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 Start dateSiteTitle
IR 05000390/201901013 March 2019Watts BarWatts Bar Nuclear Plant - NRC Problem Identification and Resolution Inspection; NRC Confirmatory Order; and Safety Conscious Work Environment Issue of Concern Follow-Up 05000390/2019010 and 05000391/2019010
IR 05000335/201901112 March 2019Saint LucieSt. Lucie Plant - Notification of Conduct of a Triennial Fire Protection Baseline Inspection - U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Inspection Report Nos. 05000335/2019011 and 05000389/2019011
ML19071A35312 March 2019Prairie IslandLtr. 03/12/19 Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant, Units 1 and 2 - Notification of NRC Triennial Fire Protection Baseline Inspection Request for Information; Inspection Report 05000282/2019012; 05000306/2019012 (DRS-A.Dahbur)
ML18215A19612 March 2019Grand GulfIssuance of Amendment No. 217 to Modify the Updated Safety Analysis Report to Replace Turbine First Stage Pressure Signals with Power Range Neutron Monitoring System Signals
ML18345A12112 March 2019SeabrookIssuance of Renewed Facility Operating License No. NPF-86 for Seabrook Station, Unit 1
ML19025A02312 March 2019Grand GulfIssuance of Amendment No. 216 to Revise Emergency Action Levels to a Scheme Based on NEI 99-01, Revision 6, Development of Emergency Action Levels for Non-Passive Reactors
IR 05000259/201941012 March 2019Browns FerryU.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Security Inspect Report 05000259/2019410, 05000260/2019410 and 05000296/2019410
IR 05000263/201901012 March 2019MonticelloLtr. 03/12/19 Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant - Information Request to Support Upcoming Temporary Instruction 2515/194 Inspection; Inspection Report 05000263/2019010 (DRS-A.Dahbur)
ML19065A20011 March 2019MonticelloMonticello Nuclear Generating Plant - Correction to License Amendment No. 200 Related to Adoption of TSTF-425, Relocated Surveillance Frequencies to Licensee Control - RITSTF Initiative 5B
ML18204A29111 March 2019SeabrookIssuance of Amendment No. 159 Methodology for Analysis of Seismic Category I Structures with Concrete Affected by Alkali-Silica Reaction
ML19071A05411 March 2019Point BeachPublic Outreach/Open House to Discuss NRC 2018 End-Of-Cycle Plant Performance Assessment of Point Beach, Units 1 and 2
ML19071A06311 March 2019FermiPublic Outreach/Open House to Discuss NRC 2018 End-Of-Cycle Plant Performance Assessment of Fermi Power Plant, Unit 2
ML19070A26311 March 2019VogtleVogtle Electric Generating Plant - Emergency Preparedness Program Inspection Request for Information
ML19071A15711 March 2019Diablo CanyonDiablo Canyon - Notification of NRC Design Bases Assurance Inspection (Teams) (05000275/2019010 and 05000323/2019010) and Initial Request for Information
ML19011A03211 March 2019Salem
Hope Creek
NRC to PSEG, Transmittal of the National Marine Fisheries Service'S November 23, 2018, Amendment to Incidental Take Statement for Salem and Hope Creek
ML19071A34311 March 2019SummerVirgil C. Summer Nuclear Station (Vcsns), Unit 1 - Transmittal of Radiation Emergency Plan Revision 70
ML19070A26611 March 2019RobinsonH.B. Robinson Steam Electric Plant - Emergency Preparedness Exercise Inspection Request for Information
ML19052A14211 March 2019MonticelloMonticello Nuclear Generating Plant - Correction to License Amendment No. 198 Related to Adoption of TSTF-542, Reactor Pressure Vessel Water Inventory Control
ML19015A42211 March 2019Peach BottomPeach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Units 2 and 3-Safety Evaluation Regarding Implementation of Hardened Containment Vents Capable of Operation Under Severe Accident Conditions Related to Order EA-13-109
ML19070A24511 March 201905000005
Letter- Acceptance of Audited Financial Statements for Materials License SNM-95, Docket Number 70-113, and Research Reactor License R-2, Docket Number 50-00005 (Enterprise Project Identifier L-2019-LNS-0000)
ML19066A2798 March 2019Notice of Violation, NRC Investigation Report 4-2018-002 Monzon
ML19064B3948 March 201907007016U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Approval of the Proposed Disposal Method for Certain Classified Matter by Gle Submitted Via Letters GLE-2018-0070 and GLE-2019-0075
ML19067A2798 March 201907001228610727 Void Letter for Jackson Community College to License No. SNM-1171
ML19052A2088 March 2019Watts BarRequest for Withholding Information from Public Disclosure (EPID-L-2018-LLA-0247)
ML19067A2848 March 2019Browns Ferryto TVA Request for Revision of Modifications 85, 102, and 106 Related to NFPA 805 Performance-Based Standard for Fire Protection for Light Water Reactor Electric Generating Plants for the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant, Units 1, 2, and 3..
