10 CFR 50.100, Revocation, Suspension, Modification of Licenses, Permits, and Approvals for Cause

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Revocation, Suspension, Modification, Amendment of Licenses and Construction Permits, Emergency Operations by the Commission Revocation, suspension, modification of licenses, permits, and approvals for cause A license, permit, or standard design approval under parts 50 or 52 of this chapter may be revoked, suspended, or modified, in whole or in part, for any material false statement in the application or in the supplemental or other statement of fact required of the applicant; or because of conditions revealed by the application or statement of fact of any report, record, inspection, or other means which would warrant the Commission to refuse to grant a license, permit, or approval on an original application (other than those relating to §§ 50.51, 50.42(a), and 50.43(b)); or for failure to manufacture a reactor, or construct or operate a facility in accordance with the terms of the permit or license, provided, however, that failure to make timely completion of the proposed construction or alteration of a facility under a construction permit under part 50 of this chapter or a combined license under part 52 of this chapter shall be governed by the provisions of § 50.55(b); or for violation of, or failure to observe, any of the terms and provisions of the act, regulations, license, permit, approval, or order of the Commission.
[; 72 FR 49504, Aug. 28, 2007]

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