Fuel Elements in the Maryland University Training Reactor
IR 05000321/20193016 August 2019HatchOperator Licensing Written Examination Approval 05000321/2019301 and 05000366/2019301
ML19198A1796 August 201999902021Request for Materials Reliability Program: MRP 2019-009, Interim Guidance Regarding MRP-227-A and MRP-227, Revision 1 PWR Core Barrel and Core Support Barrel Inspection Requirements
IR 05000352/20190026 August 2019LimerickIntegrated Inspection Report 05000352/2019002 and 05000353/2019002
ML19214A0256 August 2019SurryProject Manager Reassignment
ML19212A1396 August 2019Davis BesseWithdrawal of Licensing Actions Associated with the Permanent Shut Down of the Plant (Epids L-2018-LLA-0287, L-2019-LLA-0011, L-2019-LLA-0012, L-2019-LLE-0011, and L-2019-LLQ-0000)
ML19218A1246 August 2019Turkey PointNRC Security Inspection Report 2019410
IR 05000387/20190106 August 2019SusquehannaTemporary Instruction 2515/191 Inspection Report 05000387/2019010 and 05000388/2019010
IR 05000361/20194015 August 2019San OnofrePhysical Security Inspection Report 05000361/2019401 and 05000362/2019401
IR 05000280/20190025 August 2019SurryNRC Integrated Inspection Report 05000280/2019002 and 05000281/2019002; 07200055/2019001
IR 05000400/20190025 August 2019HarrisNuclear Regulatory Commission Integrated Inspection Report 05000400/2019002
IR 05000261/20190025 August 2019Robinson
NRC Integrated Inspection Report 05000261/2019002, and Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation Inspection (ISFSI) Report 07200060/2019001
ML19205A3535 August 2019GinnaR. E. Ginna Nuclear Power Plant - Issuance of Relief Request Associated with Alternatives GR-01, VR-01, and VR-02 for the Sixth 10-Year Inservice Testing Program (EPID L-2018-LLR-0382; EPID L-2018-LLR-0383)
ML19217A1925 August 2019Prairie IslandLtr 08/05/19 Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant, Units 1 and 2-Notification of an NRC Biennial Licensed Operator Requalification Program Inspection and Request for Information (Rdb)
ML19163A1655 August 2019Browns FerryRequest for Withholding Information from Public Disclosure
ML19205A4535 August 2019GinnaR. E. Ginna Nuclear Power Plant - Issuance of Relief Request Associated with Alternatives PR-01 and PR-02 for Sixth 10-Year Inservice Testing Program
IR 05000352/20194105 August 2019LimerickSecurity Inspection Report 05000352/2019410 and 05000353/2019410
IR 05000338/20190025 August 2019North Anna
Integrated Inspection Report 05000338/2019002 and 05000339/2019002; 07200056/2019001
ML19150A2955 August 2019PROJ0734Supplement to the 2013 U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Saltstone Disposal Facility Monitoring Plan
ML19217A1245 August 201907109341Letter to P. Noss Issuance of Letter Authorization to Correct Operating Procedures for the Model No. Bea Research Reactor Package (W/Enclosure)
IR 05000298/20190025 August 2019CooperIntegrated Inspection Report 05000298/2019002
ML19214A1162 August 201907001257Framatome, Inc., Nuclear Regulatory Commission Integrated Inspection Report 07001257/2019003
ML19192A1712 August 2019FarleyRelief from Inservice Impractical ASME Code Requirements (FNP-ISI-RR-03)
ML19214A2682 August 2019August 2019 RAI Letter to Grow Generation Corporation for New Exempt Distribution License
IR 05000282/20190022 August 2019Prairie IslandIntegrated Inspection Report 05000282/2019002 and 05000306/2019002
ML19213A1622 August 201908/02/2019 Letter to J. Hyland Maine Revised Final Regulations to Rats Ids 2003-1, 2004-1, 2005-2, 2006-1, 2007-1, 2007-2, 2007-3, 2008-1, 2009-1, and 2012-1
IR 05000263/20190022 August 2019MonticelloIntegrated Inspection Report 05000263/2019002
IR 05000275/20190021 August 2019Diablo CanyonNRC Integrated Inspection Report 05000275/2019002 and 05000323/2019002
ML19213A1601 August 2019Monticello
Prairie Island