ML19070A1308 March 2019MonticelloLtr. 03/08/19 Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant - Notification of an NRC Triennial Heat Sink Performance Inspection and Request for Information; Inspection Report 05000263/2019003 (DRS-V.Petrella)
IR 05000237/20190108 March 2019DresdenPost-Approval Site Inspection for License Renewal - Phase 4; Inspection Report 05000237/2019010 and 05000249/2019010
ML19064A0878 March 2019HatchProposed Inservice Inspection Alternative HNP-ISI-ALT-05-08
ML19058A4168 March 2019McGuireStaff Evaluation Related to Reactor Vessel Internals Inspection Plan Based on MRP-227-A
ML19066A2918 March 2019Notice of Violation, NRC Investigation Report 4-2018-002 Murdock
ML19057A0848 March 20190700115102/11/2019 Summary of Public Call to Discuss Rai'S on the Environmental Protection Program for the Westinghouse Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility License Renewal Application
ML19064B4017 March 2019Welcome Letter to North Dakota
ML19066A3817 March 2019M190530: Welcome Letter to T. Allen
ML19066A2307 March 2019Browns FerryBrowns Ferry Nuclear Plant - Notification of Licensed Operator Initial Examination 05000259/2019301, 05000260/2019301, 05000296/2019301
ML19070A1607 March 201999990003NRC Reactive Inspection Report No. 99990003/2019001(DNMS) Tilden Mining Company, L.C
ML19071A1147 March 2019North AnnaResponse to 03/12/2012 Information Request, Seismic Probabilistic Risk Assessment Supplement for Recommendation 2.1
ML19066A3657 March 2019M190530: Welcome Letter to J. Uhle
ML19066A3597 March 2019M190530: Welcome Letter to N. Wilmshurst
ML18199A3177 March 201905200027
Letter to Santee Cooper Regarding the Virgil C. Summer, Units 2 and 3, Combined License Termination
ML19067A0017 March 2019U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Review of Export License Application XSNM3789
ML19066A4087 March 2019Humboldt Bay
Diablo Canyon
Diablo Canyon Units 1 and 2 & ISFSI; Humboldt Bay Power Plant, Unit 3 - Chief Nuclear Officer Contact Information
IR 05000255/20150037 March 2019PalisadesLtr. 03/07/19 Revised NCV - Palisades Nuclear Plant NRC Integrated IR 05000255/2015003 (NCV 05000255/2015003-01; Failure to Justify Continued Service of Safety-Related Electrolytic Capacitors Installed Beyond Their Service Life (DRS-N.Feliz
IR 05000338/20194107 March 2019North AnnaU.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Physical Security Inspection Report 05000338/2019410 and 05000339/2019410
ML19066A2947 March 2019VogtleInvestigation Summary, Office of Investigations Case Number 2-2017-033
ML19066A3607 March 2019Humboldt BayNo Annual Report of Occupational Radiation Exposure for Year 2018
ML19066A3587 March 2019M190530: Welcome Letter to J. Busby
ML19070A2167 March 201903/07/19 Letter to the Honorable Edward J. Markey Et Al., Regarding Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report for Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth from Annette Vietti-Cook
ML19023A4207 March 2019SummerIssuance of Amendment Reactor Coolant System Operational Leakage Technical Specification Surveillance Requirement
ML19066A1637 March 2019EDO Response to ACRS Letter of September 26, 2018 on Chapters 7 and 8 of the NRC Staff'S Safety Evaluation Report with Open Items Related to the Certification of the Nuscale Small Modular Reactor
ML19066A3927 March 2019Humboldt BayAnnual Radioactive Effluent Release Report for 2018
ML19066A3797 March 2019SummerNotification of Inspection and Request for Information for NRC Problem Identification and Resolution Inspection
ML19053A5587 March 2019Davis BesseFederal Emergency Management Agency Review Requested of Revision to the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station Emergency Plan for Post-Shutdown and Permanently Defueled Condition
ML19044A6276 March 2019Salem
