10 CFR 50.71(e)

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10 CFR 50.71, Maintenance of Records, Making_of_Reports#e

(e) Each person licensed to operate a nuclear power reactor under the provisions of § 50.21 or § 50.22, and each applicant for a combined license under part 52 of this chapter, shall update periodically, as provided in paragraphs (e) (3) and (4) of this section, the final safety analysis report (FSAR) originally submitted as part of the application for the license, to assure that the information included in the report contains the latest information developed.
This submittal shall contain all the changes necessary to reflect information and analyses submitted to the Commission by the applicant or licensee or prepared by the applicant or licensee pursuant to Commission requirement since the submittal of the original FSAR, or as appropriate, the last update to the FSAR under this section.
The submittal shall include the effects of
  • all changes made in the facility or procedures as described in the FSAR;
  • all safety analyses and evaluations performed by the applicant or licensee either in support of approved license amendments or in support of conclusions that changes did not require a license amendment in accordance with § 50.59(c)(2) or, in the case of a license that references a certified design, in accordance with § 52.98(c) of this chapter; and
  • all analyses of new safety issues performed by or on behalf of the applicant or licensee at Commission request.
The updated information shall be appropriately located within the update to the FSAR.

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