10 CFR 50.78, Facility Information and Verification

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US/IAEA Safeguards Agreement Facility information and verification


(a) In response to a written request by the Commission, each applicant for a construction permit or license and each recipient of a construction permit or a license shall submit facility information, as described in § 75.10 of this chapter, on Form N-71, and associated forms and site information on DOC/NRC Form AP-A and associated forms;


(b) As required by the Additional Protocol, shall submit location information described in § 75.11 of this chapter on DOC/NRC Form AP-1 and associated forms; and


(c) Shall permit verification thereof by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and take other action as necessary to implement the US/IAEA Safeguards Agreement, as described in Part 75 of this chapter.

Federal Register

72 FR 49503, Aug. 28, 2007; 73 FR 78605, Dec. 23, 2008]

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