10 CFR 50 Appendix C, Appendix C to Part 50-A Guide for the Financial Data and Related Information Required to Establish Financial Qualifications for Construction Permits and Combined Licenses

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Appendix C to Part 50-A Guide for the Financial Data and Related Information Required To Establish Financial Qualifications for Construction Permits and Combined Licenses General Information
This appendix is intended to appraise applicants for construction permits and combined licenses for production or utilization facilities of the types described in § 50.21(b) or § 50.22, or testing facilities, of the general kinds of financial data and other related information that will demonstrate the financial qualification of the applicant to carry out the activities for which the permit or license is sought. The kind and depth of information described in this guide is not intended to be a rigid and absolute requirement. In some instances, additional pertinent material may be needed. In any case, the applicant should include information other than that specified, if the information is pertinent to establishing the applicant’s financial ability to carry out the activities for which the permit or license is sought.
It is important to observe also that both § 50.33(f) and this appendix distinguish between applicants which are established organizations and those which are newly-formed entities organized primarily for the purpose of engaging in the activity for which the permit is sought. Those in the former category will normally have a history of operating experience and be able to submit financial statements reflecting the financial results of past operations. With respect, however, to the applicant which is a newly formed company established primarily for the purpose of carrying out the licensed activity, with little or no prior operating history, somewhat more detailed data and supporting documentation will generally be necessary. For this reason, the appendix describes separately the scope of information to be included in applications by each of these two classes of applicants.
In determining an applicant's financial qualification, the Commission will require the minimum amount of information necessary for that purpose. No special forms are prescribed for submitting the information. In many cases, the financial information usually contained in current annual financial reports, including summary data of prior years, will be sufficient for the Commission's needs. The Commission reserves the right, however, to require additional financial information at the construction permit stage, particularly in cases in which the proposed power generating facility will be commonly owned by two or more existing companies or in which financing depends upon long-term arrangements for sharing of the power from the facility by two or more electrical generating companies.
Applicants are encouraged to consult with the Commission with respect to any questions they may have relating to the requirements of the Commission's regulations or the information set forth in this appendix.
I. Applicants Which Are Established Organizations
A. Applications for Construction Permits or Combined Licenses
1. Estimate of construction costs. For electric utilities, each applicant's estimate of the total cost of the proposed facility should be broken down as follows and be accompanied by a statement describing the bases from which the estimate is derived:
If the fuel is to be acquired by lease or other arrangement than purchase, the application should so state. The items to be included in these categories should be the same as those defined in the applicable electric plant and nuclear fuel inventory accounts prescribed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or an explanation given as to any departure therefrom.
Since the composition of construction cost estimates for production and utilization facilities other than nuclear power reactors will vary according to the type of facility, no particular format is suggested for submitting such estimates. The estimate should, however, be itemized by categories of cost in sufficient detail to permit an evaluation of its reasonableness.
2. Source of construction funds. The application should include a brief statement of the applicant's general financial plan for financing the cost of the facility, identifying the source or sources upon which the applicant relies for the necessary construction funds, e.g., internal sources such as undistributed earnings and depreciation accruals, or external sources such as borrowings.
3. Applicant's financial statements. The application should also include the applicant's latest published annual financial report, together with any current interim financial statements that are pertinent. If an annual financial report is not published, the balance sheet and operating statement covering the latest complete accounting year together with all pertinent notes thereto and certification by a public accountant should be furnished.
II. Applicants Which Are Newly Formed Entities
A. Applications for Construction Permits or Combined Licenses
1. Estimate of construction costs. The information that will normally be required of applicants which are newly formed entities will not differ in scope from that required of established organizations. Accordingly, applicants should submit estimates as described above for established organizations.
2. Source of construction funds. The application should specifically identify the source or sources upon which the applicant relies for the funds necessary to pay the cost of constructing the facility, and the amount to be obtained from each. With respect to each source, the application should describe in detail the applicant's legal and financial relationships with its stockholders, corporate affiliates, or others (such as financial institutions) upon which the applicant is relying for financial assistance. If the sources of funds relied upon include parent companies or other corporate affiliates, information to support the financial capability of each such company or affiliate to meet its commitments to the applicant should be set forth in the application. This information should be of the same kind and scope as would be required if the parent companies or affiliates were in fact the applicant. Ordinarily, it will be necessary that copies of agreements or contracts among the companies be submitted.
As noted earlier in this appendix, an applicant which is a newly formed entity will normally not be in a position to submit the usual types of balance sheets and income statements reflecting the results of prior operations. The applicant should, however, include in its application a statement of its assets, liabilities, and capital structure as of the date of the application.
III. Annual Financial Statement
Each holder of a construction permit for a production or utilization facility of a type described in § 50.21(b) or § 50.22 or a testing facility, and each holder of a combined license issued under part 52 of this chapter, is required by § 50.71(b) to file its annual financial report with the Commission at the time of issuance. This requirement does not apply to licensees or holders of construction permits for medical and research reactors.
IV. Additional Information
The Commission may, from time to time, request the applicant, whether an established organization or newly formed entity, to submit additional or more detailed information respecting its financial arrangements and status of funds if such information is deemed necessary to enable the Commiasion to determine an applicant's financial qualifications for the license.

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