Submittal of Quality Assurance Topical Report (NSPM-1), Revision 14
ML19170A3621 August 2019CookIssuance of Amendment Approval of Application of Proprietary Leak-Before-Break Methodology for Reactor Coolant System Small Diameter Piping
IR 05000315/20190021 August 2019CookIntegrated Inspection Report 05000315/2019002 and 05000316/2019002
ML19213A0371 August 201907103035Letter to R. Boyle Certificate of Approval No. J/61/B(U)F-96, Revision 3, for the Model No. JCR-80Y-20T Packaging (Docket No. 71-3035) (W/Enclosure 1)
ML19213A3371 August 201907001113Global Nuclear Fuel-Americas, L.L.C - Nuclear Regulatory Commission Integrated Inspection Report 70-1113/2019-003
ML19212A1651 August 2019Acknowledgment of July 17, 2019, Letter, Waste Control Specialists' Concerns with Regulatory Issue Summary (RIS) 2016-11, Requests to Dispose of Very Low-Level Radioactive Waste Pursuant to Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations (10 CF
ML19178A3231 August 201908/01/2019 Letter to D. Matos Proposed Regulations to Rats Ids 2018-1 and 2018-2, and Revised Final Regulations to Rats Id 2013-2
IR 05000321/20190111 August 2019HatchTriennial Inspection of Evaluation of Changes, Tests and Experiments Baseline Inspection Report 05000321/2019011 and 05000366/2019011
ML19213A2461 August 2019LimerickLicense Amendment Request - Proposed Relocation of Chlorine and Toxic Gas Detection System Technical Specifications
ML19212A6441 August 201908/01/2019-Letter to T Howard Re Utah Proposed Regulations to Rats Ids Id 2018-1
IR 05000346/20190021 August 2019Davis BesseIntegrated Inspection Report 05000346/2019002
ML19212A6681 August 201908/01/2019 Letter to C. Becker Florida Revised License Condition Part 37 Requirements) and Final Regulations to Rats Ids 2015-1, 2015-2, 2015-4 and 2015-5
IR 05000397/20190021 August 2019ColumbiaIntegrated Inspection Report 05000397/2019002 and 05000397/2019012
ML19199A1141 August 2019Peach BottomNotice of Availability of Draft Supplement 10, Second Renewal to the Generic Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants Regarding Subsequent License Renewal for Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station Units 2 and 3
IR 05000313/20190021 August 2019Arkansas NuclearIntegrated Inspection Report No. 05000313/2019002 and 05000368/2019002
IR 05000275/20190101 August 2019Diablo CanyonDesign Basis Assurance Inspection (Teams) Inspection Report 05000275/2019010 and 05000323/2019010
IR 05000369/20190021 August 2019McGuireIntegrated Inspection Report 05000369/2019002 and 05000370/2019002
ML19191A0851 August 201908/01/2019 Letter to M. Broderick Oklahoma Proposed Regulations to 10 CFR Part 32 and Rats Ids 2018-1 and 2018-2
IR 05000331/20190021 August 2019Duane ArnoldIntegrated Inspection Report 05000331/2019002
ML19211B7751 August 2019Humboldt BayLetter to Susan Fanelli, CA Dept of Public Health from C. Roman, Subject: Review of the Draft Environmental Assessment for the Amendment of the Us Nuclear Regulatory Commission License Number SNM-2514 for the Humboldt Bay Independent Spent
ML19213A33531 July 201907000143Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc., U.S. NRC Integrated Inspection Report No. 07000143/2019003
IR 05000382/201900231 July 2019WaterfordIntegrated Inspection Report 05000382/2019002
ML19212A05231 July 2019Nine Mile PointPSEG Long Island Concurs with Exelon Generation'S Application for an Amendment to the Facility Operating License for Nine Mile Point Unit 2 to Delete Certain Conditions from the License That Impose Specific Requirements on the Decommissioni
ML19134A19331 July 201999902038Radics Final Nonproprietary SE and Transmittal Letter
ML19210C55831 July 201907/31/2019 Letter to D. Woodlief Florida Fy 2019 Draft Impep Report
IR 05000254/201900231 July 2019Quad CitiesIntegrated Inspection Report 05000254/2019002 and 05000265/2019002
