10 CFR 50.21, Class 104 Licenses; for Medical Therapy and Research and Development Facilities

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Class 104 licenses; for medical therapy and research and development facilities A class 104 license will be issued, to an applicant who qualifies, for any one or more of the following: to transfer or receive in interstate commerce, manufacture, produce, transfer, acquire, possess, or use.


(a) A utilization facility for use in medical therapy; or


(b)(1) A production or utilization facility the construction or operation of which was licensed pursuant to subsection 104b of the Act prior to December 19, 1970;
(2) A production or utilization facility for industrial or commercial purposes constructed or operated under an arrangement with the Administration entered into under the Cooperative Power Reactor Demonstration Program, except as otherwise specifically required by applicable law; and
(3) A production or utilization facility for industrial or commercial purposes, when specifically authorized by law.


(c) A production or utilization facility, which is useful in the conduct of research and development activities of the types specified in section 31 of the Act, and which is not a facility of the type specified in paragraph (b) of this section or in § 50.22.

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