Hope Creek
Hope Creek Generating Station and Salem Nuclear Generating Station, Unit Nos. 1 and 2 - Issuance of Amendment Nos. 214, 327, and 308 Revise Technical Specifications to Adopt TSTF-529
ML19065A2976 March 2019Palo Verde10 CFR 21 Follow-up Report for General Electric Hitachi (GEH) Relay Contact Cartridge DJ148C6159P001
IR 05000528/20192016 March 2019Palo Verdeand 3 Inspection Report 05000528/2019201,05000529/2019201, and 05000530/2019201
ML19065A3076 March 2019VogtleVogtle Electric Generating Plant - Notification of Inspection and Request for Information for NRC Problem Identification and Resolution Inspection
IR 05000369/20192016 March 2019McGuire2019 William McGuire Nuclear Station; NRC Inspection Report 05000369/2019201, 05000370/2019201-Cover Letter
ML18138A3856 March 2019DresdenStaff Assessment of Flood Hazard Integrated Assessment (CAC Nos. MG0221 and MG0222; EPID L-2017-JLD-0050)
ML19070A1136 March 2019Turkey PointSubsequent License Renewal Application Safety Review Requests for Additional Information (RAI) Set 9 Responses
ML19050A3706 March 2019SalemAlternative to Reactor Vessel Nozzle Welds Examinations Inspection Interval (EPID-L-2018-LLR-0110)
ML18198A2996 March 201905200027
Combined License Termination Letter to Sce&G
ML19072A0636 March 2019Millstone
10 CFR Part 21 Report Notification of a Defect with Target Rock Modulating Valve Positioner; Model 810000-X
ML19065A0196 March 201907201050Letter to J. Isakson Interim Storage Partners Llc'S License Application to Construct and Operate the WCS Consolidated Interim Storage Facility, Andrews County, Texas, Docket No. 72.1050 - First Request for RAI Part 2 (W/Enclosure 1)
ML19065A0606 March 2019Davis Besse
Davis-Besse and Perry Nuclear Power Stations - Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation Changes, Tests, and Experiments
ML19058A3455 March 201905000223Examination Report No. 50-223/OL-19-01, University of Massachusetts - Lowell
ML19064A7965 March 2019ClintonPublic Outreach/Open House to Discuss NRC 2018 End-of-Cycle Plant Performance Assessment of Clinton Power Station
ML19016A1675 March 201999901376Global Nuclear Fuel Americas, LLC, Request for Withholding Information from Public Disclosure
ML19064B3925 March 2019MillstoneSenior Reactor and Reactor Operator Initial License Examinations
ML19066A2075 March 2019Wolf CreekWolf Creek Generating Station - Notification of Cyber Security Inspection Report 05000482/2019410) and Request for Information
ML19064A0895 March 2019PalisadesPalisades Nuclear Plant - Status of Remaining Actions for Generic Safety Issue - 191 Resolution
ML19064B3755 March 201905000223Response to NRC Letter Dated November 5, 2018 - Request for Additional Information Regarding the Renewal of Facility Operating License No. R-125 for the University of Massachusetts-Lowell Research Reactor Primarily Related to Technical Spec
ML19009A0025 March 2019LimerickIssuance of Relief Request IR4-17, Revision 1, Reactor Pressure Vessel Nozzle Repair in Lieu of Specific ASME Code Requirements
ML19065A2985 March 2019ByronLtr. 03/05/19 Byron Station, Units 1 and 2 - Notification of an NRC Triennial Heat Sink Performance Inspection and Request for Information; Inspection Report 05000454/2019003 and 05000455/2019003 (DRS-L.Rodriguez)
ML19016A4075 March 201999902024GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas, LLC, Request for Withholding Information from Public Disclosure
ML19017A0435 March 201999902024GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas, Llc, Request for Withholding Information from Public Disclosure
IR 05000277/20180125 March 2019Peach BottomPeach Bottom Atomic Power Station - Temporary Instruction 2515/191 Inspection Report 05000277/2018012 and 05000278/2018012
ML19059A0285 March 2019Three Mile IslandReview of the Fall 2017 Steam Generator Tube Inspections