ML19210C57131 July 2019Peach BottomSchedule Revision for the Review of the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station Units 2 & 3 Subsequent License Renewal Application (EPID Nos. L-2018-RNW-0012/L-2018-RNW-0013)
ML19213A33631 July 201907003103Louisiana Energy Services, LLC (Les), Aba Urenco USA NRC Integrated Inspection Report 07003103/2019003
ML19148A74431 July 2019Turkey Point
Saint Lucie
Issuance of Amendment Nos. 161, 249, 200, 287, and 281 to Add Technical Specification Limiting Condition for Operation 3.0.6
ML19183A02331 July 2019FermiSafety Evaluation Regarding Implementation of Hardened Containment Vents Capable of Operation Under Severe Accident Conditions Related to Order EA-13-109
IR 05000461/201904031 July 2019Clinton95001 Supplemental Inspection Report 05000461/2019040 and Assessment Follow-up Letter
ML19205A14031 July 2019Idaho State UniversityExamination Report No. 50-284/OL-19-01, Idaho State University
ML19134A28931 July 201999902028Final Proprietary Safety Evaluation for Radics Topical Report (CAC No. MF8411, EPID L-2016-TOP-0010)
ML19212A68731 July 201907001151Westinghouse Electric Company - Nuclear Regulatory Commission Integrated Inspection Report Number 70-1151/2019-003
ML19214A14331 July 2019San OnofreTransmittal of CEN-283(S)-P/NP, Part 1, Statistical Combination of Uncertainties Part 1; Combination of System Parameter Uncertainties in Thermal Margin Analyses for San Onofre Nuclear Units 2 and 3, and CEN-283(S)-P/NP, Part 2, Statistical
ML19206A65131 July 2019SurrySchedule Revisions for the Subsequent License Renewal Application Review
ML19210C54331 July 2019Big Rock PointLetter to M. Halter Exemption from 10 CFR 50.54(w)(1) for the Big Rock Point Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation
ML19212A57131 July 2019Watts Bar
Registration of Spent Fuel Storage Cask Pursuant to 10 CFR 72.212(b)(2)
IR 05000373/201800431 July 2019LaSalleErrata - LaSalle County Station, Units 1 and 2 - NRC Integrated Inspection Report 05000373/2018004 and 05000374/2018004
ML19190A02530 July 201999902038Cover Letter Draft Safety Evaluation for Westinghouse Electric Company LTR-NRC-19-15, Notification of Changes to Westinghouse Qms
ML19211C25530 July 2019SalemSenior Reactor and Reactor Operator Initial License Examinations
ML19140A44730 July 2019Prairie IslandIssuance of Amendments Revision to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard NFPA 805 Modifications
ML19162A09330 July 2019MonticelloIssuance of Amendment No, 202 Regarding Deletion of the Note Associated with Technical Specification 3.5.1., Erccs - Operating
ML19193A07730 July 2019AerotestAerotest Operations, Inc. - Acceptance Review and Milestone Date for Completion of the Review of License Amendment Request Related to Permanent Cessation of Operation of the Aerotest Radiography and Research Reactor, Facility Operating Lice
ML19211C37830 July 2019FitzPatrickSenior Reactor and Reactor Operator Initial License Examinations
ML19210D96530 July 2019Washington State UniversityExamination Report No. 50-027/OL-19-01, Washington State University
ML19211C77430 July 2019Indian PointRequalification Program Inspection
ML19211B51730 July 2019Saint LucieRequalification Program Inspection - St. Lucie Nuclear Plant
ML19211B50930 July 2019PilgrimSupplement to Requests for Exemption from 10 CFR 50.54(w)(1), Concerning On-Site Property Damage Insurance and from 10 CFR 140.11(a)(4), Concerning Primary and Secondary Liability Insurance
ML19211D56230 July 201907000027BWXT Nuclear Operations Group - Nuclear Regulatory Commission Integrated Inspection 70-27/2019-003 and Notice of Violation
IR 05000266/201900230 July 2019Point BeachIntegrated Inspection Report 05000266/2019002 and 05000301/2019002
ML19214A04730 July 2019SurryEmergency Core Cooling System Model Change Pursuant to the Requirements of 10 CFR 50.46 Submittal Schedule Commitment Change
ML19158A29030 July 2019CallawayIssuance of Amendment No. 220 Regarding Emergency Action Level Scheme Changes
IR 05000354/201900230 July 2019Hope CreekIntegrated Inspection Report 05000354/2019002
ML19214A04630 July 2019SummerLicense Amendment Request to Revise the Company Name
ML19176A08630 July 2019Nine Mile PointIssuance of Amendment No. 237 Changes to Containment Oxygen Concentration Requirements
ML19197A28730 July 2019FermiSupplemental Information Needed for Acceptance of Requested Licensing Action Submittal of Valve Relief Requests for the Inservice Testing Program Fourth 10-Year Interval (EPID L-2019-LLR-0056, and L-2019-LLR-0058)
ML19156A26230 July 2019FarleyIssuance of Amendments 224 and 221 Performance-Based Fire Protection Alternative for Thermal Insulation Material
ML19210E47029 July 2019PilgrimTransmittal of Response to NRC Request for Additional Information Regarding Request for Direct and Indirect License Transfers, RAI-PFPB-1 and - 2
ML19192A26729 July 201907-29-19 Letter to the Honorable John Barrasso Et Al., from Chairman Svinicki, Responds to Request That NRC Initiate a Process to Develop a Generic Environmental Impact Statement for the Construction and Operation of Advanced Nuclear Reacto
ML19204A20429 July 2019Washington State UniversityWashington State University - Approval of the Revised Operator Requalification Program for the Washington State University Research Reactor
IR 05000341/201901229 July 2019FermiDesign Basis Assurance Inspection (Teams); Inspection Report 05000341/2019012 (DRS-N.Feliz-Adorno)
ML19213A32329 July 2019Duane ArnoldFEMA - Review Requested of Revision Requested of Revision to the Duane Arnold Energy Center (DAEC) Emergency Plan to Address the Permanently Defueled Condition
ML19168A11729 July 2019Calvert CliffsIssuance of Relief Request 15R-03 Use of ASME Code N-513-4
ML19210D31929 July 201905000326University of California-Irvine, Docket Number 50-326, License Number R-116, Personnel Changes
ML19210C87729 July 2019ClintonNotice of Intent to Pursue License Renewal
ML19205A46829 July 2019STC-19-047-Notice of Request for Comment: Draft Regulatory Basis: Disposal of Greater than- Class C and Transuranic Waste
IR 05000255/201901129 July 2019PalisadesLtr. 07/29/19 Palisades Nuclear Plant - Information Request for NRC Triennial Evaluations of Changes, Tests, and Experiments (50.59) Baseline Inspection; Inspection Report 05000255/2019011 (DRS-D.Szwarc)
ML19205A12629 July 2019Watts BarTemporary Project Manager Change Letter
ML19214A02829 July 201907109365Letter to D. Sanchette Certificate of Compliance No. 9365, Revision No. 2, for the Model No. RT-100 Package
ML19196A23529 July 2019MIT Nuclear Research ReactorMassachusetts Institute of Technology Research Reactor - Closure of Confirmatory Action Letter No. NRR-02-005 on the Site Specific Compensatory Measures Implementation Plan
IR 05000483/201941129 July 2019CallawayNRC Security Inspection Report 05000483/2019411
ML19203A11029 July 201907000027Letter to CT Terry: Acknowledgement of Request to Withdraw Request to Rescind Order
ML19200A19226 July 2019University of Texas at AustinUniversity of Texas at Austin - Approval of the Revised Operator Requalification Program Renewal of Facility Operating License No. R 129 for the University of Texas at Austin Research Reactor
IR 05000352/201901026 July 2019LimerickTemporary Instruction 2515/191 Inspection Report 05000352/2019010 and 05000353/2019010
ML19207A11426 July 2019BraidwoodLtr. 07/26/19 Braidwood Station, Units 1 and 2 - Notification of an NRC Biennial Licensed Operator Requalification Program Inspection and Request for Information (DRS-R.Baker)
ML19203A16626 July 2019Saint LucieIssuance of Exigent Amendment No. 248 Technical Specification 3/4.8.1 Change to Allow for a One-Time Extension of the Allowed Outage Time for One Emergency Diesel Generator