IR 05000416/20194035 March 2019Grand GulfGrand Gulf Nuclear Station - NRC Security Inspection Report 05000416/2019403
ML19052A0085 March 2019SusquehannaCorrection to Technical Specifications Page 3.3-45 (Unit 1) and Page 3.6-11 (Unit 2) for Administrative Errors Introduced During the Issuance of Amendment Nos. 271 and 253
ML19064B3695 March 2019Quad CitiesApplication to Increase Technical Specifications Allowable MSIV Leakage Rates and Revise Secondary Containment Surveillance Requirement
ML19064B3045 March 2019Browns FerryCore Operating Limits Report for Cycle 21 Operation, Revision O
ML19065A0835 March 2019MonticelloLtr. 03/05/19 Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant - Notification of NRC Baseline Inspection and Request for Information; Inspection Report 05000263/2019002 (DRS-E.Fernandez)
ML19044A5564 March 2019SurryLicense Renewal Environmental Site Audit Plan Regarding the Surry Power Station, Units 1 and 2, Subsequent License Renewal Application
IR 05000400/20180064 March 2019HarrisAnnual Assessment Letter for Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant - NRC Inspection Report 05000400/2018006
IR 05000266/20180064 March 2019Point BeachAnnual Assessment Letter for Point Beach Nuclear Plant (Report 05000266/2018006 and 05000301/2018006)
IR 05000247/20180064 March 2019Indian PointAnnual Assessment Letter for Indian Point Energy Center, Units 2 and 3 (Reports 05000247/2018006 and 05000286/2018006)
IR 05000289/20180064 March 2019Three Mile IslandAnnual Assessment Letter for Three Mile Island Station, Unit 1 (Report 05000289/2018006)
IR 05000458/20180064 March 2019River BendAnnual Assessment Letter for River Bend Station (Report 05000458/2018006)
IR 05000335/20180064 March 2019Saint LucieAnnual Assessment Letter for St. Lucie Plant, Unit 1 and 2 - Report 05000335/2018006 and 05000389/2018006, Report 05000335/2018402 and 05000389/2018402, Report 05000335/2018501 and 05000389/2018501
IR 05000387/20180064 March 2019SusquehannaAnnual Assessment Letter for Susquehanna Steam Electric Station, Units 1 and 2 (Reports 05000387/2018006 and 05000388/2018006)
IR 05000336/20180064 March 2019MillstoneAnnual Assessment Letter for Millstone Power Station, Units 2 and 3 (Reports 05000336/2018006 and 05000423/2018006)
IR 05000254/20180064 March 2019Quad CitiesAnnual Assessment Letter for Quad Cities Nuclear Power Station, Units 1 and 2 (Report 05000254/2018006 and 05000265/2018006)
IR 05000255/20180064 March 2019PalisadesAnnual Assessment Letter for Palisades Nuclear Plant (Report 05000255/2018006)
ML19063B4014 March 2019M190514: Welcome Letter to D. Stoddard
IR 05000395/20180064 March 2019SummerAnnual Assessment Letter for Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Station, Unit 1 Report 05000395/2018006, Report 05000395/2018402, Report 05000395/2018501
IR 05000263/20180064 March 2019Monticello
Annual Assessment Letter for Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant (Report 05000263/2018006 and 07200058/2018006)
IR 05000333/20180064 March 2019FitzPatrickAnnual Assessment Letter for James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant (Report 05000333/2018006)
IR 05000298/20180064 March 2019CooperAnnual Assessment Letter for Cooper Nuclear Station (Report 05000298/2018006)
IR 05000244/20180064 March 2019GinnaAnnual Assessment Letter for the R.E. Ginna Nuclear Power Plant, LLC (Report 05000244/2018006)
ML19056A3754 March 201999901381Nuclear Regulatory Commission Inspection of Creusot Forge Areva Np
ML19063B4024 March 2019M190514: Welcome Letter to D. True
IR 05000413/20180064 March 2019CatawbaAnnual Assessment Letter for Catawba Nuclear Station Units 1 and 2 - NRC Inspection Report 05000413/2018006 and 05000414/2018006
IR 05000334/20180064 March 2019Beaver ValleyAnnual Assessment Letter for Beaver Valley Power Station, Unit Nos. 1 and 2 (Reports 05000334/2018006 and 05000412/2018006)