IR 05000440/201900226 July 2019PerryIntegrated Inspection Report 5000440/2019002
IR 05000454/201900226 July 2019ByronIntegrated Inspection Report 05000454/2019002 and 05000455/2019002
IR 05000456/201900226 July 2019BraidwoodIntegrated Inspection Report 05000456/2019002 and 05000457/2019002
IR 05000255/201900226 July 2019PalisadesIntegrated Inspection Report 05000255/2019002
ML19212A28426 July 201905000193State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations - Annual Report 2019
IR 05000341/201900226 July 2019Fermi
Integrated Inspection Report 05000341/2019002 and 07200071/2019001
ML19141A15825 July 201907201051Letter and Enclosuletter to Holtec International Responses to Holtec Hi-Store Environmental Requests for Additional Information
ML19204A26925 July 2019VogtleRequest for Withholding Information from Public Disclosure, Vogtle Electric Generating Plant, Units 3 and 4, (LAR-19-001 (Westinghouse CAW-19-4877))
ML19206A18025 July 2019Peach BottomSupplement No. 8 - Changes to the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Units 2 and 3, Subsequent License Renewal Application
ML19203A26525 July 201907109362Letter to F. Hilbert Certificate of Compliance No. 9362, Revision No. 0, for the Model No. DN30 Package (W/Enclosure 2)
ML19211B17125 July 2019McGuire
Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) - Notification of Dry Cask Registration Use
ML19199A14425 July 2019PalisadesReview of the Fall 2018 Steam Generator Tube Inspection Report
ML19221B58325 July 2019Turkey PointBiological Opinion for Turkey Point Nuclear Plant Units 3 and 4 License Renewal
ML19177A24825 July 2019FitzPatrickLetter to Entergy Regarding Validation of Proposed Revision to Operator Initial Licensing Examination Process
ML19178A12625 July 2019Letter to NextEra Regarding Validation of Proposed Revision to Operator Initial Licensing Examination Process
ML19206A36425 July 2019University of Missouri-RollaExamination Confirmation Letter No. 50-123/OL-19-02, Missouri University of Science and Technology
ML19177A34125 July 2019Letter to GGNS Regarding Validation of Proposed Revision to Operator Initial Licensing Examination Process
ML19112A01125 July 2019Watts BarExemption from the Requirements of 10 CFR Section 50.46 and Appendix K to 10 CFR Part 50
ML19189A08525 July 2019Oyster CreekNmfs to NRC, Reinitiation of Formal Consultation for Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station
ML19184A10925 July 201999901376Draft Safety Evaluation for Proposed Amendment 47 to Nede 24011-P-A-27, - General Electric Standard Application for Reactor Fuel Gestar II)
ML19112A00425 July 2019Watts BarIssuance of Amendment Nos. 127 and 30 Regarding the Use of Optimized Zirlo Fuel Rod Cladding
IR 05000335/201900225 July 2019Saint LucieIntegrated Inspection Report 05000335/2019002 and 05000389/2019002
ML19037A34825 July 2019Peach BottomIssuance of Environmental Scoping Summary Report Associated with the Staff'S Review of the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station Units 2 and 3 Subsequent License Renewal Application
IR 05000348/201941025 July 2019FarleyU.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Physical Security Inspection Report 05000348/2019410 and 05000364/2019410
ML19182A17425 July 2019Replenishment of Potassium Iodide for the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station Plume Exposure Pathway Emergency Planning Zone
ML19170A20625 July 20190630000107/25/2019, Letter to the Honorable Frank Pallone, Jr., Et Al., from Chairman Svinicki, Submits the June 2019 Monthly Status Report on the NRC Activities and Expenditures of Unobligated Carryover Funds Appropriated from the Nuclear Waste Fu