IR 05000390/20180064 March 2019Watts BarAnnual Assessment Letter for Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Units 1 and 2 - Report 05000390/2018006 and 05000391/2018006
ML19063B4034 March 2019M190514: Welcome Letter to N. Wilmhurst
IR 05000338/20180064 March 2019North AnnaAnnual Assessment Letter for North Anna, Units 1 and 2; NRC Inspection Report 05000338/2018006 and 05000339/2018006
IR 05000313/20180064 March 2019Arkansas NuclearAnnual Assessment Letter for Arkansas Nuclear One, Units 1 and 2 (Report 05000313/2018006 and 05000368/2018006)
ML19046A4334 March 2019SurryReport for the Operating Experience Review Audit Regarding the Subsequent License Renewal Application Review (EPID: Nos. L-2018-RNW-0023 and L-2018-RNW-0024)
ML19063B4044 March 2019M190514: Welcome Letter to W. Young
IR 05000327/20180064 March 2019SequoyahAnnual Assessment Letter for Sequoyah Nuclear Plant, Units 1 and 2 - Report 05000327/2018006 and 05000328/2018006
ML19063D3464 March 2019VogtleAnnual Assessment Letter for Vogtle Electric Generating Plant Units 3 & 4 (NRC Report 05200025/2018006 and 05200026/2018006)
IR 05000293/20180064 March 2019PilgrimAnnual Assessment Letter for Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station (Report 05000293/2018006) and Confirmatory Action Letter Closure
IR 05000346/20180064 March 2019Davis BesseAnnual Assessment Letter for Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station (Report 05000346/2018006
IR 05000445/20180064 March 2019Comanche PeakAnnual Assessment Letter for Comanche Peak, Units 1 and 2 (Report 05000445/2018006 and 05000446/2018006)
IR 05000528/20180064 March 2019Palo VerdeAnnual Assessment Letter for Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, Units 1, 2, and 3 (Report 05000528/2018006, 05000529/2018006, and 05000530/2018006)
IR 05000220/20180064 March 2019Nine Mile PointAnnual Assessment Letter for the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station, Units 1 and 2 (Reports 05000220/2018006 and 05000410/2018006)
IR 05000321/20180064 March 2019HatchAnnual Assessment Letter for Edwin I. Hatch - Report 05000321/2018006 and 05000366/2018006
IR 05000250/20180064 March 2019Turkey PointAnnual Assessment Letter for Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station, Unit 3 and 4 - Report 05000250/2018006 and 05000251/2018006, Report 05000250/2018402 and 05000251/2018402, Report 05000250/2018501 and 05000251/2018501
IR 05000440/20180064 March 2019PerryAnnual Assessment Letter for Perry Nuclear Power Plant (Report 05000440/2018006)
IR 05000317/20180064 March 2019Calvert CliffsAnnual Assessment Letter for the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, Units 1 and 2 (Reports 05000317/2018006 and 05000318/2018006)
IR 05000282/20180064 March 2019Prairie IslandAnnual Assessment Letter for Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant, Units 1 and 2 (Report 05000282/2018006 and 05000306/2018006)
ML19064A3804 March 2019Watts BarRequest to Expedite NRC Review of the Application to Revise the Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Units 1 and 2 Technical Specifications to Adopt TSTF-266-A, Revision 3, Eliminate the Remote Shutdown System Table of Instrumentation and Controls(WBN-T
IR 05000373/20180064 March 2019LaSalleAnnual Assessment Letter for LaSalle County Station, Units 1 and 2 (Report 05000373/2018006 and 05000374/2018006)
IR 05000443/20180064 March 2019SeabrookAnnual Assessment Letter for Seabrook Station, Unit No. 1 (Report 05000443/2018006)
IR 05000416/20180064 March 2019Grand GulfAnnual Assessment Letter for Grand Gulf Nuclear Station (Report 05000416/2018006)
IR 05000382/20180064 March 2019WaterfordAnnual Assessment Letter for Waterford Steam Electric Station, Unit 3 (Report 05000382/2018006)