IR 07200011/201940125 July 201907200011Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation, Physical Security Requirements for Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations and Inspection Report 072-00011/2019401
ML19211B28625 July 2019Modification No. 004 to Interagency Agreement No. 31310018F0009
ML19199A05325 July 201999901376Final Safety Evaluation for Global Nuclear Fuel - Americas, LLC, Proposed Amendment 48 to Nede-24011-P-A-26,- General Electric Standard Application for Reactor Fuel (Gestarii) - EPID L-2018-TOP-0040)
IR 05000424/201920125 July 2019VogtleNRC Inspection Report 05000424/2019201 and 05000425/2019201. No Findings
ML19177A34025 July 2019Letter to NEI Regarding Validation of Proposed Revision to Operator Initial Licensing Examination Process
ML19046A07924 July 2019Vogtle01/24/2019 Summary of Meeting with Southern Nuclear Operating Company to Discuss Issues Associated with Safety Review of Licensing Actions for Snc'S Vogtle Electric Generating Plant Units 3 and 4
IR 05000413/201901124 July 2019CatawbaTemporary Instruction 2515/194 Open Phase Condition Report 05000413/2019011 and 05000414/2019011
ML19206A05624 July 2019Peach BottomStations, Units 2 and 3 - Response to Request for Additional Information - License Amendment Request to Revise Technical Specifications 3.8.1, Required Action A.3, for Temporary One-Time Extension of Completion Time
IR 07200017/201940124 July 201907200017Trojan Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation, Physical Security Requirements for Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installations Inspection Report 07200017/2019401
ML19211B16824 July 2019MillstoneDay Special Report for One Train of Reactor Vessel Level Monitor Inoperable
ML19197A03024 July 2019North AnnaLetter to D. G. Stoddard U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission In-Office Review and Notice of Violation (W/Enclosure)
IR 05000293/201900224 July 2019PilgrimIntegrated Inspection Report 05000293/2019002 and Assessment Follow-up Letter
ML19205A26424 July 2019Palo VerdeThird 10-Year Interval, Third Period: Owner'S Activity Report Number U1R21
ML19205A38324 July 2019Quad CitiesLtr 07/24/19 Quad Cities Nuclear Power Station, Units 1 and 2-Operator Licensing Reexamination Approval (Rdb)
ML19211B17224 July 2019North AnnaFlood Hazard Mitigating Strategies Assessment (MSA) Report Disposition of Modified Flex Strategies
ML19211C00724 July 201905000288Reed College, Transmittal of Annual Report July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019
IR 05000219/201900224 July 2019Oyster CreekNRC Inspection Report 05000219/2019002
ML19183A40924 July 2019NuScaleOEDO-19-00314 - Response to ACRS Interim Letter Chapter 3 Section 3.9.2 and Chapters 14, 19, and 21 of the NRC Staff'S SER with Open Items Related to the DCA Review of the Nuscale SMR
IR 05000335/201930223 July 2019Saint LucieNotification of Licensed Operator Retake Initial Examination 05000335/2019302 and 05000389/2019302
ML19211B16723 July 2019MillstoneInservice Inspection Program - Owner'S Activity Report, Refueling Outage 19
ML19193A23723 July 201999900351NRC Vendor Inspection Report of Arcos Industries No. 99900351/2019-201 and Notice of Nonconformance
IR 05000285/201900223 July 2019Fort CalhounNRC Inspection Report 05000285/2019002
ML19213A25523 July 2019Davis BesseFEMA - Final After Action Report/Improviement Plan, Exercise Dates - April 16 and 17, 2019, Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) Program - Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station
ML19170A31923 July 2019GinnaR. E. Ginna Nuclear Power Plant - Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact Related to Changes to Emergency Plan Staffing Requirements
ML19198A01023 July 2019Duane Arnold
Approval of Change in the BWRVIP Integrated Surveillance Program Capsule Test Schedule to Accommodate Early Closure
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