IR 05000354/20180064 March 2019Hope CreekAnnual Assessment Letter for Hope Creek Generating Station, Unit 1 (Report 05000354/2018006)
IR 05000454/20180064 March 2019ByronAnnual Assessment Letter for Byron Station, Units 1 and 2 (Report 05000454/2018006 and 05000455/2018006)
IR 05000261/20180064 March 2019RobinsonAnnual Assessment Letter for H. B. Robinson Steam Electric Plant, Unit 2 - Report 05000261/2018006, Report 05000261/2018402, Report 05000261/2018501
IR 05000482/20180064 March 2019Wolf CreekAnnual Assessment Letter for Wolf Creek Report 05000482/2018006)
ML19031C9304 March 2019Davis BesseNRC Response to Request for Deferral of Actions Related to Beyond- Design-Basis Flooding Hazard Reevaluations for Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1
ML19063B4884 March 2019Grand GulfGrand Gulf Nuclear Station - Notification of NRC Triennial Heat Sink Performance Inspection (05000416/2019002) and Request for Information
IR 05000461/20180064 March 2019ClintonAnnual Assessment Letter for Clinton Power Station (Report 05000461/2018006)
IR 05000237/20180064 March 2019DresdenAnnual Assessment Letter for Dresden Nuclear Power Station, Units 2 and 3 (Report 05000237/2018006 and 05000249/2018006)
IR 05000331/20180064 March 2019Duane ArnoldAnnual Assessment Letter for Duane Arnold Energy Center (Report 05000331/2018006)
IR 05000324/20193014 March 2019BrunswickBrunswick, NRC Operator License Examination Report 05000325/2019301 and 05000324/2019301
IR 05000280/20180064 March 2019SurryAnnual Assessment Letter for Surry Power Station, Units 1 and 2 - NRC Inspection Report 05000280/2018006 and 05000281/2018006
IR 05000364/20180064 March 2019FarleyAnnual Assessment Letter for Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Plant - Report 05000346 and 05000364/2018006
IR 05000456/20180064 March 2019BraidwoodAnnual Assessment Letter for Braidwood Station, Units 1 and 2 (Report 05000457/2018006 and 05000456/2018006)
IR 05000324/20180064 March 2019BrunswickAnnual Assessment Letter for Brunswick Steam Electric Plant, Units 1 and 2 - NRC Inspection Report 05000325/2018006 and 05000324/2018006
ML18201A3834 March 2019NuScaleNuscale Power, LLC, Design Certification Application - Safety Evaluation with Open Items for Chapter 9, Auxiliary Systems
IR 05000269/20180064 March 2019OconeeAnnual Assessment Letter for Oconee Nuclear Station Units 1, 2, and 3 - NRC Inspection Report 05000269/2018006, 05000270/2018006, and 05000287/2018006
IR 05000369/20180064 March 2019McGuireAnnual Assessment Letter for McGuire Nuclear Station, Units 1 and 2 - NRC Inspection Report 05000369/2018006 and 05000370/2018006
ML19063D8754 March 2019South TexasSouth Texas Project, Units 1 & 2 - 10 CFR 50.46 Annual Report of ECCS Model Revisions
IR 05000315/20180064 March 2019CookAnnual Assessment Letter for Donald C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant, Units 1 and 2 (Report 05000315/2018006 and 05000316/2018006)
IR 05000341/20180064 March 2019FermiAnnual Assessment Letter for Fermi 2 (Report 05000341/2018006)
IR 05000275/20180064 March 2019Diablo CanyonAnnual Assessment Letter for Diablo Canyon Power Plant, Units 1 and 2 (Report 05000275/2018006 and 05000323/2018006)
ML19044A6594 March 2019SurryLicense Renewal Severe Accident Mitigation Alternatives Audit Plan Regarding the Surry Power Station, Unit Nos. 1 and 2, Subsequent License Renewal Application
ML19063B7404 March 2019BrunswickRequest for License Amendment: Surveillance Requirements for Safety Relief Valves
ML19057A4964 March 2019WM-00066U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Staff Review of the Draft Long-Term Surveillance Plan for the Naturita, Colorado, Disposal Site (Docket No. WM-66)
IR 05000397/20180064 March 2019ColumbiaAnnual Assessment Letter for Columbia Generating Station (Report 05000397/2018006
IR 05000424/20180064 March 2019VogtleAnnual Assessment Letter for Vogtle Electric Generating Plant - Report 05000424/2018006 and 05000425/2018006
IR 05000277/20180064 March 2019Peach BottomAnnual Assessment Letter for Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Units 2 and 3 (Reports 05000277/2018006 and 05000278/2018006)
IR 05000352/20180064 March 2019LimerickAnnual Assessment Letter for Limerick Generating Station, Units 1 and 2 (Reports 05000352/2018006 and 05000353/2018006)
IR 05000498/20180064 March 2019South TexasAnnual Assessment Letter for South Texas Project Electric Generating Station (Report 05000498/2018006 and 05000499/2018006)
IR 05000483/20180064 March 2019CallawayAnnual Assessment Letter for Callaway Plant (Report 05000483/2018006)
IR 05000272/20180064 March 2019SalemAnnual Assessment Letter for Salem Nuclear Generating Station, Units 1 and 2 (Reports 05000272/2018006 and 05000311/2018006)
ML19064A1934 March 2019Peach BottomIssuance of the Core Operating Limits Report for Reload 22, Cycle 23
ML19063C1124 March 2019Crystal River
Request for Closed Pre-Submittal Meeting for a License Amendment Request
ML19060A1271 March 201907001113Global Nuclear Fuel Americas, Licensee Performance Review of Licensed Activities (Nuclear Regulatory Commission Inspection Report 70-1113/2019-001)
ML19064A8241 March 2019Turkey PointResponse to Requests for Additional Information Subsequent License Renewal Application Safety Review Revision 1, Set 8 First Submittal Responses
ML19060A2011 March 201907001151Westinghouse Electric Company, Program Adjustment of Licensed Activities (Nuclear Regulatory Commission Inspection Report 70-1151/2019-001)
ML19042A1251 March 2019Request for Additional Information on Electric Power Research Institute Report, No. 3002005564, Development of Generic Scaling Factors for Technetium-99 and Iodine-129 in Low and Intermediate Level Waste
ML19046A2431 March 2019Turkey PointUpcoming Steam Generator Tube Inservice Inspection (EPID L-2019-LR0-0003)
ML19060A1481 March 201907000027Bwxt Nuclear Operations Group, Licensee Performance Review of Licensed Activities (Nuclear Regulatory Commission Inspection Report 70-27/2019-001)
ML19050A0961 March 201907000027Bwxt Amendment 29 to License SNM-42, Docket Number 70-27, - Enterprise Project Identifier L-2018-LLA-0257
ML19060A2981 March 2019Palo VerdeTransmittal of Audit Presentation Slides Regarding License Amendment Request and Exemption Request to Support the Implementation of Framatome CE16HTP Fuel
ML19060A2101 March 201907000143Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc., Licensee Performance Review of Licensed Activities (Nuclear Regulatory Commission Inspection Report 70-143/2019-001)
ML19056A51528 February 201907000925Acceptance Review of License Amendment Request for Special Nuclear Material License SNM-928, Cimarron Environmental Response Trust Cimarron Facility
ML19058A18828 February 2019VallecitosExamination Report No. 50-073/OL-19-01, GE-Hitachi, Vallecitos Nuclear Center
ML19057A39028 February 2019Non-Power Production or Utilization Facilities Proposed License Renewal Rulemaking
ML19064A59028 February 2019MillstoneProposed Alternative Request IR-3-39, Alternative to ASME Code, Section Xi, IWA-4221(C), to Permit Two Fillet Welds Not in Compliance with the Construction Code to Remain in Service
ML19059A44028 February 2019Arkansas NuclearSteam Generator Tube Inspection Report
ML19059A46928 February 2019South TexasSouth Texas Project, Unit 1 and 2 - Proposed Alternative for Extension of Volumetric Examination Interval for Reactor Vessel Closure Head with Alloy 690 Nozzles in Accordance with 10 CFR 50.55a(z)(1) (Relief Request RR-ENG-3-23)
ML19036A91328 February 2019LimerickIssuance of Amendment Nos. 234 and 197 Adopt TSTF-372, Revision 4, Addition of LCO 3.0.8, Inoperability of Snubbers
ML19059A09628 February 2019Hope CreekSupplemental Information to License Amendment Request (LAR) to Amend the Hope Creek Technical Specifications (TS) to Revise Action for Inoperable Emergency Diesel Generator (Eog) a or B
ML19059A18928 February 2019Acknowledgement Letter: 02/28/2019 to Ms. Maura Healey
ML19058A19728 February 2019RobinsonH.B. Robinson, Unit, 2, Submittal of Docketing Electronic Files to Support the Audit of the Flooding Integrated Assessment
ML19059A09928 February 2019Duane ArnoldDuane Arnold Energy Center - Request for Exemption from 10 CFR 73.55(p)(1)(i) and (Ii) Related to the Suspension of Security Measures in an Emergency or During Severe Weather
ML19065A05528 February 2019Fort CalhounRevised Response to Orders for Interim Safeguards and Security Compensatory Measures and Implementation of Additional Security Measures Associated with Access Authorization for Fort Calhoun Station Dated 9 November, 2004 and Relaxation Requ
ML19056A36328 February 2019NuScaleLetter to Nuscale Power, LLC, Regarding Request to Locate Safeguards Information at Structural Integrity Associates and to Remove SGI from Anatech, Inc
ML19059A32728 February 2019FermiFermi 2 Power Plant - Submittal of the Inservice Inspection / Nondestructive Examination Program Relief Requests for the Fourth Ten-year Interval
ML18275A06928 February 201999902021MRP-227 Rev 1 Draft SE Transmittal Letter
ML19057A42628 February 2019Ais Gauging, Letter Transmitting New Ssd NR-1494-D-101-B, Ssd Case No. 18-44
ML19016A21528 February 2019Browns FerryRelief from the Requirements of American Association of Mechanical Engineers Code Section Xi Inservice Inspection Program, Request for an Alternative ISI-46
ML19059A18128 February 2019Saint LucieSt. Lucie, Units 1 and 2 - 2018 Annual Radioactive Effluent Release Report
ML19064A47628 February 2019Pilgrim02/28/19 Letter to the Honorable Vinny Demacedo from Annette Vietti-Cook Regarding the Pilgrim License Transfer
ML19059A38528 February 2019Arkansas NuclearResponse to Request for Additional Information Related to Relief Request ANO1-ISI-032
ML18338A08528 February 2019Letters to Nuclear Energy Institute, Entergy Services, Inc., and NextEra Energy - Timely Resolution of Issues Related to Tornado-Missile Protection
ML19059A26928 February 2019FermiFermi 2 Power Plant - Notice of Organization Change - Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer
ML19064A75828 February 2019Fort CalhounLicense Amendment Request (LAR) 19-01: Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) Emergency Plan and Emergency Action Level Scheme
ML19060A13828 February 201907109185Letter to M. Rose Certificate of Compliance No. 9185, Revision No. 13, for the Model No. OP-100 Package
ML19059A25428 February 2019FermiFermi 2 Power Plant - Submittal of the Snubber Program Relief Request RR-S1 for the Fourth 10-Year Interval
ML18331A06028 February 2019SurryRelief Requests Regarding Examination Coverage for Pressurizer Nozzle Inner Radius Section and Certain Stainless Steel Piping Welds (S1-I5-LMT-C01 and S1-I5-LMT-P01)
ML19058A24727 February 2019SusquehannaSubmittal of Cycle 19 Core Operating Limits Report, Revision 1
ML19044A57227 February 201907001374Idaho State University - Amendment No. 5 to License SNM-1373 - Approval of Updated Roster of Officials
ML19058A22227 February 2019Saint LucieSt Lucie, Units 1 and 2, Unusual or Important Environmental Event - Turtle Mortalities - February 4, 2019 and February 11, 2019
ML19063A49627 February 2019MIT Nuclear Research ReactorFurther Follow-Up Response Regarding TS 3.2.3 to Request for Additional Information for the License Amendment Request to Upgrade the Nuclear Safety System at the Mit Reactor, License R-37, Docket No. 50-20
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